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CHL Weekly Update Including Team Rosters, Retirements and More

Talk about a busy week around the CHL and that has certainly been the case the past week. Lots of players re-signing but also lots of CHL players headed elsewhere. Here is a summary of what has happened thus far in the off season, by the numbers:

24 - The number of players that have moved from the CHL to Europe with more to come.

9 - Of the 24 players moving to Europe, nine are headed to Great Britain and the Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) with the latest being Trevor Hendrikx of the Allen Americans who will play for the Cardiff Devils and Mike Forney (Arizona Sundogs) who will play for the Sheffield Steelers.

2 - The number of players signed thus far in the CHL who played in Europe last year. Nikita Kashirsky (Wichita) and Mike Bayrack (Denver).

4 - Number of players announced yesterday by the Tulsa Oilers (Pleskach, Larke, Leblond, Tallent)

49 - The number of players signed by CHL teams for 2014-2015.

41- The number of players signed by CHL teams at this time one year ago (see "Did You Know") below for details.

124 - The approximate number of players that still need to be signed by CHL teams to fill out rosters.

7 - Number of CHL goalies from last season that have signed elsewhere (6 to Europe & 1 to ECHL)

1 - Number of goalies signed thus far in the CHL. (John Griggs - Denver) 


- Talk about some legends of the CHL and minor pro hockey retiring and this year will end up being significant.
 Scott Wray - Fourth all time in games played in the CHL with 739 games. Also played in 92 playoff games.
 Daniel Tetrault - Twelfth all time in games played in the CHL with 583 games. Also played in 68 playoff games.
Todd Robinson - Todd retired with 973 assists which ranks him fourth all time in minor pro hockey dating back to the 1940's.

Add to this list many other great players around the CHL that you hear are retiring like John Snowden, Konrad Reeder, Matt Robinson, Ross Rouleau, Matt Stephenson, and Colt King and it is a big loss for the CHL.

- Speaking of John Snowden, I had a chance to exchange messages with him yesterday as he reached out to me to let me know he was retiring and moving on to the next phase of his life. He wanted to make sure all of his Allen fans knew how much he and Janelle appreciated how kind everyone was to their family during the short stay with the Americans. For those that don't know John, he is an outstanding golfer (scratch) and while in Allen worked at the prestigious  Dallas National Golf Club. As he said to me when I interviewed him, "I am probably a better golfer than I am a hockey player." John is going to pursue a career in the golf industry. The Snowden's will be moving to Orlando, Florida and John will attend the Golf Academy of America where he will obtain a degree in Golf Complex Operations and Management and also obtain his PGA teaching card. Nothing like turning a passion into a career for a second time!
Best of luck to John, Janelle, Aiden, & Keegan!

- High expectations for the CHL meeting that takes place next week in Arizona. Most of the Allen contingent will be leaving Sunday night. As mentioned previously, coach Steve Martinson will be attending the meeting for the first time. Minor League Hockey Report will have reporters at the meeting and will be providing updates including a live podcast Tuesday at 7:00 pm Central time. All the details and up to date information will be available at

- The final 2014-2015 schedule was supposed to be out by now but assume it will be after the meeting next week before it is made public.

- Saw some traffic on social media talking about what teams will be added to the CHL for the upcoming season. The facts are there will not be any teams added this year and the league will operate with only nine teams. While playoff issues will be part of the meeting next week (nothing is decided) the outcome is likely (not certain) that eight teams will make the playoffs, the early rounds will be best of five and there will be two referees in the finals.

- One of the more interesting discussions/votes at the meeting next week is whether to change the veteran rule. If the number of veterans is reduced from the current six (rumor is it might get reduced to four) it will have a big impact on team rosters.

- Six players from last year's Allen Americans championship team have signed elsewhere in the last ten days. Garrett Klotz (Indianapolis Fuel), Anthony Maiani (Rungsted, Denmark), Mike Berube (Nottingham, England), Kale Kerbashain (Evansville Iceman), Trevor Hendrikx (Cardiff, Wales) and Dallas Ehrhardt (Missouri Mavericks)

Here is an up to date list of player signings by team.

