Thursday, October 17, 2013

Final Roster, Media Luncheon, Team Store, Pearl Followup & More

- Today is the day the Americans trim the roster to CHL requirements and submit the final roster to the league. "Final roster" is a bit of a misnomer because additions and deletions can be made from the final roster at any point. The final roster is more of a starting point from which all future transactions are recorded. The final roster will have 19 players in addition to Phil Fox who will start the season on injured reserve. Based on the number of players still on the roster and practicing yesterday this will only require one player to be released. This one player will come from the four non contracted players still in camp: Peter Cintala, Charles Lachance, Corey Tamblyn, & Chad Thibodeau.

- Eric Levine was not practicing yesterday and based on his comments on social media he has been released so the goalies left in camp are Bryan Pitton & Brad Fogal.

- The names and numbers above are all based on the assumption that no new players are added to the mix. This is probably not a good assumption as Coach Martinson mentioned at the media luncheon yesterday (see more below) that he was still talking to players and agents to try and improve the team.

- It was interesting to watch Steve Martinson holding court with several of the young tough guys on the team (Asuchak, Lachance, Thibodeau, Lessard & Cintala) at the end of practice yesterday showing them how to defend themselves (if you know what I mean). Demonstrating how to grab,  where to grab, body position, timing of when to be the aggressor and when to be defensive. Like Marty has said in the past, we will probably not have that one lion this year but we will have a pack of wolves. Based on what I saw yesterday Martinson's litter of wolf pups are ready to show what they can do.

 - If you are interested in the final makeup of the team and live locally the Allen Americans are hosting a Meet The Team Party tonight at Game On Sports Bar And Grill (formerly Conway’s) in Fairview beginning at 7 pm. I drove by last night and the signs still say Conway's. The place is on the north side of Stacy Rd. just east of Greenville Ave. across from the Firestone store.

- Had the chance to attend the 5th annual media "Faceoff Luncheon" yesterday at corporate sponsor Abuelo's in Plano. Steve Martinson and Richard Matvichuk along with players Mike Berube, Jarret Lukin, & Kale Kerbashian addressed the crowd. Emcee Tommy Daniels noted how the group has grown in five years as the first media luncheon was attend by six members of the media. I would estimate there were 40 people in attendance yesterday including Rick Gosselin from the Dallas Morning News. A lot of discussion about the championship last year and what it will take to repeat this year. Coach Martinson talked about what he thinks will be an improved and experienced defensive corp that will rival any group of defensemen in the league, a faster group of forwards with balanced scoring, and his concern that the goalie play in camp has not met his expectations. The funniest line of the day was Richard Matvichuk's reply when Tommy Daniels was talking about newly named captain, Mike Berube. Tommy said, "Richard Matvichuk has given Mike Berube the ultimate compliment in my view as he has said Mike is the player on the team that most reminds him of himself." Richard, with perfect comedic timing, replied, "Yup, slow and dumb" and the crowd roared.
Media Luncheon

- Everyday on the way to practice I make a point of stopping by the team store and everyday more merchandise has arrived. Some of the new items include a couple of new styles of high quality hoodies, women's tee shirts with the Americans logo in colored rhinestones and trading cards (set of 30) from last years championship team. Unfortunately, the jerseys have not yet arrived. They are hoping they will arrive in time for the home opener (Sunday). In addition to being open on all game days the store hours are: 
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10:00 - 7:00
Wednesday:  10:00 - 2:00
Thursday: 10:00 - 7:00
Friday 10:00 - 2:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
 I am not a shopper but being closed Friday at 2:00 and the entire weekend (except game days) seems like missing an opportunity.  The new team store management is very customer friendly so if you would like to see different store hours make sure to share your thoughts when you visit the store.

- I have heard but not verified (will try and verify today) that the Allen Event Center (AEC) has instituted a "no re-entry policy" for most events at the AEC and this policy will be in effect for hockey. No longer will ticket holders be allowed to leave the AEC between periods to frequent the local watering holes. 

-You never know when you write something how readers will react. Found it humorous that of all the back story and hockey accomplishments discussed in the Phil Fox story yesterday all anyone wanted to talk to me about was Pearl, his Yorkshire terrier. Pearl has obviously become the perfect "wing dog" for Phil. I have heard everything from Pearl is sooo cute to because of Pearl, Phil is my new favorite player to offers to dog sit Pearl to I have to meet Pearl. It seems like Pearl has become more popular in Allen than Phil. Well, here is some good news for all of you Pearl lovers. You can follow Miss Pearl on twitter. Her handle is @Pearlilicious11. She doesn't post much but with all of her new fame I bet she will start. Send her a message and see what she does.

- My "did you know" for the day is: Did you know that Phil Fox's roommate on the road when he was the senior captain at Northern Michigan was a freshman defenseman named CJ Ludwig who is the brother of Tyler & Trevor. CJ is now a senior and the captain of the team. 

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