Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Roster Update, Player Meet & Greet, & More

- Wanted to start today with a clarification/correction on the list I posted yesterday of players that had been released over the weekend. To my surprise when practice started yesterday two players on the release list (Cintala & Harrison)  were on the ice. I inquired about this and was told they were just skating with the team before they departed. However, later in the afternoon I had a chance to talk to Coach Martinson  and he clarified that Harrison was released and skating with the team so there would be four lines but Cintala is still on the roster. There are a lot of different scenarios in play that may impact what the final roster will be for the weekend. Nothing will be known until Thursday afternoon when rosters must be submitted to the league. Stay tuned.

-  Didn't hear this from an official source but you can add Mackenzie Micks to the release list. My understanding is Mackenzie has joined the contingent headed to the Louisiana Ice Gators training camp.

Other Items:

- The Americans auctioned of the white championship jerseys from last year after the intrasquad game on Saturday. It is amazing how many sets of jerseys have been auctioned off over the years to what seems to be the same group of people. You wonder if there is a point of diminishing returns  as the average price seems to be going down. This is just anecdotal on my part, not based on data, but in the early days I remember the most popular jerseys going for $1500 - $2000.  Now the top prices are usually under $1000. I didn't listen closely on Saturday but the amounts I heard were between $300-$800.

- For those that remember Justin DaCosta who played for the Americans in 2010 -2011 and played for Dwight Mullins in Elmira (ECHL) last year he was injured during a game this weekend when he was checked from behind. Justin plays in Great Britain and is the captain of his team, the Fife Flyers. Not sure the exact nature of the injury but the info put out by the team said, "He will be going for some scans today and we hope to find out more within 24 hours, the initial assessment is he will be out 3 -4 weeks." And Justin tweeted, "Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. Very much appreciated. Not feeling great now but I will be alright." Wish Justin a speedy recovery.

- Speaking of injuries Phil Fox is doing great after his surgery on Friday. Already working up a sweat riding the stationary bike, doing his rehab and I thought I heard someone say he might even try putting on a pair of skates today and skate by himself. My plan is to do an introductory player profile (20 questions) with him today which I will post this afternoon.

- For those living in North Texas plan to attend the meet and great on Thursday evening to meet the 2013-2014 edition of the Allen Americans. It will be a true unveiling of the team as rosters will be finalized at 3:00 pm and the meet and greet starts at 7:00 pm. This all takes place at Conway's which is just east of Greenville Ave (Hiway 5) on Stacy Road. It is on the north side of Stacy across from the Firestone store. Address is 441 Stacy Rd.

- Wanted to end the post today asking for everyone's help to keep a good friend of this blog in your thoughts and prayers. Chip Crail is battling cancer, the same type of cancer that Steve Jobs had. If you don't know Chip by name you know him from his work. Many of the pictures you see on this blog and any other entity that writes about the Americans are taken by Chip. Anytime you see the photo credit say chlphotos.com it is Chip's work. He takes great action shots which you can see at chlphotos.com. I talked to Chip at the game on Saturday and he is in a tough battle but resolved to take it head on. His chemotherapy really wipes him out so he will be missing some games this year depending on the timing of his chemotherapy but he plans to be at the opening night game capturing the moment. If you see Chip at the game on Sunday make sure to say hi and let him know he is in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks.
Chip Crail


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