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If Alex Bourret Signs With Allen - A Draft

Alex Bourret
I said in my last post that it would be a month before anything else would get posted. I just came across the story below about Alex Bourret that I had written several weeks ago when social media was buzzing with the news Alex was about to sign with Allen. What I typically do when hearing about a potential signing is prepare a short story that I can include with the official press release issued by the team. Since I won't be around when this signing gets announced (it is highly likely this will happen) and it also will not be a surprise to anyone since there has been so much discussion already I am sharing the "draft" of my story for your information. Will be in Mongolia and off the grid starting tomorrow.


The Allen Americans have announced Alex Bourret has signed to play for Allen for the 2013-2014 season. Bourret is 26 years old, 5'10" 205 lbs. and shoots left. He was drafted in the first round (16th overall) of the 2005 NHL draft by the Atlanta Thrashers. He has 176 AHL games under his belt and played for the Wichita Thunder in 2011-2012 where he had 57 points (20 goal & 37 Assists) in 43 games. His style of play could best be described as an agitator supreme. Bourret probably enjoys the verbal warfare part of hockey more than any other player even though he will have some competition in that department this year from Bootland and Clarke. Americans fans are going to love it.

"I don't mind talking as it gets me going," Bourret said. "I think all the guys like it too. I don't fight much but I like to talk all game long." As proof of his agitator prowess Alex was voted "Most Annoying Player" in the 2012 CHL Best of The Best Awards. He also finished 3rd in the voting for the CHL MVP that year. He has the potential to be the best player in the CHL this year.

When he was drafted in 2005 here is what was said.
- Hockey's International Scouting Services proclaimed that "he is built like a tank, and hits like a truck." The Hockey News described him as "a skilled scoring machine."
- Bourret is a strong skater , who combines skill with physical play, and is a tireless worker. Beyond his offensive ability, the most dominant aspect of Bourret’s game is his physical play. He is more than willing to get his nose dirty, and stick up for his teammates.

Here is the info from hockeydb:

Alex Bourret

Right Wing
Born -- Drummondville, PQ
[26 yrs. ago]
Height 5.10 -- Weight 205 -- Shoots L

Selected by Atlanta Thrashers round 1 #16 overall 2005 NHL Entry Draft
Regular Season Playoffs
Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2002-03 Sherbrooke Castors QMJHL 61 13 15 28 73 7 12 1 1 2 10
2003-04 Lewiston MAINEiacs QMJHL 65 22 41 63 94 6 7 4 5 9 20
2004-05 Lewiston MAINEiacs QMJHL 65 31 55 86 172 27 8 6 8 14 25
2005-06 Shawinigan Cataractes QMJHL 67 44 70 114 133 11 7 3 4 7 14
2006-07 Chicago Wolves AHL 45 11 21 32 46 3 ----------
2006-07 Hartford Wolf Pack AHL 23 5 13 18 12 2 7 3 8 11 2
2007-08 Hartford Wolf Pack AHL 54 9 24 33 78 05 1 3 4 17
2008-09 San Antonio Rampage AHL 48 3 11 14 44 -10 ----------
2009-10 Thetford Mines Isothermic LNAH 2 0 2 2 0 -3

2009-10 Brno Kometa Czech 16 0 1 1 8 -1 ----------
2009-10 Las Vegas Wranglers ECHL 36 18 28 46 81 -4 4 2 1 3 0
2010-11 Ontario Reign ECHL 42 12 25 37 68 -20 ----------
2011-12 Wichita Thunder CHL 43 20 37 57 168 20 14 5 9 14 14
2011-12 Worcester Sharks AHL 6 0 3 3 4 0----------
2012-13 Cornwall Riverkings LNAH 31 12 20 32 58 2

From what I have read the story of Alex Bourret is one of underachievement as related to his potential. He was rated as high as 10th overall by some scouting services in the 2005 NHL draft and was selected 16th. Remember, the 2005 draft had NHL all stars Sidney Crosby (1st), Carey Price (5th), Anze Kopitar (11th), and Marc Stall (12th).

