Saturday, September 28, 2013

Schaafsma Update, Snowden HOF, Team Store Details, CHL Dates

Jamie Schaafsma Played For The Netherlands National Team
Welcome Back Jamie Schaafsma!!
After a long wait the official announcement was finally made yesterday on the return of Jamie Schaafsma for a second year with the Allen Americans.

Besides the talent he brings to the team he is also a good luck charm. Jamie has been in the championship finals for the last five years with four different teams. Let's hope that streak continues. If you have never read the in depth interview or to refresh your memory take a look at his story in the blog archives. The title is "Jamie Schaafsma - Player Profile" and the date is January 4, 2013. It is a good read. Here are just a few highlights:

- Jamie is from a small agricultural community in Ontario (Blenheim)
- He is married (Nicole) and they have two children (Sawyer & Sutter)
-  In the summer he works part time at a group home for 13-17 years old kids who can't find a foster home and are in the custody of the province
- he owns and loves his motorcycle
- Jamie played in the World Cup four times as a member of The Netherlands national team
- He scored the most goals in the 2008-2009 World Cup Tournament 
- His career with the National team and as a pro has taken him to Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, China, Austria, Estonia, and Poland to name a few.

The headline in his hometown newspaper announcing his return to Allen was, "Schaafsma Proud To Be An American" and the Americans are proud to have him back.

-  Congratulations to John Snowden who was inducted into the Lincoln Stars Hall of Fame last night. John played three years (2000-2003) for the Lincoln Stars which is a tier one junior team (Lincoln, Nebraska) in the USHL. Every few years the Stars use opening night as a chance to induct a new group of players into the Lincoln Stars Hall of Fame and that was the case last night. The inductees are not revealed until a highlight video is shown before the game. John is the all time leader in goals (79) and second in points (143) for the Stars. Congrats!!

- As camp gets ready to open it might be a good reminder to look at the key dates set by the CHL for the upcoming season.

Oct. 7: Training Camps Open
Oct. 10: Pre-Season Schedule Begins
Oct. 17: Season-Opening Rosters Due (3:00 PM CST)
Oct. 18: Regular-Season Schedule Begins
Dec. 23-25: Holiday Trade Freeze
Jan. 13-16: CHL Mid-Season Break
Feb. 3: Trade Deadline (3:00 PM CST)
Feb. 10: European Signing Deadline (3:00 PM CST)
Feb. 28-March 2: Hockey Weekend Across America 
Mar. 30: Regular-Season Schedule Ends

With October 17th being the date season opening rosters have to be turned into the league there will be roster changes right up until that date. Something to keep in mind is there will be good players available as the AHL makes their training camp cuts. There are also good players cut from ECHL camps each year that could be added to the Americans roster. Since most ECHL teams have an official affiliation with AHL teams they often have to take contracted players from their AHL affiliates and release non contracted players that are better players. This is why it could be difficult for players such as Aaron Dell (Utah) and Anthony Maiani (Kalamazoo) and Garrett Clarke (Toledo) even if they are good enough to make the team as they may get displaced by AHL contracted players. You can assume Steve Martinson will be very patient with the last few roster spots as he watches how the AHL & ECHL camps play out.

- In the post from yesterday there was a comment about walking by the Team Store and seeing there was something going on. In chlforums yesterday the following was posted about the Team Store. I contacted the poster and he confirmed that the store is under new management and he is part of the new management team. Here is what was posted on chlforums:

Cleaning out the obsolete stuff - adding hanging space and starting to bring in new product. More checkout capability and a nice product kiosk area by section 115/116 You will see a larger selection and product refreshes throughout the season. More big size XXL XXXL stuff, Women's products, spirit gear like scarves, spirit finger gloves and krazy kolder (google it) that fits any size. Make sure to get the 2013 playoff trading cards for the kids only 1000 available. Starting a trading pin collection which the kiddos should like too. If you don't see it just ask and we will see if we can get it. Hopefully we will be able to open with some inventory by season ticket-holder pickup day and much more coming in the week before the opening puck drop. Stay tuned and get ready to gear up for another great season.

-  Several of you have contacted me about some information that was on social media for a short time yesterday ( I retweeted it) concerning an as yet unannounced player for the upcoming season. If you recall, in the interview with Steve Martinson, he mentioned a twenty one year old, 6' 4' forward, that had been signed. My agreement with the Americans is I will not post on my blog the names of any players until the name is made public. Most of the time it is made public by the Americans, however, in this day and age of social media, sometimes the word gets out through family, friends or the players themselves. In this case the player put something out on social media but soon there after deleted it. So while many of you know the name I will refrain from using it and providing details until it has been made public by the Americans or the player. Hope that answers the question.

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