Friday, December 25, 2015

A Special 2015 Christmas Thank You To All Allen Players, Past And Present

As I was reflecting on what to write about on this Christmas Day, I noticed how many messages there are on social media about spending the holidays with friends and families. That is not true for most hockey players as the Christmas break does not allow enough time to get back home. Friends and family all too often are teammates and their families which is great, but not the same as friends and family at home. Being a minor pro hockey player truly is a "hard knock life" and the current season has been a challenge for the team both on and off the ice.

So this post is merely a THANK YOU to all players (and their families) past and present for what you have done for the fans of the Allen Americans both on the ice and in the community. There has been over 150 players in Allen since the franchise started in 2009. It has been quite a ride over the last few years. One of the benefits of writing a blog is getting to know many of the players and their families and with social media it is easy to feel connected even when they move on. The following is a small sample of Christmas time with players and their families past and present.

The Allen Americans posted this greeting last night - 2015

This was posted last year (2014) by the Allen Americans - One year later most have moved on

Ashley, Chad, Cayne,Camden plus baby #3 on the way Costello - 2015
Costello's with Santa - Bet dad was on a road trip - 2015

The Adams Family - Erik, Jen, Brooklyn & Henrik

London, Whitney, Harper & Bruce Graham - Nottingham, England 2012
The Grahams - 2015 with new addition Beckett

Nicole, Sawyer & Sutter Schaafsma - 2014
Sawyer & Sutter - 2015

The Pierro-Zabotel family's (Casey, Levi & Lane) first Texas Christmas - 2015
- And just announced this morning on twitter by Casey & Levi, "This will be our last Christmas as 3. Baby Pierro-Zabotel coming July, 2016. We are having a second baby Zabby!" Congrats!

Aaron Gens, girlfriend Kellie, and their dog (Stella) to Kentucky for Christmas -2014
Aaron & Kellie are now engaged - 2015

Jackson Gill's first Christmas with Angie, Riley & dog Guinny -2015

Trevor, Lynden & Holly Ludwig back in Texas for Christmas - 2015

Lynden's first Christmas and skate with dad, Trevor Ludwig - 2014

The most famous dog in Allen history, Pearl (@Pearlilicious11), was Phil Fox's "wing dog"

Sydney Ludwig - Tyler & Taylor's daughter -2014
What a difference a year makes - Sydney with little sis Hayden - 2015

Greger & Andrea Hanson in their PJ's with Bella

Jarret Lukin with his nephew Dryden - Christmas 2015

Mike & Chantal Berube with daughter Ellyauna & Dolce - see below

Couldn't find a Christmas picture of the Berube family but had to include this great picture (it would make a great Christmas card pic) as they have been such a big part of Allen history. They are expecting their second child in May.

Once again thank you, thank, you, thank you to all players past and present for the sacrifices you have made to follow your dreams and the joy you have brought to the fans in Allen on and off the ice. Your determination on the ice and kindness off the ice is both noticed and appreciated. May this Christmas day be a joyous one for you and yours!

Happy Holidays from Barry the Blogger

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