Whether it has been maturity, discipline, conditioning or injury his career has not lived up to the potential seen in him by others. “Maybe I was not mature enough,” Bourret said. “I was probably not in the best shape I could have been in and now maybe they’re scared to give me a chance. But I’m more mature now. I’d like to get another chance.” There has never been any doubt about his skill and grit. After all he averages over a point a game. With the veteran club here in Allen and a coaching staff that appreciates what he brings to the team this could be a break out year for Alex if he can stay reasonably healthy. I know it will be fun to watch the journey and hopefully he will get that chance at the next level.

And how about the possibility of  Bourret & Lavoie as part of an Alex/Alex "French Connection" line?

Read more here: has never, however, been any doubt about his skill and grit. After all he averages over a point a game. I think Allen will be the perfect place for Bourret to thrive with a veteran club and the coaching staff who will appreciate what he brings to the team. If he can stay reasonably healthy this could be a breakout year that gets Alex to the next level. I for one. look forward to the journey.

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Ross Rouleau The Back Story & Other Musings

I  had a chance to look at the nine minute highlight video that was posted by the Allen Americans and if you haven't seen it you have to take a look. A great reminder of a great season. A look back at the 2012-2013 Allen Americans, from the season opening press conference to the final goal that netted the 4th year team their first Central Hockey League title. You can find the video on YouTube with the title, "Highlights from the Allen Americans 2012-2013 Presidents' Cup Championship Season."

Ross Rouleau Signs With Allen

You have probably seen the news release from the Americans announcing the signing of defenseman Ross Rouleau (ROO-low) who was captain of the Brahmas last year. Ross is 25 years old, 6' 0" 180 pounds, shoots left and hails from Hancock, Michigan. 
Rouleau has a very interesting back story as he didn't really think about a pro career when he was playing hockey at a small division III school (Finlandia University) which was literally a block from his house. His five years older brother (Pete) signed with the Brahmas in 2008-2009 and Ross decided to attend an open tryout in hopes of playing with his brother. If you aren't familiar with open tryouts many teams have them (Allen does not) and it gives anyone who can put up the money ($150 - $300) a chance to be selected to join the teams training camp. The player also has to pay their way to the open tryout and also pay for their expenses (food & lodging). Remember, Ross was a college kid who lived in  the upper peninsula of Michigan. The Brahmas open tryout was called "Making The Cut" and Ross was selected from the tryout to go to training camp with the Brahmas. Against some big odds he made the team at the end of camp. His excitement about being a Brahma was short lived, however, as he was waived after two games but the coaching staff was encouraging and told him what he needed to work on so he went home to Michigan and continued to train. Three months later he got a call from the Brahmas who needed defensive help because of injuries. He played the last 15 games of the regular season but more importantly made the playoff roster. The Brahmas went on to win the Presidents' Cup that year.

- Ross has played his entire pro career with the Brahmas and has been a mainstay on their defense. Other than a one game call up to the AHL all of his 250 professional games have been logged as a Brahma. 

- While Rouleau is a tough player who will defend his teammates his not a big fighter. According to one of the fighting web sites he only had four fights last year. They were all against the Americans. Ross tangled with Bootland, Pineault, Berube, and McKenzie. Combine that with the line brawl that took place against the Brahmas and you would think there might be some left over animosity with Snowden, Fox, and Rouleau now playing for the Americans. I have been told by players on both sides that there will be no carryover at all. Fighting is part of hockey and it will not be an issue.

- Anytime you can sign players that have had leadership roles with their prior teams you are getting an extra benefit. Ross Rouleau and Daniel Tetrault are two great examples of players who have been captains on other CHL teams.

Other Items:

- Many of you are anxious to get the season started and it won't be long. Some of the other international leagues are getting ready to begin. Former Allen players Dave Bonk (Japan) and Colton Yellow Horn (Hungary) have already reported to their teams. Brian McMillin leaves in two weeks for Coventry, England.

