Wednesday, December 9, 2015


The Idaho Steelheads make their debut appearance at the AEC tonight.  This is the first meeting of four between the two teams and the first that they have ever played against one another.  The Steelheads have been in the ECHL since 2007 and have never missed the post season.  As most of you know, their affiliates are the Texas Stars (AHL) and Dallas Stars (NHL).  Their winning percentage since joining the league is .626.

Allen is coming off of a 2 game win streak from last weekend.  Saturday night's game against Utah saw them set or tie team season game records for most goals (7), points (19), PP goals (2) and goals in a single period (4).  Here's hoping the momentum of that win carries forward into tonight's game

Allen, with 28 points. is 2nd in the Central division and 3rd in the Western conference, Idaho, with 18 points is 5th in the West division and 18th in the Western  conference.

Game Preview
  • A strong start and sustained lead for Allen continues to be of importance.  They remain with only one defeat of 13 when scoring first and are undefeated when leading after 1 and leading after 2.  When trailing after 1 and trailing after 2 they have only a single victory.
  • Allen holds the advantage in PP (18.7% vs 11.5%).  However this advantage narrows at home where Allen's PP drops to 13.3%.
  • Allen also has the advantage in scoring with an average GF of 3.18 against Idaho's of 2.52
  • Idaho has the second youngest team in the league averaging 23.74 years
  • Thus far in the season the Steelheads have AHL experience of 974 GP while Allen has 512.  Idaho also has NHL experience with 16 GP.
  • Active points leaders for Idaho are Rob Linsmayer (20) and Jefferson Dahl (15).  Goal leaders are Dahl (8) and Taylor Peters (7).  Bad boys Andrew Carroll (62 PIM) and Brandon Magee (32PIM).
  • Referee for tonight's game is none other than our old standby - Tudor Floru

     Spent a few minutes interviewing Kerry Lenihan who oversees the alcohol and concession operation for all venues of the AEC.  Kerry had been in this position since the AEC opened.  Prior to this he was involved with the AAC, Cowboy Stadium, and FC Dallas.
     The epicenter for the operation is an area just off the team entranceway.  There are cooking equipment, coolers, supply storage, and beer kegs all contained in this small area.  For the alcohol alone Kerry's crew handles over 100 types of beer (brands and sizes), 50 brands of liquor, and 40-50 kegs of beer (they can handle up to 80 kegs).
     The largest concession venue for the arena is MMA where over 2000 24oz beers may be purchased in one intermission.  This venue is also the rowdiest - it has the distinction of most fan ejections when 40 wives and girlfriends of the fighters were escorted out during an MMA event (they were all seated together for some reason).
     Consumption of alcohol in excess is a major concern for Kerry and his staff.  They are always on the lookout for an fan that appears impaired and are in communication with each other on any action that needs to be taken.  Kerry wants the fans to have fun without endangering themselves.
     There have been some interesting special requests by performers at some of the concerts.  Interestingly the rock bands of the past such as Judas Priest and Chicago usually request health foods (fruits, low fat products, etc) and soft drinks, not quite the same as in their heyday.  Examples of other unusual requests have involved; no garlic in the backstage area (were there some vampires among the roadies?); only certain color M&M's placed in their own separate bowl.
     Many thanks to Kerry for his time.  Hockey is his favorite venue so be sure and tell him thanks if you see him on the concourse tonight.

Here's Kerry getting ready for a set with the Doobie Brothers!

Did you know - The biggest player on the Americans roster is Joel Rumpel.  At 6'5" and 220 lbs he is the tallest and tied as the heaviest (Ian Schultz also weighs 220).

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