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Team Stat Leaders, CHL Suspensions, Hockey & Heels

With five days between games the Americans have time to work in practice in an attempt to get things turned around before taking on Missouri this weekend. I will attend practice today to see if I can pick up any new information. In the meantime here are the team leaders in all categories that are tracked by Pointstreak. If you can draw any conclusion from the list it is what an incredible rookie season Alex Lavoie is having as he leads the team in 9 of 14 categories!

Games Played: There are only eight players that have played in all 21 games. (Lavoie, Kerbashian, Asuchak, Tyler & Trevor Ludwig, Rouleau, Tetrault, & Berube. Last year only two players (Schaafsma & Deitsch) played in all 66 games.
Goals - Alex Lavoie (12)
Assists - Alex Lavoie (19)
Points - Alex Lavoie (31)
Plus/Minus - Alex Lavoie (+5)
Penalty Minutes - Darryl Bootland (58)
Power Play Goals - Alex Lavoie (4) & Jonathan Lessard (4)
Power Play Assists - Alex Lavoie (8)
Shorthanded Goals - Spencer Asuchak (2)
Shorthanded Assists - Ross Rouleau (2) & Daniel Tetrault (2)
Game Winning Goals - Alex Lavoie (3)
Shots - Jonathan Lessard (73)
Shooting Percentage - Phil Fox (.231)
Oakley 3 Star Points - Alex Lavoie (24)

Here is how our team leaders rank amongst the CHL leaders in some of the offensive categories:
- Alex Lavoie's 31 points rank him 3rd in the league in scoring and 1st among rookies. His 12 goals rank him 4th in the league and his 19 assists rank him 4th in the league. Alex is 3rd in the Oakley 3 Star competition.
- Tyler Ludwig's 11 points (3 goals 8 assists) place him 7th among defensemen in the league in scoring.
- Spencer Asuchak is tied for the league lead in shorthanded goals.
- Alex Lavoie's team leading +5 in plus /minus is ranked only 39th in the league.
- Darryl Bootland's 58 penalty minutes rank him 11th in the league.
- Phil Fox's 23% shooting percentage is tops in the CHL for any  player that has at least 25 shots.
- Jonathan Lessard's 73 shots ranks him 7th in the league.


- If you saw the video of the brawl that took place after the end of the St. Charles and Denver game on Saturday (you can find it on YouTube at "Chill and Cutthroats Fight After Game 12/7/13) it was pretty ugly. Two Chill players have been suspended. Here is the CHL news release:
GLENDALE, AZ (December 9, 2013) – The Central Hockey League (CHL) announced today that St. Charles Chill defenseman Anthony Pisano and forward Anthony Perdicaro have each been suspended as a result of their actions in Saturday’s game versus Denver.  Both organizations have been fined an undisclosed amount of money as well.  Pisano will miss the Chill’s next three games (12/10 @ RPD, 12/11 @ DEN and 12/13 vs. WIC).  The defenseman was assessed 42 minutes in penalties after the conclusion of the Chill/Cutthroats contest including three Game Misconducts (one for leaving the player’s bench area). Perdicaro will miss the Chill’s next two games (12/10 @ RPD and 12/11 @ DEN) after being assessed a Physical Abuse of Official penalty after the conclusion of the game.

- Rapid City and Missouri are both in action tonight at home. Rapid City plays St. Charles & Missouri has Arizona. A chance for Missouri to move back into second place in the standings and Rapid City to pad their lead.

- The following article, "Hockey and Heels, Women Learning More About Hockey" was posted on the Americans web site and written by Tiffany Kassab. There have been several of these sessions over the years and the feedback I get about them from Heritage Ranch fan club members (including my wife) who have attended is they are informative, fun, and worthwhile. Whether you are a novice or expert at how hockey is played you will enjoy Hockey and Heels and yes it is for ladies only. There needs to be more publicity and advanced notice the next time a Hockey and Heels is scheduled. Highly recommend your attendance. You might get some wine, gift, or other surprise as well.

Hockey and Heels, Women Learning More About Hockey
Photo - Kim Miller
The Allen Americans recently hosted a Hockey and Heels Night before an Americans Home Game. Tiffany Kassab covered the event for the team and here is her recap.
Hockey and Heels, Women Learning More About Hockey
by Tiffany Kassab
Hockey is arguably a male dominated sport, yet week after week women fill the stands as much as men do. Women hockey fans love the game just as much as the male counterpart; but honestly, a lot of women have no idea what’s going on those three periods the puck is passed around the ice. That’s where Hockey and Heels come in.
Hockey and Heels is a community program set up through Owner and Executive Partner Kim Miller and the Allen Americans Hockey Organization. The program intends to offer multiple courses on hockey 101, informing women of basic hockey information in a casual atmosphere with easy-to-understand explanations. Ladies are welcome to ask any hockey related question at any time.
“Women obviously don’t play as much hockey as men do,” Miller said. “I just really want to bring women in—get women more involved in the sport.”
Around 13 enthusiastic women huddled into the season ticket holder VIP room to learn anything from penalty calls to the average salary of a CHL player.
Associate Coach Richard Matvichuk and Hockey Operations Erik Adams, imitated what defensemen should do when “protecting the house” (preventing incoming opponents from shooting at the goaltender) by pushing up against each other, and explained hockey violations such as “icing” (the team with puck possession shoots the puck from behind the center-ice line across the opponents goal line without being touched by any players on the ice) on a giant white board that mirrors a hockey arena.
            Just in case anything learned was soon forgotten, all guest received an 11-page packet that described most of what was discussed in the meeting, plus plenty more to be reviewed at future meetings.
            “I want this for my guys,” Matvichuk joked about the packet.
Miller is hopeful that Hockey and Heels will bring more women fans together. According to Miller, the meetings are designed for women to get out and do something different, while also connecting more with the hockey community and making new friends.
Traci Houpt and Cindy Williamson are Miller’s perfect example of making friends and connecting through hockey. Houpt and Williamson, who attended the meeting together, were complete strangers before purchasing season tickets, and after five seasons of sitting next to each other every home game, they have become close friends. Williamson even invited Houpt to her daughter’s wedding.
Both Houpt and Williamson attended the event because they both felt they should know more about hockey than they do. Both claim that their favorite parts of hockey are the aggressive body checks and fights, but the meeting helped clarify what penalties such as “off-sides” looks like in game.  
            Adams hopes the next meeting will commence at a sponsored restaurant with a ride back to the Allen Event Center in the Americans’ team bus. Also, there are plans to have players and Head Coach Steve Martinson speak. But no guarantees can be made just yet. The idea is to attend the meetings, have fun, and learn something new.
            “Have fun, enjoy yourself, and come out to the games,” Matvichuk said. “Hopefully we’ll get you a win.”
            For more information on Hockey and Heels, or to inquire on when the next class will resume, please email Erik Adams at erikadams@allenamericans.com.

DID YOU KNOW: The only scoring record that still remains from the Americans inaugural season (2009-2010) is game winning goals. Bruce Graham had 9 game winning goals the first year. There have not been more than 7 since.  

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