- I mentioned above that Ross Rouleau was a success story of an open tryout that the Brahmas had back in 2008. Some CHL teams use open tryouts to find players to fill up their training camp rosters. Tryout camps are also used as a revenue stream for the clubs. Taking a quick look there are at least three CHL teams planning open tryout camps soon:

 Brampton: The Free Agent Camp will be held on September 5th, 6th, and 7th at the Powerade Centre in Brampton, Ontario. The cost of the camp will be $275CDN + HST per player (paid upon registration) and this will include three separate ice sessions and a camp jersey.

St. Charles: The St. Charles Chill of the Central Hockey League is hosting a free agent tryout August 23-25, giving top amateur players an opportunity to play with the Chill for their inaugural season. ONE PLAYER IS GUARANTEED A SPOT IN THE CHILL’S 2013 INAUGURAL TRAINING CAMP! Cost is $200.

Denver: The open tryout is scheduled for August 10th, 11th, and 12th at Edge Ice Arena in Littleton.  Players participating in the tryout must be 18 years of age or older.  The deadline for signing up was midnight, August 3rd and there is a $150 fee included in the sign-up. A note on the Denver web site indicates that the all available slots at this tryout camp (60 players & 8 goalies) have been filled.

- Speaking of revenue streams the teams in England take sponsoring of players to the extreme. Being a friend of Brian McMillin who will play for the Coventry Blaze this year I was recently looking at their web site. They have a great program where fans can sponsor players jerseys and for 200 pounds ($310) the fan gets their name on the jersey of their favorite player and then gets the jersey at the mid point of the season. Fans can also sponsor other pieces of their favorite player's equipment and this is where is gets a little wierd:
Skates - $93
Stick - $77
Helmet - $46
Shorts -$31
Jock Strap - $23
Leg Pads - $15
Leg Tape - $8
Water Bottle - $8

- I only recently became aware of a practice many ECHL teams follow when they sign CHL players. They will not mention the players former team or the CHL in their press release. I noticed this when the Colorado Eagles recently signed a player (Greger Hanson) who played for Wichita last year. Instead of saying he played in the CHL for the Wichita Thunder the release says, "he posted 44 points (21g-23a-44pts) in 44 games at the professional level in North America." COME ON MAN!

- Those of you that are on social media or monitor the message boards have probably seen all of the conversation regarding the fact that the Americans have signed seven veterans while the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) only allows six veterans on the roster. The team will not bring seven veterans to training camp so if there are indeed seven veterans signed one of the veterans will have to be traded, waived, or accommodated in some other way.

- Stopped by the Allen Event Center yesterday and everyone was buzzing about the sales contest going on in the front office. Nothing like a couple of players to crank up the competition. Remember Trevor Ludwig and Darryl "Booter" Bootland are working in the front office for the summer. Divided into two groups called Team Ludwig & Team Bootland the entire front office is involved in this sales contest. The players have put together some special seven game packages and if you buy one you will get a meet and great with the player and will also be entered into a drawing where you can join the players for dinner at Brio, a round of golf or a night out at Top Golf. Whether you are interested in one of these seven game packages, a partial season ticket plan, half season or full season tickets give Trevor or Booter a call at 972-912-1000 and they will give you all the details and they will talk hockey too!! From what I heard Team Bootland had a slight lead as of yesterday.

This will be my last post for a month as Nancy and I are headed for a trip to Mongolia and Vietnam. As I did in Africa last year I will be bringing along items for the children provided by the Americans and will spread the word with my "Go Allen Americans" sign. I'll post some pictures when I return.

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Player Introduction: 20 Questions With John Snowden

John, Aiden, & Janelle Snowden are expecting baby #2 in January

I had the chance to sit down yesterday with John Snowden for a "quick" get to know you interview. John's wife, Janelle, went above and beyond the call of duty to set up the interview. I say above and beyond the call of duty because this week has been extremely busy for the Snowdens.  In addition to working out with some of the guys, John has a summer job (more on that later), they moved into the team apartments, the family was hit with some type of stomach bug and they were planning their son's second birthday celebration which is today (August 7th). Inspite of all of this activity John graciously answered all of my questions. As we are both "stats guys" we got side tracked many times talking hockey. The bottom line is the "quick" interview ended up being over an hour conversation. I can assure you that Allen fans are going to like John both on the ice and off the ice. Here are the basics:

John Snowden #43 (John has worn several numbers (12,42,22,27) with #12 being the number he has worn the most. When he went to the Fort Worth Brahmas last year they randomly assigned him #43 and he had such a good year with that number he decided to keep it in Allen).
Birthdate: January 12, 1982
Hometown: Everett, Washington (John is really from a small community of 9000 just outside of Everett call Snohomish.
Height; 6' 1"
Weight: 210
Shoots: Right
Position: Right Wing (John played center for many years when he was younger and has also played off wing so he can play any of the forward positions).

