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Trevor & Booter Hired as POSE, Lavoie 1 Game Odyssey, Doyle Signs

Booter The Salesman - photos by SceneByKimberly.com

Trevor The Front Office Phenom

I have been asked several times in the past couple of weeks if the Americans hired any "player assistants" for the summer. I found the answer yesterday when I stopped by the Allen Event Center to arrange for season tickets for a couple of our fan club members at Heritage Ranch. Who was sitting in an office all business like making phone calls on season ticket renewals but none other than Booter Bootland. And from what I heard he had a real successful day as you might imagine he would. Each CHL team can have two players in these kinds of positions but some teams choose not to have any. The official vernacular for the position is POSE  which stands for "player off season employee." In addition to Booter, Trevor Ludwig will be working as the second POSE. As I understand it they can start work under the POSE contract on July 1st. They will be utilized in variety of ways including sales, marketing, and community relations. From my perspective it will provide some much needed help for an understaffed front office while also exposing Booter and Trevor to different parts of the organization. A true win win situation.

Alex Lavoie - photo by SceneByKimberly.com


With the signing of Alexandre Lavoie yesterday several fans asked me what happened to him during the playoffs where he played one game and was gone. If you recall Lavoie was originally signed as an amateur during last season's playoff run following an injury to forward Justin Kirsch. Lavoie only skated in one game for Allen but certainly made an impression with an assist in the clinching Game 5 win over Denver. So why was he let go after only one game? I had the opportunity to talk to a CHL official during the playoffs and from that conversation here is what I think happened. The CHL rule says you can have two amateur players on your roster for the playoffs. The Americans signed Bryce Aneloski and Justin Kirsch to those slots. When Kirsch got injured  Coach Martinson was under the impression he could replace Kirsch under the two amateur rule. Lavoie was signed and the CHL was notified as all signings must be approved by the league. Because of some snafu at CHL headquarters the contract was not reviewed until after Lavoie had played in the one game. When the Americans were notified that the "amateur rule" did not allow injured players to be replaced they had no choice but to release him.

So given the circumstances of his brief stay in Allen during the playoffs how nice is it for Lavoie to be coming back for the 2013-2014 season. I wonder if playing in that one playoff games gets him a championship ring. I for one sure hope so.

Here is Alex's background and information from hockeydb:

Alexandre Lavoie

Born -- Anjou, PQ
[20 yrs. ago]
Height 5.10 -- Weight 170 -- Shoots R

Regular Season Playoffs
Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2008-09 Chicoutimi Sagueneens QMJHL 22 2 4 6 6 0----------
2009-10 Chicoutimi Sagueneens QMJHL 65 13 27 40 24 -13 7 2 1 3 2
2010-11 Chicoutimi Sagueneens QMJHL 62 24 31 55 27 17 4 1 2 3 0
2011-12 Chicoutimi Sagueneens QMJHL 35 8 6 14 14 -5 ----------
2011-12 Cape Breton Screaming Eagles QMJHL 30 15 18 33 12 -5 4 0 2 2 0
2012-13 Cape Breton Screaming Eagles QMJHL 37 19 30 49 38 -18

2012-13 Rimouski Oceanic QMJHL 26 17 30 47 12 16

2012-13 Rimouski Oceanic QMJHL

6 5 3 8 4

Chris Doyle

 While there has been no official announcement Chris Doyle's agent posted on twitter last night that Chris has signed with the Americans for 2013-2014. Doyle played in 40 games for the Americans last year (26 regular season & 14 playoffs) and had six goals and nine assists. From my perspective he got better and better as the year went on. Look for him to have a bigger role on this year's team.

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