Monday, December 23, 2013

Team Stats (Season & Last 10 Games), Power Rankings, Quotes, & Interesting Did You Know

- With the team on a three day break for Christmas it is a good time to take a look at the stats for the season and also the last 10 games. The overall team record is 14-9-2 and in the last 10 games the record is 4-5-1. Here are the team leaders for the season and the last 10 games. A couple things stand out when you look at these statistics. Alex Lavoie continues to have an outstanding season and leads the team in most offensive categories. Spencer Asuchak leads the team in assists in the last ten games with nine which is three more than anyone else on the team and he is also the plus/minus leader the last ten games. Throw in the work he has done on special teams while Jarret Lukin has been out of the line up and Spencer may be the best player on the team the last 10 games.

Season Stats:
Goals - Lavoie (14)
Assists - Lavoie (21)
Points - Lavoie (35)
Plus/Minus - Bootland (+4)
Penalty Minutes - Bootland (86)
Game Winning Goals - Kerbashian & Lavoie (3)
Shots - Bootland (80)
Shooting Percentage - Lavoie (20.3%)

Stats For The Last 10 Games:
Goals - Lavoie (6)
Assists - Asuchak (9)
Points - Lavoie (12)
Plus/Minus - Asuchak (+5)
Penalty Minutes - Bootland (39)
Game Winning Goals - Hanson, Kerbashian, Lavoie, Lessard (1)
Shots - Hanson (44)
Shooting Percentage - Lavoie (24%)

- Power Rankings: As I was preparing my weekly input to the Minor League Hockey Report Rankings it was apparent things stayed pretty much the same this week. The two best teams in the league (Rapid City & Missouri) were the only undefeated teams for the week both going 2-0. The teams at the bottom of the standings (Wichita, Arizona, St. Charles) didn't make any movement. The five teams in the middle (Allen, Tulsa, Quad City, Brampton, Denver) remain clustered together all within three points. Two teams were winless for the week with St. Charles going 0-3 and Denver going 0-2.

- A few hockey quotes from players past:
"The top three worst things I've seen in hockey? The invention of the trap. The invention of the morning skate. And the invention of the extremely ugly uniform."
Hockey Hall of Famer Brett Hull

"The three important elements in hockey are: the forecheck, the backcheck and the paycheck."
Former Sabres center Gilbert Perreault.

"I don’t want to get into a 'he said, she said' with the refs…I’m the he."
Defenseman Chris Pronger.

DID YOU KNOW: If you look at averages Allen is the heaviest team in the CHL at 197 pounds. They are the second tallest at 6' 1" and the fourth youngest with an average age of 26.3 years.  

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