John will wear #43 with the Allen Americans

John's parents, his brother and sister all live in the state of Washington. He is married and he and his wife, Janelle, have a little boy, Aiden, who turns two today and are expecting their second child the end of January. John and Janelle, who is from Boston, met through a mutual friend when he was playing for the Bloomington Thunder.
Being an avid golfer John was lucky enough to get a job for the summer as a caddie at the exclusive Dallas National Golf Club. In addition to getting to meet the rich and famous he also gets to play golf at the top rated golf course in Texas.

Nickname: Snowy

Hockey Hero: Brett Hull

Earliest Hockey Memory: We were living in Alaska and lived right next to a school where they would flood the basketball court in the winter and I would skate all the time.

Age Started Skating: 2 years old

Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington

Favorite Type of Music: Alternative

Favorite Group: Pearl Jam

If You Could Have Lunch With Anyone Living Who Would You Pick: Brett Hull

One Thing People Would Be Surprised To Learn About You: I might be a better golfer than I am a hockey player. (When John plays regularly he is a scratch golfer)

What Chore Do You Absolutely Hate To Do: Laundry

What Do You Have That Is Great Value To You But Little Value To Others: Useless information. I am a stats guy so I have lots of information others don't care about.

Who Do You Admire As A Leader: Paul MacLean who is the current coach of the Ottawa Senators. I know him as his son is one of my best friends so I have heard him speak many times over the years. He has so much wisdom and his approach to hockey and life is inspirational. Maclean won the NHL's Jack Adams award this year as the NHL's coach of the year.

If You Could Live In Another Country For Two Years Where Would It Be: Australia

If you Could Be Anything Besides A Pro Athlete What Would It Be: I like the management side of business and would enjoy getting into hockey front office management.

Any Pregame Rituals Or Superstitions: I used to be terrible I had so many but since my son was born everything at home has changed and it is hard to have a routine. But from the time I leave to head to the rink I am very regimented. I don't play soccer like some guys do to warm up. I do a lot of warming up by myself and have trouble sitting down so I pace a lot. I do my running, stairs, & stretching and get dressed early. Everything from warming up, taping my sticks and getting dressed is on a precise schedule.

What Do You Like To Do To Kill Time On The Bus: I used to play cards a lot but not so much anymore. I will watch movies or play games on my tablet and do a lot of talking with the other players.

Favorite Childhood Toy: A hockey stick. That is all I ever played with.

Motto Or Saying: I try to approach hockey like golf where you forget about a bad shot and move on. Forget about what you just did (bad shot or bad shift) a concentrate on the next shift or shot.

Favorite TV Show: The Killing, American Pickers, Duck Dynasty.

What Do You Like To Do Away From The Rink: I like to spend time with my family and I am a big time golfer so I play whenever I can.

Favorite Career Moments: Being selected as a member of the under 18 US national team, my first game as a pro, winning the championship in juniors and scoring five goals in a game last year against Arizona.

You Were An Early Signing With The Americans. What are Your Impressions As The Roster Has Been Put Together: I love the roster that has been assembled thus far. I think our back end is as good as there is in AA hockey. I haven't heard anything about our goalie situation. I really like the way this team is put together where players have both skill and grit. Our forwards can score but they can also be physical.

How Would You Describe Your Style of Play: I am a shooter and have always been a shooter but I can also make passes and make plays. I think I am good at finding open areas in the offensive zone. I compete every single night and and don't mind physical play. Whether it is scoring goals, defensive play, playing physical or on the bench you will get my best every night. Winning is all that matters.

