Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hockey Jargon Test, Does When You Score Predict Wins, Pitton B-day, Zion Arrival

Happy 26th B-Day Bryan Pitton

After a rare Saturday off from hockey to spend time with visiting family, play golf, go to the zoo, attend a Dallas Stars game, head to the Ft. Worth Stock Show and a myriad of other activities the Americans are back at it this afternoon (4:05 PM) against the St. Charles Chill. First place in the standings is at stake as Rapid City beat Wichita again last night and now has a two point lead on the Americans.

- Bryan Pitton gets the day off for his birthday as Mark Guggenberger starts in goal. Whether Phil  Fox rests again will be decided just before warmups.

- Bad weather in Ottawa has delayed Jonathan Zion's arrival in Allen. He should still arrive later tonight.

- If you have ever looked at when the Americans score and lead in games you know it is very telling in the outcome. Here are a few examples of Allen's record this year:
When scoring first: 14-3-3
When leading after 1st period: 11-3-0
When leading after 2nd period: 14-1-3
When tied after 1st period: 7-2-3
When tied after 2nd period: 8-0-1
When trailing after 1st period: 6-5-1
When trailing after 2nd period: 2-9-0
When outshooting opponent: 13-6-1

- Look for Allen to win the special teams battle today as they have better stats on both the power play and penalty kill. The power play is over due (1-17) and should get a goal in this game.

- Saw a YouTube video posted by Christine Gegear (Alex Lavoie's mom) which lists some hockey player jargon. How many do you know?

- How may players will skate for a team during the course of a season? There a lot of variables including call ups, injuries and team record. The Americans have used 30 players thus far this season. The most players Allen has ever had in one season was in 2011-2012 when 50 different players were on the roster. The fewest was last year with only 35. Here is the list for this season for all teams in the CHL.
Missouri -    26
Rapid City - 27
Quad City - 29
Brampton -  29
Allen -         30
Wichita -     35
Tulsa -         36
Denver -      39
Arizona -     44
St. Charles - 48

Congrats are in order for a couple of teams playing on the road this weekend. Arizona beat Denver last night in Vail (another small crowd of  484) and gets four points from their trip to Colorado. Quad City has won two games from Brampton (in Brampton) and they play again today.

DID YOU KNOW: In their last 10 games Allen's GAA is 2.70 and St. Charles's GAA is 4.40


  1. Can you add the Youtube link? I'd like to watch it.

  2. John, the title is, "How To Be a Hockey Player" & here is the link if it works from here: