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CHL Roster Update By Team & Roster Discussion

Here is the latest roster up date for all CHL teams. There are some player signings not reflected on this list including Darryl "Booter' Bootland for the Americans. Tulsa is having a press event today and will announce some additional signings. It is that time of year when rosters are starting to fill out at a rapid pace.

- A message board in England is reporting Ryan Menei who signed with Sheffield (EIHL) has changed his mind and will not be going overseas. If that is true (I would put it in the rumor category at this point) makes you wonder if he will be headed back to Tulsa and is part of the big announcement Tulsa is having today. Ryan had 82 points last year and if you combine that with Todd Robinson (who the Oilers recently signed) and his 75 points last year you would have quite the offensive firepower.  Here is the Oiler publicity on the event:
The Tulsa Oilers of the Central Hockey League will unveil their brand new look for the 2013-14 season and announce several new player signings at a press conference on Wednesday, July 31 at 2pm at the BOK Center.
All fans and local media outlets are invited to this historic announcement to get the first glimpse of the Oilers new look and hear about the latest additions to the 2013-14 roster. Oilers, General manager Taylor Hall, will be in attendance along with Oilers forward Ben Gordon and other members of the Oilers front office staff.

- While not included on the Rapid City list below two players from the college ranks have apparently signed as their college teams have issued news releases on their signing. Goalie Keaton Hartigan from the University of Waterloo and defenseman Brett Kostolansky from the University of New Hampshire. Here is in part what the schools included in their press release.

Keaton Hartigan (Kitchener) always knew he could play hockey at a professional level. Thanks to his role in the Warriors' Cinderella run to the University Cup tournament, the rest of the hockey world knows now, too.
Hartigan, who completed his illustrious 5-year CIS career with the Warriors in March, has signed a contract with the Rapid City Rush of the Central Hockey League, based in Rapid City, South Dakota.
"The deal came together rather quick," said Hartigan via email. "Their head coach Joe Ferras contacted me a few weeks ago and explained his current goalie situation. He explained that he lost both goalies this summer to overseas contracts, (and) he felt there was an opportunity here for me to play a fair amount of games. After doing some research on the hockey club and Rapid City in general, I felt that the program and the hockey-oriented city would be a great fit for me."

Senior Brett Kostolansky (Denver, Colo.) of the University of New Hampshire men's hockey team has signed a contract with the Rapid City (South Dakota) Rush of the Central Hockey League (CHL). 

-The Wichita Thunder list only shows two players being signed however, I have seen several references to the following players also signing with Wichita.

Torrie Jung - Goalie
Jared Walker - Left Wing
John Griggs - Goalie
Burke Gallimore - Right Wing

This is where I want to include the disclaimer that often times players put out information on social media or agents put out information on social media that a player has signed. However, the contracts have not been signed by all parties involved. Typically, the player will sign the contract and forward it to the team's front office. A representative from the team must then sign off on the contract after which it must be sent to CHL headquarters for approval. It is only after all appropriate signatures have been obtained that the contract is official. Even after the contract is official the player is not added to the list below until the team makes a formal announcement of the signing. I have received several questions about the Allen Americans signing Chris Doyle and Alex Bourret. Even though there has been lots of traffic on social media neither of these players has been announced by the team so their contracts are not official at this time.

2013-14 CHL Off-Season Player Movement

Information provided as a courtesy to fans and media members. All information provided by CHL member clubs. Listed information should not be considered as official, pending approval from the CHL's Hockey Operations department.

Transactions for 2013-2014 season last updated 7/30/13

Allen Americans


Tyler Ludwig (D) - re-signed
Trevor Ludwig (D) - re-signed
John Snowden (F) - signed
Phil Fox (F) -signed
Alex Lavoie (F) - signed
Garrett Clarke (D) - re-signed
Daniel Tetrault (D) - signed
Trevor Hendrikx (D) - re-signed
Jim McKenzie (F) - re-signed

Arizona Sundogs


Named Kevin Colley Head Coach
Jason Morgan (F) - re-signed
Kevin Baker (F) - re-signed
Henric Hoglund (F) - signed
Ryan Gaucher (D) - signed

Brampton Beast


Named Mark DeSantis Head Coach
Named Brent Hughes Assistant Coach
Brett Smith (F) - signed
Calin Wild (F) - signed
Jason Pitton (F) - signed

Denver Cutthroats


Sean Zimmerman (D) - re-signed
T.J. Fox (F) - signed
Troy Schwab (F) - re-signed
J.P. Chabot (F) - re-signed
Matt Glasser (F) - signed
A.J. Gale (F) - re-signed

Missouri Mavericks

John-Scott Dickson (F) - re-signed
David Pszenyczny (D) - re-signed
Sebastien Thinel (F) - re-sined
Andrew Courtney (F) - re-signed
Colt King (F) - re-signed
Evan Vossen (F) - re-signed

Quad City Mallards


Darren McMillan (D) - re-signed
Jeff Lee (F) - signed
Matt Boyd (F) - re-signed
Mike Grace (D) - signed
Thomas Frazee (F) - signed
Tyler Melancon (F) - signed

Rapid City Rush


Acquired rights to Gio Flamminio (D) from Tulsa in exchange for the rights to Dan Gendur (F) and Jordan Baker (F)
Konrad Reeder (F) - signed
Jared Brown (F) - re-signed
Jesse Schultz (F) - re-signed

St. Charles Chill


Named Jamie Rivers Head Coach
Named Sean Ferrell Assistant Coach
Jordan Fox (F) - signed
Kyle Kraemer (F) - signed
Tony DeHart (D) - signed
Kyle O'Kane (F) - signed
Kevin McFarland (G) - signed

Tulsa Oilers


Acquired rights to Dan Gendur (F) and Jordan Baker (F) from Rapid City in exchange for the rights to Gio Flamminio (D)
Todd Robinson (F) - signed
Ben Gordon (F) - re-signed
Tomas Klempa (F) - signed
Drew Fisher (F) - re-signed
Shane Madolora (G) - re-signed

Wichita Thunder


Jon Booras (F) - signed
Jesse Dudas (D) - signed

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