Major Injuries Over The Years: I missed a month with a MCL injury and had a neck injury that kept me out for a few weeks. Otherwise, I have been pretty fortunate.

Favorite Arena To Play in Away From Home: Rapid City & Missouri.

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Twenty Questions With Daniel Tetrault

In the run up to the new season Allen Americans Blog will make an attempt to catch up with as many of the new players as possible to ask them a few "get to know you questions" about hockey and life. We start with defenseman, Daniel Tetrault.

We started with the basics. His last name is pronounced TAY-troh and his friends call him Tetsy. He is from La Broquerie, Manitoba (it is two words not one as you will see many places) which has a population of about 1100. He has three brothers and a sister, is married and his first wedding anniversary is today (August 4th). He met his wife, Tabayia, while playing for the Wichita Thunder as she worked in the Thunder front office as the Director of Finance. Since moving to North Texas earlier this year Tabayia has opened a boutique in downtown Plano. The name is La Belle Boutique and they carry women's clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. The boutique is located just east of the DART tracks on the north side of 15th street (1007 E. 15th St.) I encourage all Allen fans to stop by the store and introduce yourself to Tabayia. You can check out the store and she can also talk hockey with anyone. If you are on Facebook make sure to go to her page (La Belle Boutique Plano) and "like" her page.

Dan will be starting his 14th professional season. His first year as a pro (2000-2001) was with the Austin Ice Bats of the Western Professional Hockey League which merged with and became part of the Central Hockey League. He has played for the Wichita Thunder for five years (2005-2008 & 2010-2012).

 He is 33 years old, six feet tall and weighs 205, shoots right and has an impressive resume.
     - He was drafted by Montreal in the 4th round  of the 1997 NHL draft.
     - In 1996 he was a member of the Team Canada under 18 team that won the world championship defeating the US in the finals.
     - He played junior hockey in the Western Hockey League (WHL) for the Brandon Wheat Kings from 1995-2000 and was captain of the team in 1998-1999. They won the WHL title in 1995.
     - In 2001-2002, playing for the Austin Ice Bats he was selected as the most outstanding defenseman in the CHL
     - He is the all time points leader for defensemen for the Wichita Thunder
     - He was the captain of the Thunder for two years including 2011-2012 when they were conference champions and finals runner up.
     - His coach in Wichita (Kevin McClelland) describes him as follows:  "He gives his heart and soul. Some guys are leaders in the dressing room, some guys are leaders on the ice. Tetrault's both."
     - Tetrault played for Bill McDonald as a member of the New Mexico Scorpions in 2003-2005. Erik Adams was a teammate.
     - Tetrault's favorite player growing up was Chris Chelios and the numbers he has chosen to wear recently are #7 which Chelios wore in Chicago and #24 which he wore in Detroit & Montreal. He will wear #7 this year.
     - His favorite NHL team growing up was the Winnipeg Jets.
     - His favorite meal is "old Chicago style" pizza.
     - He was described by one of his coaches as a top veteran who has always played with a lot of character and grit. He plays a physical game with a lot of offensive upside. 

Happy Anniversary!!!

Nickname: When I was younger everyone called me Daniel Boone so in Canada my nickname was Boone but that never caught on in the states. My teammates all call me Tetsy.

Earliest Hockey Memory: First time skating when I was four, I was real scared and didn't want to skate.

Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts

Favorite Type of Music: Country

Current Favorite Singer: Kenny Chesney 

If You Could Have Lunch With Anyone Who Would you Pick: Chris Chelios

Something People Would Be Surprised To Learn About You: My first language is French

What Chore Do You Hate To Do: Any carpentry work because I am so bad at it.

If You Could Live In Another Country Where Would You Pick: France or Japan

If You Could Be Anything Besides a Pro Hockey Player What Would You Be: A hockey coach

Any Pregame Rituals: I get dressed real early, don't play hacky sack  or soccer. I stay to myself and focus.

Who is your number one fan? My father.

