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Allen Americans & CHL Weekly Update - Rosters, Merger, Schedule & Jerseys

Another week has transpired on the march to training camp and the revolving door off and on the Allen roster is in full swing. The longest and shortest tenured players from last year's team announced their departure this week. The original Allen American, Jarret Lukin, signed with the original Allen coach, Dwight Mullins who is now the coach of the Evansville IceMen (ECHL). The shortest tenured player from last year's championship team, Cain Franson  announced he was not returning. Cain, who signed on as an amateur for the playoffs is going to attend college and will play hockey for the University of Calgary.

Here is the updated listing of players that have moved on from last year's championship team.

5/30/14 - Bruce Graham signs with Nottingham (England)
6/21/14 - Bryan Pitton signs with KH Sanok (Poland)
7/8/14   - Garrett Klotz signs with Indianapolis Fuel (ECHL)
7/8/14   - Anthony Maiani signs with Rungsted (Denmark)
7/14/14 - Mike Berube signs with Nottingham (England)
7/15/14 - Kale Kerbashian signs with Evansville (ECHL)
7/16/14 - Trevor Hendrikx signs with Cardiff (Wales)
7/17/14 - Dallas Ehrhardt signs with Missouri (CHL)
7/19/14 - Brian McMillin signs with Eindhoven (Netherlands)
7/28/14 - Greger Hanson signs with Cincinnati (ECHL)
7/30/14 - Darryl Bootland signs with ECHL team
7/31/14 - Daniel Tetrault signs with Rapid City (CHL)
8/1/14   - Alex Lavoie signs with Florida Everblades (ECHL)
8/5/14   - Jarret Lukin signs with Evansville IceMen (ECHL)
8/7/14   - Cain Franson signs with University of Calgary

- The roster for the upcoming season continues to grow with the announcements this past week that former Brahma center Sy Nutkevitch and  Harvard educated goalie, Raphael Girard have been signed. This brings the total number of signings that have been announced to eleven.

- Had the chance to talk to Steve Martinson a couple of times this week and confirmed he has several additional players under contract that will be announced in the near future. The first of these will happen on Monday with the announcement of the signing of a young defenseman. Coach Martinson also shared he is close to signing a couple of top end scorers. If he can pull off signing the guys he is negotiating with, Allen fans will be really excited and it will put the Americans in great shape for another deep playoff run this season.

- Training camp is set to open on October 10th but you can expect players to start skating as a group (for those that are in town) sometime around the end of September. These are informal skates with no coaches around.

- Heard some new information about jerseys for the upcoming season that may be of interest. First, there will be a new jersey added to the white and red one from last year. It won't be used frequently but the team will have a third jersey this year. The other news is that one of the specialty jerseys this year will be designed by the fans. So here is your chance to help create an Allen Americans specialty jersey. The fan designed specialty jersey will be sponsored by Reklaw Design, a graphic design company in Richardson.


- Rosters continue to grow as CHL teams have now announced a total of 88 players signed led by Missouri with thirteen. Brampton and Wichita have only announced five players. The total is still less than half the players that will need to be signed to fill out all of the rosters. Also, keep in mind many more players have been signed but not announced. Coach McClelland in Wichita is a good example of a coach who signs players put waits to make the announcements. There is a complete listing of players signed and announced by each team at the end of this post.

- It sure has been interesting following all of the articles, blogs posts, social media activity and other comments regarding the so called merger. It is fascinating how one tweet can start such a firestorm of stories, articles, and comments with no facts behind them. You see everything from the down right laughable to some well reasoned conceptual ideas. It has been said for years by many in the game of hockey from players to coaches to front office personnel that it is a matter of when not if the CHL and ECHL will merge. So if something were happening it sure would not be a surprise.

