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20 Questions With Mark Guggenberger - An Introduction

Mark Guggenberger

For those that don't remember, recently signed Allen Americans goalie Mark Guggenberger was a rookie with the Fort Worth Brahmas in 2011-2012 and was named the CHL's rookie of the year and the CHL's goaltender of the year. After his rookie year he signed with the Alaska Aces (ECHL) and has been in Alaska until he signed with Allen. I had a chance to sit down with Mark after practice yesterday and ask him a few questions to get to know a little about him.

Mark grew up in Richfield, Minnesota, a first ring suburb of Minneapolis. If you look up notable people from Richfield on Wikipedia there are only six listed and not surprisingly two of the six are hockey players. Steve Christoff who was a member of the 1980 "Miracle On Ice" Olympic team and Darby Hendrickson, a long time NHL player who is currently an assistant coach for the Minnesota Wild. They join Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Arctic explorer and environmentalist Will Steger as famous folks from Richfield.

Mark is the youngest child of Gary and Laura Guggenberger and has a older sister named Molly. His dad played hockey and was a goalie. While Mark played forward for the first few years he was in organized hockey he switched to goalie because of his dad having played the position and he also had the opportunity to move up and play with older kids as they needed a goalie or as Mark says it, they needed a target.

Here are the details:

Mark Guggenberger

Goalie -- shoots R
Born -- Richfield, MN
[24 yrs. ago]
Height 6.03 -- Weight 208

Roommate: I don't have one right now. My girlfriend (Kaitlyn) is arriving tomorrow.

Nickname: Guggs (some fans call him Guggenburglar)

Hockey Hero: Patrick Roy

Earliest Hockey Memory: My very first practice ever in organized hockey as a mini-mite when I was four or five.

Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp

Favorite Actress: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Favorite Type of Music: Classic Rock

Favorite Singer or Group: Jimmy Hendrix & Lead Zeppelin

If Could Have Lunch With Anyone Alive Who Would You Pick: Jimmy Page (Lead Zeppelin)

One Thing People Would be Surprised To Know About You: I am a scratch player at disc golf.

What Chore Do You Hate to Do: Dishes

What Do You Have That is Great Value to You But Little Value to Anyone Else: I have a box of Mr. Big Bars at home. (Mr. Big is a candy bar made by Cadbury that is very popular in Canada).

Who Do You Admire As a Leader: Mike Berube

Most Interesting Place You Have Ever Visited: Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.

If You Could Live in Another Country for Two Years Where Would You Pick: Australia

If You Could Be Anything Besides A Pro Athlete What Would It Be: Investment Banker

Any Pregame Rituals or Superstitions: Nope, I just go with the flow on game day.

Who Is the Funniest Guy on the Team: Phil Fox, funniest looking anyway.

Who is Your number One Fan: My mom and my grandparents as they listen to every game.

When Was the Last Time You Lost Something: I lost my drivers license for a few days just this week. I was able to track it down.

What Do You Like to Do To Kill Time On The Bus: I like to watch the NHL Network with all of the boys.

Favorite Childhood Toy: I had a blue laser gun that was really loud and annoying. My mom used to hide it from me on the top of the fridge. I would grab a chair and go get it back.

Favorite Motto or Saying: I read a quote from Johnny Bench a few years back that said, "God gave you two ears and one mouth so you should listen twice as much as you talk."

If You Could Choose Someone as a Mentor Who Would You Choose:  Probably Patrick Roy. He has been through it all before and knows what it takes.

What Do You Like To Do Away From The Rink: I like to play video games, and also chase a golf ball around.

DID YOU KNOW: One of the most impressive accomplishments of Guggenberger's young career is the CHL record for most consecutive minutes of scoreless hockey of 238 minutes and 31 seconds. And yes, he shutout the Allen Americans during that streak. But Mark's streak is a long way from the NHL record which was set all the way back in 1927-1928. Goalie Alec Connell, playing for the Ottawa Senators had a scoreless streak of 461 minutes and 29 seconds, which included six consecutive shutout games.

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