Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Clarke Moves On, Montgomery Retires, Adams Joins Twitter

Kind of a slow news day when you have to include "Adams Joins Twitter" in the headline but the back story is the guys in the office (me included) have been giving Erik Adams grief about not being on Twitter for a long time. Yesterday afternoon he was taking his usual raft of crap and he decided to make the jump. Still no picture, no tweets, but he has 53 followers. If you are on Twitter give him a follow. His Twitter handle is @erikadams32. Welcome to the twitterverse Uncle Rico!

- Garrett Clarke  announced yesterday he was leaving Allen as he signed a contract with the Toledo Walleye of the ECHL. Have to say this came as a surprise after the Americans kept him around during the playoffs last year. I did hear Garrett recently signed on with a new agent so not sure if that had any impact on his decision to go elsewhere.  Here is what he said when asked about the move. "I really enjoyed playing for Marty & Matti. Allen was a good stepping stone for me and although I still have a lot to learn this is a big step in the right direction. I think the biggest things working to my advantage are my age and potential. I have a lot of confidence in my abilities right now and I think with the right opportunity I will certainly take advantage of it." Good luck Garrett.

- Mike Montgomery will not play hockey this year. Mike found a good job outside of hockey and has decided to take advantage of that opportunity. Mike is a class act and one of the most cerebral, thoughtful, and kind players you will ever meet. And don't forget his accomplishments as he scored the only goal of the game as his team won the fabled Minnesota High School hockey championship, he was captain of the University of Minnesota Duluth hockey team when they won their first NCAA hockey championship and of course we will never forget the pass he made to Todd Robinson for the championship winning overtime goal this past season with the Americans. Job well done Mike! Best of luck to you and Ashley!!
Mike Montgomery - chlphotos.com

- Many of you have commented to me and others about the lack of merchandise in the Americans team store during and after the championship run. While you will have to stay tuned for all of the details there will be some big changes this year and announcements should be coming out in the near future.

- Also heard there will be a new jersey design for the white jersey the Americans wear. No details or picture but you can bet the team store will be well stocked. Unless the policy changes the CHL requires the teams to wear different jerseys in each half of the season. The "Dread The Red" has been such a marketing success the team will have to have as much red as possible no matter what jersey they wear at home.

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  1. Merchandise was not only lacking during the playoffs last year, but over the entirety of the last two seasons. The team sold some great sweatshirts, hats and other things during its first two years. The merchandise was definitely expensive, but it was quality stuff and appeared to sell well. The last two seasons have seen a small selection of junky items. I can't imagine how much money the team has lost as a result of not having decent merch to sell to the loyal fanbase.