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Lavoie Returns, Fighting Alzheimer's, & CHL 50 Years

- Just a reminder this Friday (November 22) the Allen Americans are trying to purple out the rink with their first “Allen Americans Fight Alzheimer’s” game.  The Americans hope this night will help continue the movement to raise awareness and funds for the fight against Alzheimer’s and help advance the research to treat and prevent the disease. The Americans will be wearing specialty jerseys to commemorate the night and those jerseys will be auctioned following the game with proceeds raised going to the Alzheimer’s Association. The jerseys are sponsored by Esteem Hospice, Arbor Hills Memory Care Community and The Law Offices of Kimberly J. Munson, PLLC.  Additionally, the Americans have pledged $2 from each ticket purchased, using the code CHAMPS, will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. If you plan to attend the game on Friday you are asked to wear something purple.
Specialty Jerseys to Be Auctioned Friday

- Alex Lavoie has returned to Allen after playing his first AHL game on Saturday in Oklahoma City. Alex got plenty of ice time and had two shots on goal. I have talked to people who were at the game and they all said Alex fit right in and distinguished himself well. I am sure he will get additional AHL opportunities in the future.


It was 50 years ago that the heritage of the current Central Hockey League was really formed in the body of the Central Professional Hockey League.

The league lasted from 1963 until 1984 and was owned and operated by the National Hockey League and its founding president was Hockey Hall of Famer Jack Adams.

Original CHL Founder Jack Adams

From 1963 until 1968, the league was called the Central Professional Hockey League and then from 1968 until 1984 was renamed the Central Hockey League.

The current CHL, started up in 1992 after nearly a decade of dormancy from the “Original CHL”.

Many of the historic figures that helped the current CHL reclaim its place in the hockey world were a huge part of the Original CHL.  People such as Ray Miron, whom the CHL’s Championship Cup is named after (Ray Miron Presidents’ Cup) and Bud Poile, whom the CHL’s regular season Championship Cup is named after (Bud Poile Governors’ Cup) were key figures in the history of the league.

Ray Miron

Some of the great teams from that era were the Omaha Knights (four time champs), the Dallas Black Hawks (four time champs), the Salt Lake Golden Eagles (three time champs) and the Tulsa Oilers (three time champs and final champion of the Original CHL, 1984)

The teams of the Original CHL were:

 Albuquerque Six Guns (1973–1974)
 Amarillo Wranglers (1968–1969, 1970–1971)
Birmingham Bulls (1979–1981)
Birmingham South Stars (1982–1983)
Cincinnati Stingers (1979–1980)
Cincinnati Tigers (1981–1982)
Cincinnati Wings (1963–1964)
Colorado Flames (1982–1984)
Dallas Black Hawks (1967–1982)
Denver Spurs (1974–1975)
Fort Worth Texans (1974–1982)
Fort Worth Wings (1967–1974)
Houston Apollos (1965–1969; 1979–1981)
Indianapolis Capitals (1963–1964) (became Cincinnati Wings mid-season)
Indianapolis Checkers (1979–1984)
Iowa Stars (1969–1970)
Kansas City Blues (1967–1972; 1976–1977)
Kansas City Red Wings (1977–1979)
Memphis South Stars (1967–1969)
Memphis Wings (1964–1967)
Minneapolis Bruins (1963–1965)
Minnesota Rangers (1965–1966)
Montana Magic (1983–1984)
Nashville South Stars (1981–1982)
Oklahoma City Blazers (1965–1972, 1973–1977)
Oklahoma City Stars (1978–1982)
Omaha Knights (1963–1965, 1966–1975)
Phoenix Roadrunners (1977–1978)
St. Louis Braves (1963–1967)
St. Paul Rangers (1963–1965)
Salt Lake Golden Eagles (1974–1984)
Seattle Totems (1974–1975)
Tucson Mavericks (1975–1976)
Tulsa Oilers (1964–1984)
Wichita Wind (1980–1983)

Here are a couple of important hockey figures and their impact in the “Original CHL”

GUY LAPOINTE (Houston Apollos, 1968-69)
Although he only played one season in the Original CHL, it was Lapointe’s rookie campaign.  It was the first year of an incredible 16-year career.  He played 894 career NHL regular season games and 123 Stanley Cup playoff games.  All but a little more than two of his seasons were played with the Montreal Canadians where he helped the Habs to six Stanley Cup Championships.  He finished with 622 career NHL points (171-451=622).

Guy Lapointe.jpg
Guy Lapointe

JIM WILEY (Seattle Totems 1974-75, Tulsa Oilers 1975-77 & 1978-80)
Wiley played 305 games in the CHL, most with the Tulsa Oilers, where he scored 101 goals with 186 assists.  During the 1975-76 season with Tulsa, the Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario native put up his best single campaign totaling nearly 100 points (96).  Wiley played in 62 National Hockey League games (with Pittsburgh and Vancouver) and eventually coached in the NHL as the Head Coach for the San Jose Sharks.  He is now the Director of Hockey Operations for the current CHL.

Jim Wiley

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