Saturday, October 19, 2013

CBA Details, Attendance #'s, Helmet Rule, Dell, & More

- The CHL season got underway last night as Brampton beat Arizona 5-4, Rapid City beat Wichita 2-1, and Denver beat Tulsa 4-1. Usually first night attendance figures give some indication of how a team will draw during the year. In Brampton the attendance was 3300 (the Powerade Center holds 4800 for hockey), Wichita, which led the CHL in attendance last year, had a nice crowd of 5229, and Denver had what everyone would call a disappointing crowd of 2152.

- The Americans traveled to Wichita yesterday afternoon and arrived in town amongst a few snow flurries and brisk temperatures. Perfect hockey weather. Tommy Daniels went to the Wichita vs Rapid City game last night and was the between periods guest of Wichita broadcaster Jason Mals.

- The pregame roster for tonight's game that is posted on the CHL website shows Alex Bourret & Garrett Clarke in the lineup tonight. Now that would be a real surprise. Obviouly something got lost in translation.

- The CHL announced yesterday that they have adopted a helmet rule similar to the NHL & AHL. Here is the press release:

GLENDALE, AZ (October 18, 2013) – The Central Hockey League (CHL) Board of Governors unanimously approved today the adoption of a rule that would penalize players for removing their helmet prior to engaging in a fight. 

“Player safety is of the utmost importance and the hockey community has saw fit to take whatever necessary steps they can to offer the safest playing environment for their players,” said Steve Ryan, CHL Commissioner.  “I applaud our Owners and Governors for recognizing the importance of this issue and voting accordingly.”

The rule calls for a two minute minor penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct if a player removes his helmets prior to engaging in a fight or should a player deliberately remove another player’s helmet in the course of a fight.  Helmets that come off in the course of and resulting from the altercation will not result in a penalty to either player.

- The league also announced yesterday that a new new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) has been approved by the owners (Board of Governors) and players (Professional Hockey Players Association PHPA). Here is part of a letter the players received from the PHPA highlighting the provisions that stayed the same in the new CBA and those that have changed. If you want to look at the entire letter it is posted at
 Term – 1 Year
 A number of provisions within the CBA will remain the same as the expired CBA, namely:
• Union Recognition
• No Strike / No Lockout
• Union Security
• Minimum Floor - $8,400
• Minimum Salary – less than 25 games $345
– more than 25 games $390
• Playoff Pool - $100 1st round / $400 2nd round / $700 finalists / $1,300 Champions
• Exhibition Games
• Training Camp
• Pre/Post Season Travel Reimbursement
• Lodging
• Marketing/Licensing
• Veteran Rule – 5 vets (300 games) plus 1 re-signed
• Reserve System
• Roster Changes
• Injured Reserve – 1-7 day / 2-14 day / 2-30 day / 2 goaltenders
• Scheduling – 3 in 3 followed by 48-hour break
• Game Day Travel – exceeding 400 miles either include an overnight stay or sleeper bus
• Career Development
• Athletic Trainers
• Right to Medical Records
• Player Fines
• Christmas Break – no games, practices, travel or promotion for 72 hours (Dec. 22-
Dec. 26)
• Transportation
• Career Enhancement Program – may reimburse up to 2 courses of $400 maximum per
• Membership Assistance Program
• Equipment

(*) Changes / Revisions to be included in the new CBA include:
• Management Rights – a Sideletter agreeing that no drug testing or discipline relating to
drug testing results without prior advice and consent of PHPA
• Standard Player Agreement revised to reflect League Ownership entity change from
WPHL1 to Central Partners, LLC
• Salary Cap - $11,000 fixed per week, plus team is permitted to spend additional $1,000
per week for any player purpose at their discretion
• NHL/AHL Affiliate Payment – increased from $500 to $525
• Bereavement Leave – player entitled to four (4) family days with pay and travel paid by
team – language – Club “shall” pay travel, not “may” pay travel
• Per Diem – remains at $31.00 per day, but extra dinner every five (5) days on the road
revised to one extra dinner following seven (7) or more days on the road
• Suspension of Operations – team’s letter of credit shall include coverage for player
obligations such as insurance, salary, travel reimbursement, etc.
• Player Discipline – language created to ensure that if a team that releases a suspended
player, the team’s roster and salary cap are treated as if player was not released during
term of suspension
• Off-Ice Insurance – team will pay all premiums associated with off-ice insurance coverage
for players and dependents; initial proposal revised to eliminate calendar-year deductibles
and replaced with one (1) plan year deductible
• Workers’ Compensation – provision being created to provide for Workers’ Compensation
coverage for Canadian-based players (Brampton Beast)
• All-Star Break – there shall be a three (3) day break irrespective of whether an All-Star
game is played. Players, at their option, may participate in appearances / promotions
during All-Star Break.
• Final/Binding Arbitration – complete re-write to avoid delays, skirting of obligations, etc.
to ensure timely and effective resolution of player grievances/disputes

- Aaron Dell has been called up from his Utah Grizzlies (ECHL) team to the Norfolk Admirals (AHL). Utah has an affiliation with Norfolk and Norfolk has an affiliation with the Anaheim Ducks (NHL). The Ducks had a goalie injury so they called up a goalie from Norfolk which left an opening in Norfolk which Dell filled. Probably a short term call up but a great experience for the young goaltender. Congrats to Aaron.

- For those going to the game tomorrow (Sunday) make sure to arrive early (NLT 3:40 pm) so you don't miss any of the pregame ceremonies. It should be one to remember.

DID YOU KNOW: Tommy Daniels was a traffic reporter for radio station KRLD for about a year. Every morning and evening flying around Tarrant county in a helicopter reporting on traffic.

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