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A Deep Dive On the 2014-2015 Allen Americans Schedule

With all of the uncertainty about the Central Hockey League and the number of teams that would participate this year, kudos to the league office in finalizing the schedule for the 2014-2015 season. Decided to take a look at the schedule in some depth to see what the team is facing for the year. To start with here is the 66 game schedule for the Allen Americans from beginning to end.


Tulsa Allen Fri, Oct 247:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Wichita Sat, Oct 257:05 PMIntrust BA

Allen Rapid City Fri, Oct 317:05 PMRushmore

Allen Rapid City Sat, Nov 017:05 PMRushmore

Tulsa Allen Sat, Nov 087:05 PMAllen EC

Tulsa Allen Sun, Nov 094:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Missouri Fri, Nov 147:05 PMIndependence EC

Allen Wichita Sat, Nov 157:05 PMIntrust BA

Quad City Allen Sun, Nov 164:05 PMAllen EC

Brampton Allen Fri, Nov 217:05 PMAllen EC

Brampton Allen Sat, Nov 227:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Tulsa Tue, Nov 257:00 PMBOK Center

Allen Missouri Wed, Nov 267:05 PMIndependence EC

Allen Tulsa Thu, Nov 277:00 PMBOK Center

Allen Wichita Sat, Nov 297:05 PMIntrust BA

Allen Tulsa Tue, Dec 027:05 PMBOK Center

Tulsa Allen Wed, Dec 037:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Tulsa Fri, Dec 057:35 PMBOK Center

Missouri Allen Sun, Dec 074:05 PMAllen EC

Quad City Allen Wed, Dec 107:05 PMAllen EC

Brampton Allen Sat, Dec 137:05 PMAllen EC

Wichita Allen Fri, Dec 197:05 PMAllen EC

Tulsa Allen Sat, Dec 207:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Tulsa Sun, Dec 214:05 PMBOK Center

Tulsa Allen Fri, Dec 267:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Wichita Sat, Dec 277:05 PMIntrust BA

Allen Tulsa Sun, Dec 284:05 PMBOK Center

Rapid City Allen Wed, Dec 317:05 PMAllen EC

Rapid City Allen Fri, Jan 027:05 PMAllen EC

Wichita Allen Sun, Jan 044:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Missouri Tue, Jan 067:05 PMIndependence EC

Missouri Allen Sat, Jan 107:05 PMAllen EC

Missouri Allen Sun, Jan 114:05 PMAllen EC

Wichita Allen Fri, Jan 167:05 PMAllen EC

Wichita Allen Sat, Jan 177:05 PMAllen EC

Missouri Allen Mon, Jan 191:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Brampton Thu, Jan 227:00 PMPowerade Centre

Allen Brampton Fri, Jan 237:30 PMPowerade Centre

Allen Brampton Sun, Jan 252:00 PMPowerade Centre

Rapid City Allen Thu, Jan 297:05 PMAllen EC

Rapid City Allen Fri, Jan 307:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Quad City Fri, Feb 067:05 PMi-wireless

Allen Quad City Sat, Feb 077:05 PMi-wireless

Wichita Allen Wed, Feb 117:05 PMAllen EC

Wichita Allen Sat, Feb 147:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Wichita Sun, Feb 155:05 PMIntrust BA

Quad City Allen Mon, Feb 161:05 PMAllen EC

Tulsa Allen Sun, Feb 224:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Quad City Wed, Feb 257:05 PMi-wireless

Allen Missouri Fri, Feb 277:05 PMIndependence EC

Brampton Allen Sat, Feb 287:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Wichita Sun, Mar 015:05 PMIntrust BA

Allen Quad City Fri, Mar 067:05 PMi-wireless

Allen Quad City Sat, Mar 077:05 PMi-wireless

Allen Rapid City Tue, Mar 106:35 PMRushmore

Allen Rapid City Fri, Mar 137:05 PMRushmore

Allen Rapid City Sat, Mar 147:05 PMRushmore

Wichita Allen Tue, Mar 177:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Wichita Fri, Mar 207:05 PMIntrust BA

Wichita Allen Sun, Mar 224:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Tulsa Wed, Mar 257:05 PMBOK Center

Missouri Allen Fri, Mar 277:05 PMAllen EC

Tulsa Allen Sat, Mar 287:05 PMAllen EC

Allen Tulsa Tue, Mar 317:05 PMBOK Center

Allen Wichita Wed, Apr 017:05 PMIntrust BA

Brampton Allen Fri, Apr 037:05 PMAllen EC

- With fewer teams as well as an odd number of teams the schedule is very different than last year. The season starts a week later (October 24) and ends later (April 3) than last year. The number of midweek home games has been increased from six to eight. Because one team will be idle each weekend Allen will play only 18 Friday games this year (9 home, 9 away). This compares to 23 Friday games last year (13 home, 10 away). Saturday is similar with only 17 Saturday games this year (9 home 8 away) compared to 21 Saturday games last year (10 home, 11 away).

- The schedule is very unbalanced as indicated by the number of times Allen plays the other teams in the league:
16 - Tulsa
16 - Wichita
9 - Rapid City
9 - Missouri
8 - Quad City
8 - Brampton

- The Allen Americans have traditionally tried to avoid too many home dates during football season especially with Allen High School being a state powerhouse that is favored to repeat as state champions. This year opening night for the Americans (October 24th) conflicts with an Allen High football game. There is no way to predict scheduling conflicts during the football playoffs, however, if Allen High ends up in the state championship game again this year they will be playing football almost until Christmas. Here is a breakdown of the 33 home games by month compared to last year:

                      2013     2014
October            2            1
November        5            5
December        7            8
January            7            9
February          5            5
March              7            4
April                0            1

- Many traditional dates and promotion dates remain on the schedule this year:
October 24 - Banner Raising Night highlights the home opener for the second straight year
November 21 - Military Appreciation Night
November 22 - Teddy Bear Toss Night
December 31 - New Years Eve (Rapid City is the opponent)
January 19 - Kid's Day (Missouri is the opponent)
February 14 - Valentine's Day (Wichita is the opponent)
February 28 - Police vs Fire Game (Brampton is the opponent)
March 17 - St Patrick's Day (Wichita is the opponent)

- Here is a breakdown of all 66 games by day of the week:
Sunday - 12 (7 home, 5 away)
Monday - 2 (2 home, 0 away)
Tuesday -  6 (1 home, 5 away)
Wednesday - 8 (4 home, 4 away)
Thursday - 3 (1 home, 2 away)
Friday - 18 (9 home, 9 away)
Saturday - 17 (9 home, 8 away)

-  One of the many things the team looks at when the schedule comes out is how many times they have to play three games back to back. Three games in three days is stressful especially if there is travel involved. Players are more prone to injuries in these situations. Last year the Americans played three games in three days nine times. This year that will only happen five times. Here are back to back to back games for the Allen Americans:
November 14,15,16 - Missouri (A), Wichita (A), Quad City (H)
November 25,26,27 - Tulsa (A), Missouri (A), Tulsa (A)
December 19,20,21 -  Wichita (H), Tulsa (H), Tulsa (A)
December 26,27,28 -  Tulsa (H), Wichita (A), Tulsa (A)
February 14,15,16 -  Wichita (H), Wichita (A), Quad City (H)

-  Four games in five days with travel is really brutal but that only happens one time this year compared to three times last year.
November 25th - 29th -  Tulsa (A), Missouri (A), Tulsa (A), Wichita (A)

- The toughest part of the schedule for Allen will be February 25 through March 20 when Allen plays nine of eleven games on the road including six in a row.

- The easiest part of the schedule for Allen will be between December 6th and January 19th. During this 45 day period they have 14 home games and only four road games with two of the four road games in Tulsa. The four road games are December 21 in Tulsa, December 27 in Wichita, December 28 in Tulsa and January 6 in Missouri.

- If you have ever wanted to go on a road trip to cheer on the Americans two dates to mark on your calendar are December 21st & 28th. Both of these games are on a Sunday afternoon in Tulsa. These games combine the shortest distance to drive (230 miles) and a 4:05 pm puck drop so you can watch the game and still drive back to Allen at a reasonable hour. Maybe the Americans can sponsor a bus to one of these games.

- Here is a breakdown of the season series with each team:

Tulsa (8 home, 8 away) - Despite playing 16 times these two team only play back to back games in one arena once which is in Allen November 8 & 9. Twice they play three games in a row but they go from one arena to the other. December 2nd in Tulsa, 3rd in Allen and 5th back in Tulsa is one three game set. The other is December 20th in Allen, 21st in Tulsa and 26th back in Allen. Another anomaly with Tulsa is that twelve of the sixteen games they play take place before the first of the year. The teams only play one time between December 29th and March 24th.

Wichita (8 home, 8 away) - The sixteen times Allen plays Wichita are spread out from October 25 to April 1st. The most they play in any one month is March when they play four times. They play three games in a row two times. In one case they play in Allen February 11th and 14th and then travel to Wichita for a game February 15th. In the other instance they play in Allen on March 17, in Wichita on March 20th and back in Allen on March 22nd. 

Rapid City (4 home, 5 away) - Allen travels to Rapid City (836 miles) twice during the season. They go for a two game set on October 31 & November 1st and then return for three games March 10-14. Rapid City comes to the Allen Event Center (AEC) twice including the New Years Eve game & January 2nd. Their second trip to the AEC is at the end of January.

Missouri (5 home, 4 away) - What was already a good rivalry will probably intensify with Richard Matvichuk now at the helm of the Mavericks. Mark your calendars for these five dates when Missouri visits the AEC. December 7, January 10, 11, & 19th, and March 27. The first meeting between the Martinson led Americans and Matvichuk led Mavericks will take place in Missouri on Friday, November 14th. If you like to travel to away games this would be a good choice.

Quad City (3 home, 5 away) - Quad City comes to the AEC three times during the season for single games as part of road trips to other teams. Allen also travels to Quad City three times during the season.

Brampton (5 home 3 away) - Allen really caught a break in the schedule as they are the only team that has to travel to Brampton only one time during the season. They go for three games January 22, 23 & 25. They have no other away games on this trip so just go from Allen to Brampton and return. Maybe that means they will fly to Brampton as they did last year and avoid the over 1300 mile bus trip. Brampton actually comes to the AEC on four different occasions. Only one time (November 21 & 22) they play two games in Allen. The other three dates (December 13, February 28, & April 3) are single game visits.

- Along with the schedule the CHL posts some important dates for the year. Here they are:
2014-15 Important Dates
Training Camp Opens: Monday, October 13
Preseason Schedule Begins: Wednesday, October 15
Regular Season Opens: Friday, October 24
Christmas Break: December 23-25
Mid-Season Break: January 12-15
Last Day of Regular Season: Sunday, April 5

DID YOU KNOW: MavsFanJoe who I call "Stats Man" over on computed total miles traveled for the season by team. No surprise that Brampton leads the league with an estimated 27,005 miles traveled. Here is the list:
  • ALN 20,070
  • BRM 27,705
  • MIZ 21,112
  • QDC 22,371
  • RPD 24,513
  • TUL 16,134
  • WIC 19,161

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