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Allen Schedule Advantage, Team Stats Leaders, Player Updates & More

Yesterday was the type of day that makes playing hockey in north Texas rewarding as the team had the opportunity to spend time with friends and family and enjoy the outdoors. Saw many pool pictures posted to social media. I will attend practice today and try and get caught up on everything from injuries to roster changes to on ice issues. In the meantime wanted to share some information on team statistical leaders, the schedule for the rest of the year, updates on former players and other thoughts.

Here are the team leaders 48 games into the season. There are still five players who have played in all 48 games, the ironmen. (Asuchak, Berube, Kerbashian, Lavoie, & Tetrault)

Goals: Lavoie (24), Lessard (19), Kerbashian & Bootland (16)
Assists: Lavoie (37), Kerbashian (31), Schaafsma (23)
Points: Lavoie (61), Kerbashian (47), Lessard (36)
Plus/Minus: Schaafsma (+13), Berube (+10), Bootland (+9)
Penalty Minutes: Klotz (176), Bootland (105), Hendrikx (97)
Power Play Goals: Ludwig (8), Lessard (7), Lavoie & Tetrault (5)
Power Play Assists: Lavoie (14), Kerbashian (12), Ludwig (8)
Shorthanded Goals: Asuchak (3), five tied with one
Game Winning Goals: Kerbashian (5), Lavoie (4)
Shots: Lessard (146), Lavoie (145), Kerbashian (127)
Shooting Percentage: Lavoie (16.6%), Fox (15.6%), Bootland (14.3%)
GAA: Pitton (2.84), Guggenberger (3.31)
Save Percentage: Pitton (.913), Guggenberger (.900)

Here are the players in the top ten in the CHL:

Alex Lavoie: Goals (#6), Assists (#8), Points (#8), Power Play Assists (#8), Shooting Percentage (#9), Rookie Goals (#2), Rookie Assists (#1), Rookie Points (#1), Rookie Plus/Minus (#4), Rookie Power Play Goals (#3), Rookie Power Play Assists (#1), Rookie Game Winning Goals (#2), Rookie Shots (#3), Rookie Shooting Percentage (#1)

Tyler Ludwig: Power Play Goals (#6), Defensemen Goals (#2), Defensemen Assists (#6), Defensemen Points (#5), Defensemen Power Play Goals (#1), Defensemen Game Winning Goals (#1), Defensemen Shots (#7), Defensemen Shooting Percentage (#5)

Spencer Asuchak: Shorthanded Goals (#1), Rookie Goals (#5), Rookie Assists (#6), Rookie Points (#5), Rookie Plus/Minus (#10), Rookie Shorthanded Goals (#1), Rookie Penalty Minutes (#8), Rookie Power Play Assists (#8)

Garrett Klotz: Penalty Minutes (#1)

Daniel Tetrault: Defensemen Power Play Goals (#3), Defensemen Shots (#5), Defensemen Game Winning Goals (#1)

Jonathan Lessard: Power Play Goals (#8) 

Kale Kerbashian: Game Winning Goals (#4)

Darryl Bootland: Penalty Minutes (#10)

Trevor Hendrikx: Defensemen Penalty Minutes (#8)

Mike Berube: Defensemen Shooting Percentage (#3)


-There is some interesting information when you look at the schedule for the rest of the regular season. Allen has 19 games remaining (10 away & 9 home). They play 10 of the remaining 19 games in a sixteen day period (March 14-March 29) and 6 of the last 7 games are at home. Here are the 19 games by team:

Missouri - 2 (away)
Tulsa - 1 (away)
Quad City - 2 (home)
Arizona - 2 (home)
Rapid City - 2 (away)
Wichita - 2 (away) 1 (home)
Denver - 1 (away) 2 (home)
St. Charles - 2 (away) 2 (home)

 -Based on the current standings the games at the end of the season will be important for playoff seedings. Remember, the top four teams get home ice advantage for the first round. Here is the schedule for the last 10 days of the season.
March 19 - Wichita (home)
March 21 - St. Charles (home)
March 22 - St. Charles (home)
March 23 - Wichita (away)
March 26 - Quad City (home)
March 28 - Denver (home)
March 29 - Denver (home)


Adam Pineault - Talked to Monique Pineault yesterday and Adam is still recovering from a shattered jaw he suffered when hit by a puck in early December. He had a recent setback as when they removed the wire from his jaw they found five teeth that were cracked at the root just above the nerve so they had to be extracted and a bone graft put in. He has had two surgeries in the last couple of weeks. It will still be a few weeks before he can play.

Aaron Dell - Aaron continues to play well for the Utah Grizzlies. His record is 14-6 with a GAA of 2.06 and save percentage of .922. He has had two shutouts and four one goal games. His GAA ranks him third in the 21 team ECHL.

Charles Lachance - He had an impressive training camp but got caught up in a numbers game and was released after playing only three games for the Americans. After a stint in the SPHL he was signed by St. Charles and has five points (2 goals 3 assists) in 14 games for the Chill.

Corey Tamblyn - Tamblyn was also a player that unexpectedly made the team with a great training camp. He bacame a crowd favorite on the checking line and his work on the penalty kill unit that led the league the first month of the season. Tamblyn was released the end of November and has been playing in the SPHL for the Fayetteville FireAntz.

Bruce Graham - Bruce was signed and placed on the seven day injured reserve effective yesterday (2/18) so he will not be playing in any games this weekend. Bruce will be wearing his familiar #21 so Garrett Klotz switches to #25.

- In other transactions Greger Hansen was activated from injured reserve and Daniel Barnes was waived.

DID YOU KNOW: Mike Berube already has more goals (4) and more points (18) than he has had in any season since becoming a professional hockey player.

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  1. FYI - the game against Tulsa on 2/22 has already been played due to their event center's scheduling conflict. (Bud & I were going up for that when Tommy kindly reminded us of the rescheduling). Why are a lot of folks mentioning Aaron Dell? Is there a possibility of his return when the Grizzlies are done?