Friday, September 20, 2013

Exodus to ECHL?, CHL Rosters, Graham & Dacosta

- With the announcement yesterday that Aaron Dell has signed with the ECHL Utah Grizzlies (joining Adam Pineault who signed earlier) it made me wonder if the CHL has lost more players than usual to the ECHL this year. There are always debates about the quality of the two leagues and having talked to many "hockey experts" my conclusion is the top players in the CHL are top players in the ECHL (Chad Costello & Colton Yellow Horn are a couple of good recent examples) but the ECHL is recognized by many as a better league that is younger and faster than the CHL and has more depth than the CHL. Dell is the sixth player from the Allen championship roster (Maiani, Pineault, Daniels, Clarke, Aneloski & Dell) to jump to the ECHL. On the current Allen Americans roster for 2013-2014 there are no players that have come from the ECHL.  I haven't taken the time to go through the roster changes of each CHL team but if the Americans are any indication the CHL is losing top quality players to the ECHL and getting fewer in return.

-  Congrats to former Allen Americans player Justin Dacosta (2010-2011) who has just been selected captain of his team, the Fife Flyers of the EIHL. Justin played for former Americans coach Dwight Mullins in Elmira (ECHL) last year.

-  Put this in the rumor category but one player that is yet unsigned to play this season is Allen Americans all time scorer, Bruce Graham (2009-2012). There was lots of talk on the grapevine a couple of months ago that Bruce was contemplating a return to Allen after a very successful championship season in England (Nottingham) last year. But the grapevine chatter waned and the latest "rumor" is Bruce is going to retire. It was exciting to think about he and Whitney and the girls returning for one more crack at the championship but now you just wonder if he will hang it up at the ripe old age of 27.

- With AHL training camps starting up as soon as Sunday you have to wonder if any players other than Kerbashian will be attending an AHL camp. Let's hope so as the Americans have always sent numerous players to AHL camps.

- Haven't posted the rosters for each team in the CHL for a while. This is compiled by the league office based on contracts sent in by the individual teams. Though it is updated frequently (this version is as of September 18th) there are always differences between this list and what the teams have announced. The list for the Americans does not include Pitton, Grantham & Bootland and it has not deleted Clarke. Here is the list:

Allen Americans


Tyler Ludwig (D) - re-signed
Trevor Ludwig (D) - re-signed
John Snowden (F) - signed
Phil Fox (F) -signed
Alex Lavoie (F) - signed
Garrett Clarke (D) - re-signed
Daniel Tetrault (D) - signed
Trevor Hendrikx (D) - re-signed
Jim McKenzie (F) - re-signed
Jarret Lukin (F) - re-signed
Ross Rouleau (D) - signed
Mike Berube (D) - re-signed
Alex Bourret (F) - signed
Kale Kerbashian (F) - re-signed

Arizona Sundogs


Named Kevin Colley Head Coach
Named Gord Burnett Assistant Coach
Jason Morgan (F) - re-signed
Kevin Baker (F) - re-signed
Henric Hoglund (F) - signed
Ryan Gaucher (D) - signed
Matt McCready (D) - re-signed
Jade Galbraith (F) - signed
Jordan Clendenning (F) - signed
Dion Campbell (F) - signed
Joe Tolles (D) - signed
Mike Kavanagh (D) - signed
Bryce Reddick (F) - signed
Brodie Zuk (F) - signed
David Brown (G) - re-signed

Brampton Beast


Named Mark DeSantis Head Coach
Named Brent Hughes Assistant Coach
Brett Smith (F) - signed
Calin Wild (F) - signed
Jason Pitton (F) - signed
Tylor Michel (F) - signed
Michael Couch (D) - signed
Rob Collins (F) - signed
Josh McQuade (F) - signed
Kris Westblom (G) - signed
Erik Spady (D) - signed
Mitchell Good (F) - signed
Andrew Darrigo (D) - signed

Denver Cutthroats


Sean Zimmerman (D) - re-signed
T.J. Fox (F) - signed
Troy Schwab (F) - re-signed
J.P. Chabot (F) - re-signed
Matt Glasser (F) - signed
A.J. Gale (F) - re-signed
Aaron MacKenzie (D) - re-signed
Garett Bembridge (F) - signed

