Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Player Introduction: 20 Questions With John Snowden

John, Aiden, & Janelle Snowden are expecting baby #2 in January

I had the chance to sit down yesterday with John Snowden for a "quick" get to know you interview. John's wife, Janelle, went above and beyond the call of duty to set up the interview. I say above and beyond the call of duty because this week has been extremely busy for the Snowdens.  In addition to working out with some of the guys, John has a summer job (more on that later), they moved into the team apartments, the family was hit with some type of stomach bug and they were planning their son's second birthday celebration which is today (August 7th). Inspite of all of this activity John graciously answered all of my questions. As we are both "stats guys" we got side tracked many times talking hockey. The bottom line is the "quick" interview ended up being over an hour conversation. I can assure you that Allen fans are going to like John both on the ice and off the ice. Here are the basics:

John Snowden #43 (John has worn several numbers (12,42,22,27) with #12 being the number he has worn the most. When he went to the Fort Worth Brahmas last year they randomly assigned him #43 and he had such a good year with that number he decided to keep it in Allen).
Birthdate: January 12, 1982
Hometown: Everett, Washington (John is really from a small community of 9000 just outside of Everett call Snohomish.
Height; 6' 1"
Weight: 210
Shoots: Right
Position: Right Wing (John played center for many years when he was younger and has also played off wing so he can play any of the forward positions).

John will wear #43 with the Allen Americans

John's parents, his brother and sister all live in the state of Washington. He is married and he and his wife, Janelle, have a little boy, Aiden, who turns two today and are expecting their second child the end of January. John and Janelle, who is from Boston, met through a mutual friend when he was playing for the Bloomington Thunder.
Being an avid golfer John was lucky enough to get a job for the summer as a caddie at the exclusive Dallas National Golf Club. In addition to getting to meet the rich and famous he also gets to play golf at the top rated golf course in Texas.

Nickname: Snowy

Hockey Hero: Brett Hull

Earliest Hockey Memory: We were living in Alaska and lived right next to a school where they would flood the basketball court in the winter and I would skate all the time.

Age Started Skating: 2 years old

Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington

Favorite Type of Music: Alternative

Favorite Group: Pearl Jam

If You Could Have Lunch With Anyone Living Who Would You Pick: Brett Hull

One Thing People Would Be Surprised To Learn About You: I might be a better golfer than I am a hockey player. (When John plays regularly he is a scratch golfer)

What Chore Do You Absolutely Hate To Do: Laundry

What Do You Have That Is Great Value To You But Little Value To Others: Useless information. I am a stats guy so I have lots of information others don't care about.

Who Do You Admire As A Leader: Paul MacLean who is the current coach of the Ottawa Senators. I know him as his son is one of my best friends so I have heard him speak many times over the years. He has so much wisdom and his approach to hockey and life is inspirational. Maclean won the NHL's Jack Adams award this year as the NHL's coach of the year.

If You Could Live In Another Country For Two Years Where Would It Be: Australia

If you Could Be Anything Besides A Pro Athlete What Would It Be: I like the management side of business and would enjoy getting into hockey front office management.

Any Pregame Rituals Or Superstitions: I used to be terrible I had so many but since my son was born everything at home has changed and it is hard to have a routine. But from the time I leave to head to the rink I am very regimented. I don't play soccer like some guys do to warm up. I do a lot of warming up by myself and have trouble sitting down so I pace a lot. I do my running, stairs, & stretching and get dressed early. Everything from warming up, taping my sticks and getting dressed is on a precise schedule.

What Do You Like To Do To Kill Time On The Bus: I used to play cards a lot but not so much anymore. I will watch movies or play games on my tablet and do a lot of talking with the other players.

Favorite Childhood Toy: A hockey stick. That is all I ever played with.

Motto Or Saying: I try to approach hockey like golf where you forget about a bad shot and move on. Forget about what you just did (bad shot or bad shift) a concentrate on the next shift or shot.

Favorite TV Show: The Killing, American Pickers, Duck Dynasty.

What Do You Like To Do Away From The Rink: I like to spend time with my family and I am a big time golfer so I play whenever I can.

Favorite Career Moments: Being selected as a member of the under 18 US national team, my first game as a pro, winning the championship in juniors and scoring five goals in a game last year against Arizona.

You Were An Early Signing With The Americans. What are Your Impressions As The Roster Has Been Put Together: I love the roster that has been assembled thus far. I think our back end is as good as there is in AA hockey. I haven't heard anything about our goalie situation. I really like the way this team is put together where players have both skill and grit. Our forwards can score but they can also be physical.

How Would You Describe Your Style of Play: I am a shooter and have always been a shooter but I can also make passes and make plays. I think I am good at finding open areas in the offensive zone. I compete every single night and and don't mind physical play. Whether it is scoring goals, defensive play, playing physical or on the bench you will get my best every night. Winning is all that matters.

Major Injuries Over The Years: I missed a month with a MCL injury and had a neck injury that kept me out for a few weeks. Otherwise, I have been pretty fortunate.

Favorite Arena To Play in Away From Home: Rapid City & Missouri.

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