Sunday, October 6, 2013

Training Camp Update Including Rules for Success & Open House

All the talk about the upcoming season is about become reality as the training camp roster has been assembled, physicals are completed, the teams first public appearance is done, and the last "team/captain skate" will take place today. Tomorrow morning (Monday) at 10:00 am in the AEC (open to the public) community rink the coaches will be on the ice with the players for the first time and the atmosphere will be different for sure. A Martinson quote from the first practice last year after warmups and a couple of drills sticks in my mind, "The ******* summer is over boys, let's get to work." Martinson's coaching philosophy permeates how he approaches training camp and putting together the best team. Here is a reminder:

- You can't be the best team or best player if you don't work the hardest.
- Accomplishments from last year have nothing to do with this year other than a positive perception on the first day of camp.
- Your best players have to be your best players.
- My job is to win, not to please anyone else. I will do what is best for the team to win.
- Training camp is not for getting in shape, you need to come to camp in shape.
- I don't mind cutting players that are fan favorites if it is best for the team. You can always find another fan favorite.
- Don't expect me to be your friend. I have plenty of friends.

So whether you are Jarret Lukin who has been to every training camp in the team's history or the many guys who are here for the first time the road to success is easy to understand. Show up in great shape, work hard, follow the system, be a team player and finish your checks. Good luck to all!

 The open house yesterday at the Allen Event Center was buzzing with activity. My thoughts:
- The AEC is an excellent facility for hockey and the ice looks great with the 5th anniversary logo at center ice.
- Having the highlight video on a loop on the big screen in the arena was a great idea. You definitely don't get tired of watching those highlights.

- As it should be the Ice Angels had top billing and front row seating when it came time for introductions. The players were introduced and lined up behind the Ice Angels. Being on a dance team is a lot of work especially when you consider many of these young women have other responsibilities such as wives, mothers, college students, and full time jobs. Add to that dance practice, ice skating practice (remember these are dancers who skate not skaters who dance), working out, photo shoots and personal appearances and you have some busy young ladies.
Ice Angels Tug Of War

- The players had a long day yesterday with physicals in the morning, the meet in greet in the afternoon and players only practice from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. During training camp meals are provided for the team (thanks to the fan club and corporate sponsors) so they spend a lot of time together.

- The team store was loaded with fans checking out the new layout and merchandise. While only some of the merchandise has been received there were lots of positive comments on what the team store has to offer.

- Ryley Grantham made the final roster with the AHL Springfield Falcons but did not play in their opening game last night which they won 3-2 in a shoot out.

- Check back tomorrow (10:00 am) as I will have an analysis of the training camp roster.

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