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If you were one of the 4328 in attendance on Saturday, you saw a slow start for the Americans. But Allen came back fighting in the 2nd and 3rd periods earning them a 3-1 victory over the Gladiators.

Game Recap:

  • Gregor Hanson started the scoring at 3:31 of the second period on a rebound of a slapshot from the left circle
  • Spencer Asuchak scored his first goal of the season at the 12:06 mark of the second
  • After a goal by Atlanta in the 3rd period, Asuchak closed the scoring with an empty netter with only 5 seconds left in the game
  • Fan favorite Tudor Floru called a total of 20 penalties resulting in a league leading 68 total penalty minutes
  • Riley Gill earned the game's first star by stopping 39 of 40 SOGs giving him a SV% .954 thus far, followed by Hanson (1G, 1A) and Chad Costello (0G, 3A)
  • Allen stopped all 5 Atlanta power plays extending their PK streak to 26.  So far this year, they have yet to allow a power play goal.
  • With his 3 assists, Costello is 2nd in the league with 5
  • With a +1, Joel Chouinard leads all ECHL defensemen  with a +6
This was no press conference Friday evening due to jersey auction.

Linesman Erik Contino, assisted off the ice during Wednesday night's game, has suffered a broken leg and ankle injury.  Surgery will be necessary this week.

Meet Joel Chouinard:

Joel Chouinard #72 

C'mon guys dig a little deeper for my jersey!
(photos courtesy of Diane Webster Photography)

Tell us a little about yourself, family:
     I am from a small town Sherbrooke, it's in Quebec Canada.  I speak French and my whole speaks French. I moved here in 2010, met my wife in Cleveland, Courtney is American from Erie, Pa. We've been married 4 months, moved to Texas this past May, my wife works here.

Did you have a pet growing up, now, and is it coming with you?
     My family has a fierce Siamese cat, she is 16 now, she is beautiful with blue in her coat.  She is stuck in her old ways.  It really is my parents' cat so it will not be coming.

What are you planning to do during the summer?
     I plan on working next summer, could not work this past one since I did not have my visa, but am all set now.

Describe you training regimen, type, and with who?
     Started working out with Cosmo Clark athletics, stay in shape, try to prevent injuries.

What is your favorite number?
     I used to wear 27, a couple of years ago it was not available so I just switched to 72, now I like it.

Do you have a nickname, and how do you properly pronounce your name?
     My last name is hard to pronounce, the proper way to say it is Schwinard.  Since it hard to pronounce someone came up with "Chewy" (as in Chewbacca).

Do you have a sports hero?
     Do not have one hero, always admired Mario Lemieux. I really like Roger Federer, he is always humble, successful, finds a way to win.

Your earliest hockey memory?
     My earliest is actually a funny one.  My parents never played hockey, really did not know how it worked.  My first time on the ice I had the right skate on my left foot, I started skating like a penguin, it did not take the coach long to figure out what was wrong.

At what age did you start skating?
     Probably 4-5 years old.

Describe your style of play:
     I would have to say puck moving defenseman.  Pass in all zones, bring a little bit of everything, offensively, defensively.

Favorite actor/actress?
     Denzel Washington, he is just a stud, like every movie he makes

Favorite singer or group?
     I've always been a huge Eminem fan.

What song or artist you hope your teammates never catch you listening to?
     Listen to a little bit of everything, almost all goes today,

If you could have lunch with someone, not part of your family, who would you choose?
     Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla motors, read his biography and he is a genius.  Very interesting man.

What is one thing people would find surprising about you?
     I am pretty stubborn, try not to be, sometimes I argue over nothing.

What chore do you hate doing?
     Pretty much any chore, do not mind cooking, but don't like cleaning up after myself.

Who do you admire as a leader? (hockey or non hockey)
     Jonathan Toews, what he has done with the Chicago Blackhawks, obviously, he is a silent leader. Not the loudest or screamer in the locker room, he leads by example.  He is a huge winner, 3 Stanley Cups in 6 years.

Where is the most interesting place you've ever visited?
     Hockey has taken me to many places, have to be biased here, my home province, Quebec, is just beautiful, there is a huge river, St. Lawrence, I am not a fisherman, just love the nature stuff.

If you could live in another country for 2 years where would you pick (other than US or Canada)?
     I have only been to France and Mexico, but I would like to go to Germany.  Have heard many people say they love it there.

If you could be something other than a hockey player, what would you be?
     Entrepreneur - have my own business, or Coach hockey!

Any pregame rituals or superstitions?
     Not superstitious, don"t like to do the same things so I don't forget something, grab a coffee, get here early, stretch out,

How are you going to spend your time on "Big Red"?
     First I will have to increase my data on my phone, I take classes, half way done an on-line degree, Netflix, hang out with the guys

Favorite childhood toy?
     Not really.  We had a rink in our back yard, so I was always out there.

Favorite motto or saying?
     "Never forget where you're from"

Favorite TV show?
     Breaking Bad

If you could choose someone as a mentor, who would you choose?
     I already have him, my dad, he has always been

Did you know anyone from Allen before coming here?
     Played with Gensy in Cleveland 4 years ago, did a short stint with Costy the year before, and went to camp with Eberle.

What do you like to do when away from the rink?
     Spend most of my time in the books so I can finish my degree as soon as possible.

What do you know or have been told about the Allen fans?
     They're loud, and very, very passionate. They're great!

How did you wind up in Allen?
     My wife got a job here totally unrelated to me, after college she picked Dallas and has been living here for a year.  I called Marty and told him I would really like to play here, it is a great organization.

Did you know: No matter how many renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner you've seen, there's a good chance you've never witnessed a national anthem like the one performed by Joe Everson before the Toledo Walleye game on Saturday.  Take a minute to check out the video below.

UPDATE: This video has been removed but can also be found at Walleye National Anthem

Next blog will be Tuesday with pregame preview and another player interview.

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