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This may be one instance where " if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything". This would be true, but there were a couple of good things last night.  First, the Komet fans were awesome. This has been the best reception from the host fans that we have received thus far. They were gracious hosts. Not only did they welcome us to their arena, many of them actually stopped and spoke with us for awhile.  Kudos to the fans.

Thanks to the Komet staff who were very accommodating of our requests such as changing our seats and access to the players.  Very much appreciated.

Then we met a couple of Marty's former teammates and still good friends from his playing days (1975-79)  at St. Cloud University.  They traveled from the South Bend area to support Coach!  Boy did they have some interesting stories to tell us!

from left to right:  Dennis Chrzan (Shauney),  Steve Martinson, (Coach), Dan Klaybor (Klabes)
(photo courtesy of Mary Betz)

Game recap:

  • Komet's Captain and former Allen American, Jamie Schaafsma,  led the way for the Komets with 1 goal and 1 assist and was named #3 Star of the Game
  • Riley Gill and Dyson Stevenson were sidelined by upper body injuries.  Gill at 6:17 of the first period, and Stevenson less than a minute later (7:14), neither are expected to be available for the rest of this road trip
  • Fort Wayne goalie, Pat Nagle also left the game at 3:24 of the first with an apparent injury
  • Fort Wayne's PP goal at 4:04 of the first stopped the Americans PK streak at 29.
  • Allen's PP remains woeful, as they went 0-6 last night.  They have yet to score a PP goal in the first 2 games of this roadtrip
  • Americans are also winless in this road trip and have lost 3 of their last 5 games
Coach Martinson's post game comments were brief and to the point - "We didn't play hard enough to score a goal".

Indy Fuel game preview:
  • Indy meets Allen with 2-3-0-0 (4 pts).  The Americans are 3-3-0-0 (6 pts)
  • Indy is ranked 7th in Central Division, Allen is 3rd in Mountain, Indy is 12th in Western Conference and Allen is 8th in Western
  • Indy's Alex Wideman leads their team with 3 goals and 4 pts.
  • Indy's tough guys to watch - Kevin Lynch (13 PIMs) and Raphael Cordiveau (12 PIMs)
  • Allen leads the league with PIMs per game with 21.33, Indy's is 13.40

Meet Jamie Murray:

Jamie Murray #1

Don't worry guys, I got it!
(photos courtesy of Dianne Webster Photography)

Tell me a little about your family including names and what they do for a living ( children, mom, dad, siblings).
     I grew up in a town just south of Boston.  My parents have been a huge part of my life.  I have a younger sister who just graduated from Boston College and is now teaching math.
     Life is a little different with both of us out of college and on our  own.  We have always been a close knit family - we get along well and support one another

Did you have a pet growing up? How about now
      We always had a dog growing up and also a few cats.  Right now I have a Husky, he's 11 years old but acts like a puppy.

Describe your training regimen, formal/informal, type of training, with who?
     Summer was a big change in my training regimen.  Previously I mainly worked out on my own but after signing with the Sharks they recommended a trainer for me.  I worked out with a number of other players and participants.  For goalies it is more about becoming quicker than becoming bigger.  This is my first experience where hockey is my full time job.

Favorite number, (how did it become your favorite number)?
      19 - there seems to have been a lot of 19's in my life.  I was born in 1991, my sister was born on January 19.  Knowing that 19 is not really a goalie's number I am becoming fond of number 1 also.

Your nickname?
      Muzz - a lot of people haven't picked up on it yet.  It's on my helmet.

Hockey hero?
      First it was Byron Dafoe (goalie for the Bruins from 1997-2002).  Later it was Carey Price of the Canadiens.  I try to model my style to that of Price.

Age you started skating?
      About the same time I started walking, actually probably around 2 years old.  It just came naturally to me.
      I always wanted to be a goalie.  I kept telling my Dad that but he thought it was just a faze  I  was going through.  When I was 10 the goalie on our team quit and I took over.  The rest is history.

Favorite type of music?
      I like all types.  I love country but also some hip hop and R&B.

What is a song or artist you hope your teammates don't catch you listening to?
      Timeflies is my guilty pleasure

If you could have lunch with anyone living who would you pick (not family)?
      Carey Price - I would love to get inside his head to learn about his take on being an NHL goalie.

One thing people would be surprised to learn about you?
      I am a wiffle ball lunatic.  I organize a wiffle ball tournament every summer back in Boston

What chore do you hate to do?
      Most all of them - particularly making my bed every morning

What do you have that is of great value to you but little value to anyone else?
      License plates - my family collects them

Where is the most interesting place you have ever visited?
      I was fortunate to travel quite a bit when I was young.  The most interesting place was Ireland.  My entire family is Irish.

If you could be anything besides a pro hockey player what would it be?
      A professional baseball player.  I love playing the outfield, I played it in high school.

Any pre-game routines, rituals or superstitions?
      I try to do the same routine before every game - I juggle a soccer ball until I feel comfortable with my timing.  Also a tennis ball.  Also lots of stretching and mental preparation.

Who is your number one fan?
      My father - he has always been supportive, pushing and encouraging me when I needed it.

What do you like to do to kill time on the bus?
      Playing cards with my teammates

Favorite childhood toy?
      Mini hockey - I played it 24/7 growing up

Favorite motto or saying?
      Being rather slender I liked "trying to get better not bigger". 
      A good friend of mine started a company called  Prove People Wrong - our college team used this motto frequently.

What do you like to do away from the rink?
      Golf - I am not very good but I enjoy playing.  Also fantasy football.

What have you been told or know about the Allen fans?
      Last year before I arrived I was told there was a great following.  It met my every expectation.  Fans here are unbelievable.  It is pretty special to play in front of fans that are so passionate.  The support is amazing.

Did you know:  Ft. Wayne is the only ECHL team without a NHL or AHL affiliate.

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