Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CHL Protected List Details - Names, Numbers, Qualifying Offers, Timeline

Have had numerous questions about the "protected list" so with the help of the CHL Headquarters  and the Allen Americans front office here are some details you might find interesting.

- The "Summer Protection List" is due today, July 1st, and must be received in the CHL office by 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Each team may reserve the rights to up to eight players (four of which may be returning veterans) by tendering a "qualifying offer" to the player.

- The qualifying offer must not be less than the player's previous seasons average weekly salary.

- The qualifying offer remains open until August 1st after which it becomes null and void and the team may sign the player at any salary or take no further action. The team retains the CHL rites to the player but as always the player is free to sign with any other professional league.

- Players who do not receive a qualifying offer become free agents immediately.

- The Allen Americans plan to protect the full eight players and they plan on issuing a press release listing the eight players that have been protected. This may come out as early as today.
UPDATE: The eight players protected by the Allen Americans are:
Spencer Asuchak
Greger Hanson
Trevor Hendrikx
Kale Kerbashian
Garrett Klotz
Alex Lavoie
Bryan Pitton
Ross Rouleau

- The CHL's official position is they do not publicize the protected lists as other league do. It is at the discretion of each team in the CHL to publish their list. Only Quad City and Allen have done so thus far.

- It is always interesting to see who is and who isn't protected around the league. Many times being left unprotected is a good thing as it gives players the opportunity to talk all of the other CHL teams about a job. The flip side is it means some popular players will be moving on and that is always difficult if your favorite player is not protected.

- Finally, players that have signed a contract do not need to be protected so when you see the list  for your team keep in mind there are most likely players that have been signed but not announced.

Hope this helps.

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