Saturday, January 11, 2014

Martinson Post Game Comments, Ludwig Update, Tommy Daniels Misses 1st Game

The good news is CHL leading goal scorer Garrett Bembridge did not score a goal last night. The bad news is Brembridge  had assists on all four goals as Denver beat Allen 4-3 in overtime before 3779 disappointed fans at the Allen Event Center. Allen built a 3-0 lead (goals by Rouleau, Ludwig & Hanson) in the second period after a scoreless first period and looked as if they would take that 3-0 lead into the dressing room until a poorly timed retaliation penalty put Denver on the power play. They scored with 1.2 seconds to go in the second period and that seemed to change the momentum. They out shot Allen 18-7 in the third period, tied the score and won the game at 2:37 of overtime. The best thing about a loss such as last night is the Americans will not have to wait long to do something about it as they are back at it against Denver tonight (Saturday) at 7:05.


-  That game was a great example of momentum. We are on the power play, we are ahead 3-0 and we take a selfish, stupid, high sticking  retaliation penalty after the whistle and and they score with a second to go in the period. When you make a play like that you go from Denver going into the locker room down 3-0 or even 4-0 to going into the locker room with momentum and the score 3-1. They come out and score a 5-3 power play goal and it is a one goal game early in the third period. We could never regain the momentum in the third period.

- The game was extremely frustrating. I thought once we got the power play goals it looked to me as if guys were trying to score individual goals rather than team goals. We let some chances slip away and then you saw what happened. I look at that selfish, stupid penalty to start it off and I am not happy about it.

- Their top line is the number one line in the league. Bembridge had four points. You could see the momentum they were getting and could we slow them down? Obviously we didn't. Then a guy from the Southern Pro League (Barczuk) gets on the outside, shows a lot of speed and beats us top shelf. That was a good play by him but we gave him too much time.

- I didn't see the jump in our team. We didn't have the jump in our legs in the third period. Right now Denver is a one line team and they showed more jump. That one line killed us in the third period and overtime. We didn't get off our heels enough. They kept us to the outside and I didn't think we got into the net in good scoring position enough.

- Until I look at the tape it sure seems to me like they built momentum on the goal with a second to go in the second period. It is not often when you are down 3-0 you get a goal with a second to go. I think it is pretty irresponsible on our behalf to put them in that position when we are in complete control of the game. We talk about those things on the bench so that is what makes it so frustrating.

- Trevor Ludwig is out for the season. His surgery went well but it was a nasty cut. They opened him up and repaired ten tendons. He can't move his wrist for three months. It is a big loss as he was playing really well lately and we miss his foot speed. He will be tough to replace.

- Right now we have a pretty healthy team compared to other teams. We have not played short because of injury in any game this year. This is the first time I have ever made it to January without playing with a short line up for health reasons.

- We have to make this a five out of six point weekend. This is a big weekend for us to climb up in the standings. We have to learn from this game tonight and we will see how we respond tomorrow. I would expect a good first period tomorrow night but you never know until you drop the puck.


- Had a chance to talk to Trevor Ludwig between periods last night and he said his doctor told him after his surgery that he will regain full strength and mobility in his arm but it will take six months. He was told not to pick up anything for three months, not even a piece of paper. The injury was to his left wrist and Tevor is right handed so at least that works in his favor. Trevor assured me he will be around the AEC with the guys helping out in any way he can.

- Denver out shot Allen 18-7 in the third period and 46-34 for the game. You don't win many games when giving up 46 shots.

- Tommy Daniels missed his first Americans game ever in the broadcast booth as his doctor ordered him to stay home with the flu. I know Tommy was helping out from home because he texted me a couple of times during the game. While Maurice Fitzgerald and Jarret Lukin did a good job on the radio broadcast everyone is looking forward to Tommy's return. If you listened to the game you probably noticed no replays between periods. Tommy does all of the editing and putting together of highlights "real time" while the game is in progress. Not how sure he does all of that but there was a lot not happening behind the scenes last night because of Tommy's absence.

- Rapid City rushed past Missouri 7-3 last night and now has a four point lead over Denver who took over sole possession of second place with their win over Allen. The CHL standings continue to tighten up as only four points separates second through seventh place.

- In the who is hot and who is not category in the last five games Greger Hanson has eight points (1 goal, 7 assists) and Tyler Ludwig has seven goals. Darryl Bootland has just one assist in the last six games.

- The three stars of the game were #1 Hanson, #2 Kerbashian, #3 Rouleau in a definite homer call. I know some say you should never give one of the three stars to a visiting player but I don't fall into that category. Garret Bembridge was the best player on the ice last night with assists on all four Denver goals and should have been one of the stars of the game.

DID YOU KNOW: The game tonight marks the halfway point of the season. All teams will switch jerseys for the second half so the Americans will switch to their red jerseys at home after tonight's game.


  1. Tonight was a great win. I wasn't at the game last night but tonight was definitely a big improvement. 8 penalties against the Americans and only 2 against Denver. The ref was pretty bad, once again. Is there anything the league does regarding it's officials and helping them improve? I've seen the one tonight several times. He never seems to talk to the coaches when they have concerns.

  2. Charlie, Thanks for your comment. I have talked to league officials about the referees many times. They are always evaluating, monitoring and providing feedback to the refs. I know the referees are encouraged to talk to the coaches but also keep the game moving. The referees are by and large young guys hoping to move up so they are prone to mistakes just like the many young players in the league.