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CHL Roster Update by Team & Roster Discussion

Below is the most recent listing of current rosters around the CHL. I have been getting a lot of roster questions in the last week and while not an expert by any means, wanted to share some of my thoughts about rosters, player signing announcements, etc.

- The list below is current as of 7/18 but there are some omissions as you will notice Bootland is not included on the Allen list even though he has been formally announced. I assume there are omissions for other teams as well.

- There has been lots of traffic on social media about other player signings (Chris Doyle & Alex Bourret) so why aren't they listed. While I don't know the specifics of these two cases the normal process for a player signing has a least three signature steps. The player signs a contract and sends it to the front office. The contract gets signed by a representative of the team (President, General Manager, etc.). The contract then gets sent to the CHL headquarters for a signature.

- Until all of these signatures are completed you don't have a transaction and it is not a done deal. Sometimes what happens is a player or a player's agent says they are signed (usually on Twitter or Facebook) when the player signs the contract. My understanding is the standard players contract has a provision where players and player agents agree when they sign the contract to not publicize the signing until all signatures have been completed and the announcement is coordinated. Obviously, this provision is not always followed which creates confusion.

- The other thing that happens is players are signed but the formal announcements are delayed for marketing reasons. It is difficult to keep enthusiasm up during the lengthy hockey off season so teams deliberately space out player signings to help with sales and marketing. If you are the championship team like Allen it is a lot easier to keep enthusiasm up as you can market the championship mixed in with player signings.

- Another factor in player signings is the style of the coach. Some try and get players signed early while others typically wait until later in the summer. There are pros and cons to both approaches. Keep in mind some players are trying to find homes in other places (AHL, Europe and even the ECHL) so until they make a decision they won't consider signing in the CHL. I'm sure if we had a chance to spend time with the coaching staffs what seems like a quiet off season is very hectic behind the scene.

- With the CHL meeting having just taken place last week some roster related issues (roster size, veterans rules, etc.) may have been considered. I have heard second hand that changes were not made but we will have to wait and see when the CHL puts out a press release on what, if any, changes the Board of Governors made to hockey operations.

2013-14 CHL Off-Season Player Movement

Information provided as a courtesy to fans and media members. All information provided by CHL member clubs. Listed information should not be considered as official, pending approval from the CHL's Hockey Operations department.

Transactions for 2013-2014 season last updated 7/18/13

Allen Americans


Tyler Ludwig (D) - re-signed
Trevor Ludwig (D) - re-signed
John Snowden (F) - signed
Phil Fox (F) -signed
Alex Lavoie (F) - signed
Garrett Clarke (D) - re-signed
Daniel Tetrault (D) - signed

Arizona Sundogs


Named Kevin Colley Head Coach
Jason Morgan (F) - re-signed
Kevin Baker (F) - re-signed
Henric Hoglund (F) - signed
Ryan Gaucher (D) - signed

Brampton Beast


Named Mark DeSantis Head Coach
Named Brent Hughes Assistant Coach
Brett Smith (F) - signed
Calin Wild (F) - signed
Jason Pitton (F) - signed

Denver Cutthroats


Sean Zimmerman (D) - re-signed
T.J. Fox (F) - signed
Troy Schwab (F) - re-signed
J.P. Chabot (F) - re-signed
Matt Glasser (F) - signed

Missouri Mavericks

John-Scott Dickson (F) - re-signed
David Pszenyczny (D) - re-signed
Sebastien Thinel (F) - re-signed
Andrew Courtney (F) - re-signed
Colt King (F) - re-signed
Evan Vossen (F) - re-signed

Quad City Mallards


Darren McMillan (D) - re-signed
Jeff Lee (F) - signed
Matt Boyd (F) - re-signed
Mike Grace (D) - signed

Rapid City Rush


Acquired rights to Gio Flamminio (D) from Tulsa in exchange for the rights to Dan Gendur (F) and Jordan Baker (F)
Konrad Reeder (F) - signed

St. Charles Chill


Named Jamie Rivers Head Coach
Named Sean Ferrell Assistant Coach
Jordan Fox (F) - signed
Kyle Kraemer (F) - signed
Tony DeHart (D) - signed

Tulsa Oilers


Acquired rights to Dan Gendur (F) and Jordan Baker (F) from Rapid City in exchange for the rights to Gio Flamminio (D)
Todd Robinson (F) - signed
Ben Gordon (F) - re-signed
Tomas Klempa (F) - signed
Drew Fisher (F) - re-signed
Shane Madolora (G) - re-signed

Wichita Thunder


Jon Booras (F) - signed
Jesse Dudas (D) - signed

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