Missouri Mavericks

John-Scott Dickson (F) - re-signed
David Pszenyczny (D) - re-signed
Sebastien Thinel (F) - re-sined
Andrew Courtney (F) - re-signed
Colt King (F) - re-signed
Evan Vossen (F) - re-signed
Trevor Kell (F) - re-signed
Kyle Hood (F) - re-signed
Mike Ramsay (F) - signed
Shane Owen (G) - signed
Colten Hayes (D) - signed
Matt Stephenson (D) - signed
Anders Franzon (D) - signed
Tyler Currier (D) - signed
Joe Howe (G) - signed
Erno Suomalainen (G) - signed
Rob Kleebaum (F) - signed

Quad City Mallards


Darren McMillan (D) - re-signed
Jeff Lee (F) - signed
Matt Boyd (F) - re-signed
Mike Grace (D) - signed
Thomas Frazee (F) - signed
Tyler Melancon (F) - signed
Nick Grasso (D) - signed
Matt Carlson (D) - signed
Thomas Heemskerk (G) - signed
Matt Duffy (D) - re-signed
Rob Dongara (F) - signed
Brendan Turner (F) - signed
Tony Rizzi (F) - signed
Philippe Trudeau (G) - signed
John Heffernan (F) - signed
Benjamin Dieude-Fauvel (D) - signed
Mike Stinziani (F) - re-signed
Tyler Yaworski (D) - signed
Jordan Lane (D) - signed
Vladimir Nikiforov (F) - signed

Rapid City Rush


Acquired rights to Gio Flamminio (D) from Tulsa and signed him to contract in exchange for the rights to Dan Gendur (F) and Jordan Baker (F)
Konrad Reeder (F) - signed
Jared Brown (F) - re-signed
Jesse Schultz (F) - re-signed
Riley Weselowski (D) - re-signed
Tristin Llewellyn (D) - re-signed
Kyle Stroh (F) - re-signed
Justin Faryna (F) - re-signed
Winston Day Chief (F) - re-signed
Justin Sawyer (D) - re-signed
Eric Giosa (F) - signed
Ryan Palmer (D) - signed

St. Charles Chill


Named Jamie Rivers Head Coach
Jordan Fox (F) - signed
Kyle Kraemer (F) - signed
Tony DeHart (D) - signed
Kyle O'Kane (F) - signed
Kevin McFarland (G) - signed
Chad Costello (F) - signed
Riley Emmerson (D) - signed
Steve Makway (D) - signed

Tulsa Oilers


Acquired rights to Dan Gendur (F) and Jordan Baker (F) from Rapid City in exchange for the rights to Gio Flamminio (D)
Todd Robinson (F) - signed
Ben Gordon (F) - re-signed
Tomas Klempa (F) - signed
Drew Fisher (F) - re-signed
Shane Madolora (G) - re-signed
Brandon Coccimiglio (F) - signed
Sy Nutkevitch (F) - signed
Ryan Barlock (D) - re-signed
Jeff Buvinow (D) - re-signed
Andrew Himmelson (D) - signed
Andy Willigar (D) - signed
Kyle Leahy (F) - signed
Brett Skalski (F) - signed
Neilsson Arcibal (F) - signed
Nathan Lutz (D) - signed
Jarred Mohr (D) - signed
Ryan Menei (F) - re-signed
Thomas Beauregard (F) - signed

Wichita Thunder


Jon Booras (F) - signed
Jesse Dudas (D) - signed
Andrew Martens (D) - re-signed
Matt Summers (F) - re-signed
RG Flath (F) - re-signed
Ian Lowe (F) - re-signed
Matt Robinson (F) - re-signed
Torrie Jung (G) - re-signed
Taylor Nelson (G) - signed
Kalvin Sagert (D) - signed
Travis Wight (D) - re-signed
Jon Madden (D) - re-signed
Jared Walker (F) - signed
Dustin Donaghy (F) - re-signed
Nik Yaremchuk (F) - signed
Burke Gallimore (F) - signed

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