Thursday, October 20, 2016


While Barry is on vacation, the views contained in this blog do not represent Barry, or those of the Allen Americans Organization.

Before we cover last night's disaster we would like to Congratulate Aaron Dell on his first NHL game and win.  He made 21 saves in route to a 3-2 victory over the NY Islanders.  Way to go, Aaron!

Also Congrats go out to our former goalie, Jake Hildebrand who had 2 impressive wins last weekend for the Indy Fuel and earned CCM ECHL Goaltender of the Week.  We are proud of you!

Everyone was excited last night about seeing a new team in town; the Atlanta Gladiators.  Not so much at the end of the game.  Atlanta outplayed and outskated us.  The Americans have to realize that these teams are coming in here to see how they stack up against the Champs, and are going to play us hard.  We were not up to the task last night.

Game Recap:

  • Atlanta scored the first 3 goals of the game beginning at 9:59 of the 1st, ending at 8:54 of the third.
  • The Americans decided to get in the game  at the 13:16 mark of the third when Dyson Stevenson scored 
  • Allen would put up another goal at the 18:13 mark when Greger Hanson got on the board with a power play goal, but it turned out to be too little too late.  
  • Americans PK efficiency continues at 100%, successfully killing 19 consecutive power plays
  • Americans need to work on their power play as we are only 2 of 13 (15.4%)  to start off this season

Of the three stars awarded, Dyson Stevenson earned the third.

Our thoughts are with the linesman injured last evening, wishing him a speedy recovery.

Coach Martinson's Post Game Comments:

  • That sucked, didn't like that game at all
  • 2 turnovers at the blue line cost us a couple of goals
  • was not too happy with my decisions on personnel
  • looked like we were just going through the motions, got better in the 3rd period
  • have to play better Friday, have to be ready to play
  • Derek Mathers skated well for his size, just arrived this afternoon, he should be able to help us out
  • sent Aaron Dell a message last week congratulating him on making the Sharks roster
  • Kale Kerbashian and Kyle Neuber have been placed on injured reserve
  • light practice on Thursday, will work on power play
  • going to watch video to be better prepared for Friday night

Game Preview:

As stated above, Coach will review tape and correct mistakes made on Wednesday.  At this early stage of the season, it is hard to predict or advise based on few statistics.  We know we have to improve our power play as we have had many good chances that we did not take advantage of. The team has to start the game with a 100% effort so there will not be a repeat of Wednesday, losing control of the game from the start.

We sat down with Kale Kerbashian and Tanner Eberle for a couple of quick questions, and they were more than happy to get their message out to the fans.

Kale Kerbashian #18

How does it feel to be back in Allen?
     Awesome, just starts with the weather, it is starting to snow in my hometown.  Great to play with players that make you want to compete, even in practice, it raises your game "to be the best".  The level of the players here, alone, was enough to make me want to come back.

What, if anything, will you try to do differently this time?
     I am a little bit older, grew up a little bit, more of a leader, I was one of the younger guys back then, but now I am being looked upon as "lead by example", find my place and help out.

Any updates since you were last here that you want to share with the Allen Fans?
     Still have the same girlfriend, Amanda, she is going to try to come down here, it is hard for the Canadian girls, but she'll try to find something to do here.   My family is all good and they will also try to make it here. Not too much has changed other than I am older and more mature.

Tanner Eberle #22

How does it feel to be back in Allen?
     Glad to be back, feels really good, missed the hot weather.  It is nice to interact with the fans again, and see some familiar faces.  Overall, the skill of the players here is much better than most places, it feels really good out there, glad to be back!

What, if anything, will you try to do differently this time?
     (Laughing) Try to stay here longer, last time I only played 5 games, hopefully I will get a few more this time.

Any updates since you were last here that you would like to share with the Allen Fans?
     Do the same things I did before, I am a little older, more mature,  I have the same girlfriend, Savannah, who is in my hometown, Regina.  Not much has changed.
(We will have additional interviews with Joel Chouinard, Jamie Murray, and Travis Brown in upcoming blogs)

(Pictures contained above are all courtesy of Diane Webster Photography)

Pictured below are 4 members of the Teal City Crew, (San Jose Barracuda Fan Club), who were in attendance at this home stand.  The Americans appreciate their continued support.

(courtesy of Ted Hosterman)

Pictured left to right:  Jessie Heart, Vinnie Dewberry, Eric Banks, and Curtis Silver.

The next blog posting will be Sunday.


  1. Thanks for the personnel interviews, I look forward to the next ones!
    Again I could not listen to the game via Allen's broadcast. I had to listen to Atlanta's broadcast and I will say he did a good job and was pretty complimentary towards Allen.
    Why doesn't Allen's live audio broadcast work?

  2. Kevin, this is Mary. Are you talking in-house (in the arena), or at home through the website. Let me know, and I will bring it to the attention of Tommy Daniels.

    1. From home on computer and on phone. Please let Tommy know. The play button doesnt work om the webpage.

    2. From home on computer and on phone. Please let Tommy know. The play button doesnt work om the webpage.

  3. The Mobile Android app and web page are not working from home they didn't last night and they didn't last weekend either

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