- As most of you know the source for the discussion about the CHL/ECHL merger taking place is an agent by the name of Darryl Wolski who is President of 2112 Hockey Agency.  His tweet on Wednesday was short and sweet, "Hearing the ECHL and CHL are in talks to merge both leagues" and this tweet was retweeted 126 times so it traveled around the hockey world very quickly.  The very next day, on Thursday, Darryl Wolski put out another tweet that may have more impact in the short term on the CHL than the merger tweet yet nobody paid any attention. It said, "Arizona and Denver have not signed on as of yet for the CHL for this season so the league could have only seven teams." This tweet was retweeted a grand total of one time. Having followed Darryl Wolski for several years he is not a rumor monger throwing out information he has no knowledge of,  nevertheless, there are no facts to back up what he has shared. It does make one wonder however, could it be that the reason the schedule keeps getting delayed is some team or teams are not paying their fees. The schedule has been coming out "in the next week" since the first of July. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out there is a real problem going on in the background. After all, until the final schedule arrives teams can't sell group tickets, partial season tickets and arenas fill in more and more dates with other events. Just my opinion with no facts to back it up but something serious is going on at CHL headquarters and it needs to be resolved ASAP.

- It was a tough week for the Denver Cutthroats as Troy Schwab, Vincent Arseneau and Kent Patterson all signed to play elsewhere and AJ Gale has not yet resigned. These are all players that will be difficult to replace.

- A quick count shows there have been fourteen CHL players leave to sign with ECHL clubs while eight ECHL players have signed in the CHL for next year. The numbers for Europe are more dramatic as a quick count shows twenty six CHL players have signed to play in Europe while only eight players from Europe have signed with CHL clubs for next season.

- Here is the current listing of players signed and announced for each CHL team. You can find this list at under the tab "2014-2015 Player Signings." The list is kept current real time so check back often for the latest player signings.

(11) Allen Americans: Kevin Young (D), Jamie Schaafsma (F), Tyler Ludwig (D), Jonathan Lessard (F), Trevor Ludwig (D), Travis Ouellette (C), Garrett Clarke (D), Jeremy Beaudry (D), Aaron Gens (D), Sy Nutkevitch (C), Raphael Girard (G)

(9) Arizona Sundogs: Kevin Baker (F), Michael Couch (D), Alex Tuckerman (D), Michael Trebish (F), Berkley Scott (F), Matt White (F), Jordan Clendenning (C), Charles Lavigne (G), Drew Fata (D)

(5) Brampton Beast: Calin Wild (C), Andrew Darrigo (D), Josh McQuade (F), Mike MacIsaac (F), Jason Pitton (F)

(9) Denver Cutthroats: Mike Bayrack (C), Garett Bembridge (F), Kyle Fletcher (F), John Griggs (G), JP Chabot (F), Steve Kaunisto (D), Kyle O’Kane (F), Daniel Barczuk (F), Phil Teseriero (D)

(13) Missouri Mavericks: Andrew Courtney (F), John-Scott Dickson (F),   Scott Langdon (D), TJ Battani (F), Sebastien Thinel (F), Dave Pszenyczny (D), Evan Vossen (F), Ben Power (F), Collin Circelli (C), Dallas Ehrhardt (D), Colten Hayes (D), Josh Unice (G), Kellan Tochkin (F)

(12) Quad City Mallards: Darren McMillan (D), Caylen Walls (D), Joey Holka (F), Mike Monfredo (D), Jeff Lee (F), Justin Fox (F), Evan Mosher (G), Matt Duffy (D), Jannik Christensen (D), Antti Pusa (F), Joe Perry (F), Evan Haney (F)

(12) Rapid City Rush: Winston Day Chief (F), Justin Sawyer (D/F), Justin Faryna (F), Scott Brannon (F), Sean Erickson (D), Brett Kostolansky (D), Jared Brown (F), Wayne Savage (G), Brandon Martell (D), Reid Campbell (D), Patrick Divjak (F), Daniel Tetrault (D)

(12) Tulsa Oilers: Jake Obermeyer (D), Nathan Lutz (D), Adam Pleskach (F), Matthew Larke (F), Chapen Leblond (F), Eric Tallent (D), Charles Lachance (F), Ben O’Quinn (F), Kevin Noble (D), Steve Mele (F), Marc-Olivier Phaneuf (F), Mike Zacharias (G)

(5) Wichita Thunder:  Alex Bourret (F), Nikita Kashirsky (F), Ian Lowe (F), Taylor Nelson (G), Jim Jorgensen (D),

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