What do you like to do to kill time on the bus? I love to play cards (Schnarps)

Favorite Childhood Toy: GI Joe's

Personal Motto or Saying: Work hard and have fun

Favorite TV Show: Hockey Night in Canada

Describe Your Style Of Play: All out player, good offensively and defensively. I like to play physical and am at my best when I play with an edge. I am hard hitting and I use my slap shot well. It has been clocked at 96 MPH.

Favorite Career Moments: The 1996 Under 18 Canadian National Team which won the   Championship against the US, Western Hockey League Championship with the Brandon Wheat Kings and being drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in the 4th round of the 1997 NHL draft.

Who Do You Know On The Team: I played with Jim McKenzie in Evansville and Erik Adams in New Mexico. Otherwise I just know some of the players from playing against them.

What Do You Like To Do Away From The Rink: I have a passion for golf and I love to watch baseball.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Welcome Back Jarret Lukin (With Pictures)

   Finally we have the official announcement that the face of the Americans franchise will return for his fifth season. Whether you know him as Luky, Keeper of Narnia, Flow Brother, or Jarret, his return was much anticipated and very welcomed. Lukin is the only member of the one ice part of the Americans franchise (coaches, players, trainer, equipment manager) that has been in Allen from the beginning. He ranks in the top five all time in every offensive category and is the all time leader in games played and shorthanded goals. A hard working two way player who leads by example, Jarret has been voted best penalty killer and best defensive forward in the CHL Best of the Best awards. Welcome back Jarret!!

Photo by
Here is the official press release courtesy of the Allen Americans:

Fan favorite Jarret Lukin returns

Allen, Texas – The Allen Americans are proud to announce that forward Jarret Lukin will be back with the Americans for a fifth straight season.
The announcement was made today via video at the Americans Team Store to a good size crowd who gathered to see who the next player signed would be. The crowd cheered as Jarret Lukin’s face appeared on the screen.
“I’m happy to be back with the Americans for a fifth year said Lukin, the Calgary, Alberta native. “It feels like home here, and I can’t wait to get back to Texas and defend our title.”
Jarret Lukin has played in the most games in Allen Americans history with 220. He has 72 goals and 80 assists for 152 points. He’s third on the all-time points list in Americans history behind only Colton Yellow Horn (178) and Bruce Graham (214). He has played with the Americans longer than any other team in his pro career.
Lukin who won his first professional championship last season with Allen has played a total of seven games at the American Hockey League level for the Rochester Americans and Lake Erie Monsters.
“With Jarret you get a hard working physical player who leads by example,” said Allen Americans Head Coach Steve Martinson.
The Americans who are celebrating their fifth anniversary this season play the home opener on Sunday, October 20th against the Wichita Thunder.
Season tickets are on sale NOW by calling 972-912-1000.


Friday, August 2, 2013

More Proof: Alex Bourret Coming To Allen

Found this article written by Ashley March of which makes it pretty clear Alex Bourret has signed with Allen.

One on One with former Cornwall River King, Alex Bourret
By Ashley March
March Hockey
One on One with former Cornwall River King, Alex Bourret
Alex Bourret is a feisty right-winger who grew up in Quebec. Being drafted 16th overall in the first round of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft to the Atlanta Thrashers, Bourret has played in many leagues both here and across the pond. Last season he started off with the Cornwall River Kings and then finished up in Russia. This season, he’s suiting up for Mike Modano’s Allen Americans of the Central Hockey League.
Cornwall - August 1, 2013 - Alex Bourret is a feisty right-winger who grew up in Quebec. Being drafted 16th overall in the first round of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft to the Atlanta Thrashers, Bourret has played in many leagues both here and across the pond. Last season he started off with the Cornwall River Kings and then finished up in Russia. This season, he’s suiting up for Mike Modano’s Allen Americans of the Central Hockey League. I was eager to get to his take on the game of hockey.

March Hockey: How does the style of of play in Russia compare to that of North America like the LNAH or ECHL for example? What was it like with the language barrier?

Alex Bourret: I’ve played in Russia, South Korea, Czech Republic and the language barrier has always been hard (they don’t speak any English or they’re not willing to try). It’s a different game overseas, ice is bigger and it is less physical but they can play hockey that for sure.