(7)Allen Americans: Kevin Young (D), Jamie Schaafsma (F), Tyler Ludwig (D), Jonathan Lessard (F), Darryl Bootland (F), Trevor Ludwig (D), Travis Ouellette (C)

(4)Arizona Sundogs: Kevin Baker (F), Michael Couch (D), Micheal Trebish (F), Alex Tuckerman (D)

(4)Brampton Beast: Calin Wild (C), Andrew Darrigo (D), Mike MacIsaac (F), Josh McQuade (F)

(6)Denver Cutthroats: Mike Bayrack (C), Kyle Fletcher (F), John Griggs (G), Garett Bembridge (F), JP Chabot (F), Steve Kaunisto D

(10)Missouri Mavericks: Andrew Courtney (F), John-Scott Dickson (F), Scott Langdon (D), T.J. Battani (F), Sebastien Thinel (F), Ben Power (F), Evan Vossen (F), David Pszenyczny (D), Collin Circelli (C), Dallas Ehrhardt (D)

(3)Quad City Mallards: Darren McMillan (D), Caylen Walls (D), Joey Holka (F)

(7)Rapid City Rush: Winston Day Chief (F), Justin Sawyer (D/F), Scott Brannon (F), Justin Faryna (F),  Sean Erickson (D), Brett Kostolansky (D), Jared Brown (F)

(6)Tulsa Oilers: Jake Obermeyer (D), Nathan Lutz (D), Adam Pleskach (F), Matt Larke (F), Chapen Leblond (F), Eric Tallent (D)

(2)Wichita Thunder:  Alex Bourret (F), Nikita Kashirsky (F)

DID YOU KNOW:  A year ago today here is how the players signed looked around the CHL. What a difference a year makes.
2013-14 CHL Off-Season Player Movement

Allen Americans


Tyler Ludwig (D) - re-signed
Trevor Ludwig (D) - re-signed
John Snowden (F) - signed
Phil Fox (F) -signed
Alex Lavoie (F) - signed
Garrett Clarke (D) - re-signed
Daniel Tetrault (D) - signed

Arizona Sundogs


Named Kevin Colley Head Coach
Jason Morgan (F) - re-signed
Kevin Baker (F) - re-signed
Henric Hoglund (F) - signed
Ryan Gaucher (D) - signed

Brampton Beast


Named Mark DeSantis Head Coach
Named Brent Hughes Assistant Coach
Brett Smith (F) - signed
Calin Wild (F) - signed
Jason Pitton (F) - signed

Denver Cutthroats


Sean Zimmerman (D) - re-signed
T.J. Fox (F) - signed
Troy Schwab (F) - re-signed
J.P. Chabot (F) - re-signed
Matt Glasser (F) - signed

Missouri Mavericks

John-Scott Dickson (F) - re-signed
David Pszenyczny (D) - re-signed
Sebastien Thinel (F) - re-signed
Andrew Courtney (F) - re-signed
Colt King (F) - re-signed
Evan Vossen (F) - re-signed

Quad City Mallards


Darren McMillan (D) - re-signed
Jeff Lee (F) - signed
Matt Boyd (F) - re-signed
Mike Grace (D) - signed

Rapid City Rush


Acquired rights to Gio Flamminio (D) from Tulsa in exchange for the rights to Dan Gendur (F) and Jordan Baker (F)
Konrad Reeder (F) - signed

St. Charles Chill


Named Jamie Rivers Head Coach
Named Sean Ferrell Assistant Coach
Jordan Fox (F) - signed
Kyle Kraemer (F) - signed
Tony DeHart (D) - signed

Tulsa Oilers


Acquired rights to Dan Gendur (F) and Jordan Baker (F) from Rapid City in exchange for the rights to Gio Flamminio (D)
Todd Robinson (F) - signed
Ben Gordon (F) - re-signed
Tomas Klempa (F) - signed
Drew Fisher (F) - re-signed
Shane Madolora (G) - re-signed

Wichita Thunder


Jon Booras (F) - signed
Jesse Dudas (D) - signed

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