Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Team Stats Leaders, Snowden Baby, Commissioner Interview, ECHL Troubles

I am sure the Americans are feeling pretty good about themselves as they practice for games against St. Charles on Friday and Sunday. After all, Allen has gotten five of six points the past two weekends and vaulted themselves into a tie for first place in the standings. Meanwhile St. Charles is ensconced in last place with a road record of 4-12-1 and have lost six of their last seven games. A perfect formula for under performance by the Americans and where team leadership is important to make sure they capture all four points in the next two games. While Allen has been playing well recently (9-0-2) four of the last six games have gone to overtime. I will do a series preview tomorrow. Will also stop by practice today and see what if any new information is available.

Here are the team leaders 37 games into the season. There are still six players who have played in all 37 games, the ironmen. (Asuchak, Berube, Kerbashian, Lavoie, Tyler Ludwig, & Tetrault)

Goals: Lavoie (19), Lessard (16), Kerbashian (14)
Assists: Lavoie (30), Kerbashian (23), Schaafsma (17)
Points: Lavoie (49), Kerbashian (37), Lessard (30)
Plus/Minus: Schaafsma (+12), Lavoie (+10), Berube & Ludwig (+8)
Penalty Minutes: Klotz (130), Bootland (103), Hendrikx (73)
Power Play Goals: Lessard & Ludwig (6), Lavoie (5)
Power Play Assists: Lavoie (11), Kerbashian (10), Ludwig (7)
Shorthanded Goals: Asuchak (3), five tied with one
Game Winning Goals: Kerbashian (5), Lavoie (4), Hanson (3)
Shots: Lessard (116), Lavoie (110), Kerbashian (101)
Shooting Percentage: Klotz (20.8%), Fox (19.3%), Lavoie (17.3%)
GAA: Pitton (2.69), Guggenberger (3.18)
Save Percentage: Pitton (.918), Guggenberger (.900)

Here are the players in the top ten in the CHL:

Alex Lavoie: Goals (#6), Assists (#5), Points (#7), Game Winning Goals (#7), Power Play Assists (#7), Rookie Goals (#2), Rookie Assists (#1), Rookie Points (#1), Rookie Plus/Minus (#2), Rookie Power Play Goals (#3), Rookie Power Play Assists (#1), Rookie Game Winning Goals (#1), Rookie Shots (#3), Rookie Shooting Percentage (#2)

Tyler Ludwig: Power Play Goals (#5), Defensemen Goals (#1), Defensemen Assists (#6), Defensemen Points (#5), Defensemen Power Play Goals (#1), Defensemen Power Play Assists (#9), Defensemen Game Winning Goals (#1), Defensemen Shots (#4), Defensemen Shooting Percentage (#4)

Spencer Asuchak: Shorthanded Goals (#1), Rookie Goals (#4), Rookie Assists (#6), Rookie Points (#4), Rookie Plus/Minus (#10), Rookie Penalty Minutes (#9), Rookie Shorthanded Goals (#1), Rookie Shots (#6)

Garrett Klotz: Penalty Minutes (#1), Shooting Percentage (#5)

Daniel Tetrault: Defensemen Power Play Goals (#4), Defensemen Shots (#4)

Jonathan Lessard: Shots (#10), Power Play Goals (#5) 

Kale Kerbashian: Game Winning Goals (#4)

Phil Fox: Shooting Percentage (#10)

Darryl Bootland: Penalty Minutes (#5)

Trevor Hendrikx: Defensemen Penalty Minutes (#10)

Mike Berube: Defensemen Shooting Percentage (#6)

- If you haven't listened to the interview Matt Harding of Minor League Hockey Report (MLHR) conducted with CHL Commissioner Steve Ryan I encourage you to take the time and do so. Among other things they talk about the economics of the CHL and expansion plans. You can find the interview by going to the MLHR web site at One thing I took from Matt's interview is Oklahoma City is at the top of the list for CHL expansion if the AHL Barons leave which has been rumored.

- If you haven't been following the goings on in the ECHL there is a meeting in Philadelphia today and one of the agenda items is the fate of the San Francisco Bulls. After losses of $2 million last season and projected similar losses this season, the San Francisco Bulls minor-league hockey team could fold as soon as next week according to team President and coach Pat Curcio. Curcio has a pending agreement with a new ownership group that would save the Sharks-affiliated franchise but relocate the team to Oakland or Fresno. The deal hinges on league approval and a new venue, and league meetings are today in Philadelphia. Curcio cannot name the new potential owners because of a non-disclosure agreement. If the team folds those players not under AHL contracts would become free agents. Former Americans defensemen Dylan King and Scott Langdon (2010-2012) play for the Bulls. Langdon is the team captain.

- The CHL trade deadline is fast approaching as the last date teams can make trades is February 3rd. Don't expect many trades around the league but there might be a pick up in activity as the deadline approaches.

-Congrats to the Snowden family as Janelle, John and Aiden welcomed Keegan Jeffery Snowden to the family. Keegan was born last night at 11:01 pm and weighed nine pounds even. Mom and baby are doing fine. Here is a picture of Keegan that Janelle posted on social media and it is her caption.
He is a tank and the absolute clone of his big brother!!!!
- In the only game in the CHL last night Wichita continued their hot streak winning for the league leading fifth straight game by beating Tulsa 3-2 in a shootout. RG Flath  scored the only goal of the shootout in the the bottom of the fifth round to give the Thunder the victory. Former American's goalie David Brown stopped 33 of 35 shots as well as Michel Beausoleil, Todd Robinson, Adam Pleskach, Ben Gordon, and Ryan Menei in the shootout. A stout shootout line up for sure. Job well done by Brown.

- Denver continues what they call their "Colorado Tour" this weekend as they play Arizona twice in Vail because their facility in Denver is tied up all month with a stock show. They should draw better than the two games they recently played in Aspen which drew just over 400 fans. Denver's on ice product is a very good one and deserves better support than they are getting.

DID YOU KNOW: In the last ten games the Americans are led by three players with 13 points. Tyler Ludwig (7 goals 6 assists), Alex Lavoie (5 goals 8 assists), and Kale Kerbashian (4 goals 9 assists)

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