MH: Wait a minute….South Korea?! What was THAT like?

AB: They treat you real good over there. Japan, China, nicest hotels and private jets; Everything! But hockey is another story…

MH: Are the fans/players/teams just us passionate as us Canadians are for the game?

AB: Yes they are!! Some don’t know much about hockey; It’s more a big party for them but when you hear 15 000 people screaming for 2 hours, it’s great. Gives you a lot of energy.

MH: Growing up who was your biggest influence on your style of play??

AB: I always compare myself to guys like Sean Avery and Darcy Tucker. I like the way they play and they are not the biggest guys either.

MH: You’re a bit of a fighter, who’s the toughest player to go toe to toe with you?

AB: I remember one night in junior playing in Rimouski against Sidney Crosby. I was all over him and at one point Eric Nelson, (one of the tough guys at the time), asked me to go. Probably to scare me, I told him “Let’s go big guy!” with a BIG smile. I did pretty good on that one.

MH: And finally, if you could play with any player past or present, who would it be and why?

AB: Probably Thomas Beauregard. He was my linemate with the Wichita Thunder a year ago and we did good together. He is a sniper and I’m more of a hard-working forward.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meet & Greet, Kerbashian, Bonk, & More

For those of you in the North Texas area longing for hockey season to start make sure to stop by the team store Saturday as you will get to meet Daniel Tetrault, hear first hand a player signing, talk to staff and talk Allen Americans with other fans about the upcoming season. Might even see other players at the event. Here is the email put out by the Americans with the details. Hope to see you on Saturday.
Allen, Texas – The defending Presidents' Cup Champion, Allen Americans will host a meet & greet this Saturday, August 3rd, from 10-2 at the Allen Americans Team Store at Allen Event Center.
Come by the arena and meet new Allen Americans defenseman, Daniel Tetrault, who will be signing autographs at the store from 12 to 1 pm. as well as pick out your seats for the 2013-2014 season.
Tetrault joins the Allen Americans roster after playing last season in the ECHL for the Evansville Icemen, scoring 14 goals with 24 assists for 38 points in 68 games. Tetrault is a former 4th round draft pick of the Montreal Canadians, 91st overall in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft. Daniel who is a native of  La Broquerie, Manitoba, will turn 34 years of age on September 4th.
The Americans will also have a special player announcement this Saturday at 1:00 pm. So come by and join in the fun, while picking out your seats for the exciting upcoming season.
Allen Americans Season Tickets are on sale NOW by calling 972-912-1000 or dropping by the Allen Event Center at 200 East Stacy Road in Allen.

- Former Allen Americans player Dave Bonk (2010-2011) is returning to Japan (Asia League) for his third season. Dave plays for the Nikko Icebucks and is always one of the top scorers in the league. While the league is headquartered in Japan there are also teams in China and South Korea. Bonk had 58 points in the 47 games he played for Allen in 2010-2011 and ranks fifth all time in points scored per game at 1.23.

- According to his agent Kale Kerbashian has been invited to the AHL training camp of the Oklahoma City Barons. Since his agent has also hinted about Kale signing with the Americans (this is just rumor as nothing has been announced by the team) maybe at long last the Americans will have some kind of relationship with Oklahoma City. Wishful thinking on my part. Will have to wait and see what happens.

- I have had several questions about the number of veterans the Americans have signed and what that means going forward. As a reminder, under the current collective bargaining agreement, the team can have six veterans (excluding goalies) as long as one of the veterans is a returning vet from the prior year. Of the players already announced five are veterans (Bootland, Snowden, Tetrault, Hendrikx, & McKenzie) according to games played on hockeydb. This only leaves one slot remaining and several veterans in the mix to be signed. The obvious one is Jarret Lukin the all time leader in games played with 278 including regular season and playoffs. There has been all kinds of social media activity saying Alex Bourret is signing with the Americans (not confirmed by the team) and Alex recently tweeted he is a veteran this year. Adam Pineault is also a veteran but it looks like the decisions that have already been made on veterans and right wing would indicate Adam would not return.