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Individual Stat Leaders This Season & Last Season, New Definition of a Shot on Goal, Historical Overall Penalty Kill Percentages

I know it is always a give away when the blog is posted at 4:00 am so I will fess up I am headed fishing today. It will be the last early morning departure until spring. Since it has been a while and almost one third of the season is completed it's a good time to look at the individual stats and see who are the team leaders. Here goes:


- Below are the team leaders in various statistical categories with the league rank in parentheses:

24 - Casey Pierro-Zabotel (9th)
17 - David Makowski (68th)
16 - Bryan Moore (87th)

7 - Zach Pochiro (61st)
7-  Bryan Moore (61st)
7 - Vincent Arseneau (61st)

19 - Casey Pierro-Zabotel (2nd)
12 - David Makowski (42nd)
12 -  Joel Chouinard (42nd)

Power Play Assists:
9 - Joel Chouinard (4th)
6 - David Makowski (43rd)
6 - Casey Pierro-Zabotel (43rd) 

+7 - Joel Chouinard  (45th)
+7 -  Zach Pochiro (45th)
+7 - Olivier Archambault (45th)

Penalty Minutes:
60 - David Makowski (16th)
58 - Vincent Arseneau (21st)
45 - Bryan Moore (37th)

Shots On Goal:
66 - David Makowski (38th) 
63 - Spencer Asuchak (47th)
60 - Vincent Arseneau (69th)

Points by Defenseman
17 - David Makowski (7th)
15 - Joel Chouinard (13th)
10 - Eric Roy (45th)

Goals by Defenseman
5 - Eric Roy (11th)
5 - David Makowski (11th)
3 - Joel Chouinard (29th)
3 - Miles Liberati (29th)

Assists by Defenseman
12 - Joel Chouinard (10th)
12 - David Makowski (10th)
5 - Eric Roy (74th)

Save Percentage
.926 - Jeremy Brodeur (15th)
.915 - Riley Gill (23rd) 
.914 - Stephon Williams (25th)

- Worthy of note when you look at the stats above, Pierro-Zabotel is #9 in the league in points but no other player is higher than #68. The other stat that sticks out is goals where there is no Allen player ranked in the top 60 in in the ECHL in goals scored.

- If you were wondering how the numbers above compare to last season here is a post from a year ago which shows the team leaders. A lot more players toward the top of the ECHL rankings last season.

31 - Chad Costello (1st)
22 - Greger Hanson (13th)
16 - Spencer Asuchak (56th)

10 - Greger Hanson (15th)
9 - Spencer Asuchak (22nd)
7 - Chad Costello (39th)

24 - Chad Costello (1st)
12 - Greger Hanson (25th)
10 - Joel Chouinard (57th)

+12 - Joel Chouinard (7th)
+3 - Kale Kerbashain (139th)

Penalty Minutes:
115 - Derek Mathers (1st)
42 - Bryan Moore (20th)
33 - Dyson Stevenson (39th)

Shots On Goal:
97 - Greger Hanson (1st)
62 - Chad Costello (21st)
54 - Spencer Asuchak (52nd)

Points By Defensemen:
12 - Eric Roy (15th)
11 - Joel Chouinard (17th)
5 - Aaron Gens (87th)
5 - Micheal Brodzinski (87th)

- Riley Gill is ranked #11 in GAA (2.44), #6th in save percentage (.926), #2 in wins (9), #1 in shutouts (2), #5 in minutes (835) and #4 in saves (428).

- I was asked recently what was the definition of a shot on goal and it is a good question because the definition actually changed this season. The old definition was, "A shot on goal occurs when an attempt by an attacking player, with intent to score a goal, either results in a goal or would have entered the goal if not stopped by the goaltender." The definition has changed for the 2017-18 season and the concept of intent has been deleted. The NHL changed the definition and the other leagues have adopted the change. This season, for the first time, clearing or stray passes that end up on goal are counted as a shot. The new rule is much more straight forward with no room for judgement other than whether the puck would have gone in the goal. Here are a few other clarifying parts of the definition:

- Any effort resulting in a goal is considered to be a shot on goal. 
- Attempts that hit only the crossbar or goalpost, or that are blocked by a forward or defenseman before reaching the net are not considered shots.
- Regardless of where the puck is shot, it is deemed a valid shot if it would have gone in the goal if not for the goalie stopping it. For example, a bank shot from behind the net can be a shot on goal.
- Any penalty shot is considered a shot on goal regardless of whether the attacking player actually puts a shot on net.
- In a shootout, the winning team is credited with one additional shot on goal, though this shot is not credited to any player in particular.

DID YOU KNOW: Yesterday I talked about the Allen Americans road penalty kill. Today let's look at the overall penalty kill percentages by year. Just like the road penalty kill the overall penalty kill is on pace to be the lowest in team history. There is plenty of time to get this turned around.

2017-18:  80.4%  (after 23 games)
2016-17:  84.4%
2015-16:  86.4% 
2014-15:  86.3%
2013-14:  82.1%
2012-13:  85.7%
2011-12:  83.5%
2010-11:  82.8%
2009-10:  83.4%

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