Friday, March 29, 2013

The Great Home Ice Hoax, Game Recap, Attendance

The Americans Out Shot Denver 35-16 but Lost 2-1 photo by
Some familiar themes emerged in Allen's disappointing 2-1 loss to Denver last night before a very small crowd of 2382. Here are a few of those themes:

- The first theme is losing the game. The Americans have now lost their last four home games.

- For the fourth home game in a row Allen has out shot the opponent by a large margin and lost the game. In this four game home losing streak the shots are 155-78.

- In the last four home games the number one rated penalty kill unit in the league (85.67%) has allowed 7 goals in 17 attempts for PK rate of 58.83%.

- The power play did score the only goal for Allen but was one for seven on the night (14.2%). In the last four home games the power play is 2 for 22 (9.09%).

- Injuries continue to plague the team with Mike Berube and Anthony Maiani not playing and Adam Pineault leaving the game early in the first period with what appeared to be the same injury that has bothered him through out the last part of the season.

- The opening playoff game crowd of 2382 is the smallest in the four year history of the team but only by a small margin. The first round of the playoffs is hard to market because of the short amount of time from the end of the season until the first game. Here are the figures:
2013 - 2382
2012 - 3585
2011 - 2400
2010 - 2493

- As bad as the attendance was at the AEC last night (2382) it was better than the crowd at NYTEX Centre for Ft. Worth vs. Quad City (1258) and Intrust Bank Arena for Wichita vs. Arizona (2166).

- My assumptions on the line up for the game last night were all wrong so I deserve time in the penalty box. I assumed with Maiani out Justin Kirsch would see ice time but Drew Daniels was moved up to forward for the game. I assumed Mike Berube would play based on what I saw at practice but he did not and Bryce Aneloski played.

- Speaking of Aneloski he acquitted himself quite well for his first pro game scoring the only goal, taking a regular shift and being part of the first power play unit. And as his scouting report states he does have an NHL shot.

- Allen was the only top seeded team to loose as both Wichita and Ft. Worth took 1-0 leads in their series.

- In the strange stat category the visiting team has won all four games between Allen and Denver this year.

- Not sure why there was no press conference after the game last night. I hope this is not a pattern for the entire playoffs.

- The first playoff goal in team history was scored just three years ago against Laredo by Liam Huculak

- As proof of parity in the CHL this season it was the first time in 20 years that the league champion did not reach 40 wins.

- Finally, I know everyone is disappointed about the game last night. But it is only one game. Stay strong, stay supportive, stay positive.


  1. I knew attendance was low last night, but I didn't realize it was that bad. I'm even more surprised that it was that low in Wichita. Too bad we really don't have a home ice advantage. It's been a frustrating season from that respect. Keep up the good work, Barry.

  2. I'm curious if it was because it was a week night. It would be interesting to look at the previous years to see if they were also week days. I'm writing this on Saturday - wasn't last night's game great?! The fans were so much fun! I did hear a lot of complaints about the ref. The playoffs are a blast!