Thursday, July 24, 2014

CHL Meeting Concludes, Allen Wins Two Awards, Martinson Happy With Rule Changes

The CHL summer meeting wrapped up last night with the annual awards banquet and the Allen Americans came away with two awards. Congratulations to Tommy Daniels who won the "Communications Executive of the Year" award. Allen also won the award for "Game Operations Franchise of the Year" which is a team award because so many are involved from skits to videos to music to contests. Congratulations to all of the front office staff, players, coaches, event center staff and fans who are part of the entertainment during the games. This really is a team award but special congrats to Erik Adams and recently departed Director of Game Operations, Tom Manning.

**For those that follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may have seen tweets or posts late last night congratulating Allen for also winning the "Community Relations Franchise of the Year" and this was an error. I recently started working with Minor League Hockey Report and two of our reporters  attended the awards banquet and were live tweeting the winners. Unfortunately, the information was sent out that Allen won the community relations award when in fact it was the Brampton Beast that won "Community Relations Franchise of the Year." On behalf of myself and the Minor League Hockey Report I want to apologize to the Allen Americans and the Brampton Beast for this error.

Here is a complete list of winners. Congratulations to all of the winners and especially the Missouri Mavericks for winning the "Franchise of the Year" award for the fourth consecutive year.

Ralph Backstrom Soul of Service Award – Greg Bergen, Missouri Mavericks
CHL Game Operations Franchise of the Year – Allen Americans
CHL Merchandising Franchise of the Year – Missouri Mavericks
CHL Community Relations Franchise of the Year – Brampton Beast
CHL Social Media Franchise of the Year (Sales) – Missouri Mavericks
CHL Social Media Franchise of the Year (Marketing/Promotions) – Brampton Beast
CHL Off-Ice Official Crew of the Year – Rapid City Rush
CHL Volunteer of the Year – Bill “Sarge” Cook, Wichita Thunder
CHL Broadcaster of the Year – Rob Loeber, Tulsa Oilers
CHL Communications Executive of the Year – Tommy Daniels, Allen Americans
CHL Rookie of the Year/Rising Star – Mark Binetti, Rapid City Rush
CHL Peer Excellence Award – Amy Henderson, Tulsa Oilers
CHL Spirit Award – Jason Mals, Wichita Thunder
Most Unique Theme/Promotion – Arizona Sundogs (Scissor Lift Ticket Sales Promotion)
CHL Corporate Partnership Team of the Year – Missouri Mavericks
CHL Group Sales Franchise of the Year – Missouri Mavericks
CHL Ticketing Executive of the Year – Zac Wilken, Quad City Mallards
CHL Corporate Sales Executive of the Year – Matt Brokaw, Wichita Thunder
CHL Ticket Sales Franchise of the Year – Missouri Mavericks
Rick Kozuback Award – Taylor Hall, Tulsa Oilers
CHL Most Improved Franchise – Quad City Mallards
Brad Treliving CHL Executive of the Year – Bob McNamara, Quad City Mallards
CHL Franchise of the Year – Missouri Mavericks

- Had a chance to talk to coach Steve Martinson after the conclusion of the meeting and while he was not at liberty to discuss the outcome of the meeting and the impending rule changes publicly,  he did convey he was extremely happy with the dialogue that took place between the coaches and the rule changes that will be implemented. He said, "I am glad I came to the meeting and a lot was accomplished."

- Minor League Hockey Report (Matt & Zach) had a brief conversation with Jim Wiley, Director of Hockey Operations yesterday afternoon after the meeting and he also was unable to provide any details on rule changes but did indicate area where rule changes were likely. Some (salary cap, rosters, veteran rule, playoffs) need to be discussed with the PHPA (Professional Hockey Players Association). So it sounds like changes are coming in these areas for sure. Many other rule changes are to match up with or be similar to what is happening in the NHL & AHL. In some cases it is merely a matter of getting the specific wording about the new rule down on paper.  Here is a list of areas where changes may be made:
Size of trapezoid behind the goal
Distance between hash marks

Here is an update on overtime and fighting courtesy of the Minor League Hockey Report:

The overtime period will stay a five minute period, but will be played three on three. Penalties will continue to be half the normal time of a penalty (IE: A two minute minor is one minute in overtime). If a penalty is assessed during the overtime, play will be four on three. If a second infraction is called against the same team, it will be five on three. After the five minute overtime, play will move to the shootout. The shootout will stay the same as in the last few years.

The second rule change made known to us will be if a player receives two majors for fighting, they will be given an automatic game misconduct. However, if a player has already had a fighting major, and is brought into a fight by a player who instigates, the original player will not be assessed a game misconduct for his second fight. In addition, any player who receives three majors within a game will be automatically given a game misconduct. The three majors can be of any nature in form.


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