Monday, May 23, 2016

Western Conference Champions....YOUR ALLEN AMERICANS, win in 5 games!

While Barry is on vacation, the views contained in this blog do not represent Barry, or those of the Allen Americans Organization.

"Been there, done that AGAIN"
(photo courtesy of scenebyKimberly)

We think most of us all had a great feeling about the game last night.  We all knew that the boys did not want to mount Big Red and head off to Fort Wayne. Mission accomplished in front of a crowd of boisterous fans (4634)!  Most of us thought it would be a hefty win, but that would not be the case as the Fort Wayne Komets, captained by Jaime Schaffsma would go down fighting, That, in fact, they did.  Hats off to Fort Wayne for challenging our team and only making us stronger going into the Kelly Cup Finals.

The Americans are the fifth defending champions to return to the finals in the ECHL's 28 year history.  They are the first returning champs in the last 22 years. 

Fort Wayne outshot the Americans 172-131 for the series.  However, on the power play, Allen was 8 of 24 (30%), and Fort Wayne was 3 of 20 (15%).  The Komets were bragging on their even strength goals being better than Allen, but the series proved differently as Allen and Fort Wayne were tied at 13. Allen leads the league for playoff points (24) and winning percentage (.667).

Last night's starting goalie for Fort Wayne, rookie Spencer Martin, was playing his first game in over 6 weeks.  

Allen players lead the playoffs in:
  • points - Chad Costello (24)
  • goals - Greger Hansen (11)
  • assists - Costello (20)
  • power play goals  - Hansen, Casey Pierro-Zabotel (5)
  • power play assists - Costello (13)
  • power play points - Costello (16)
Amongst defensemen, David Makowski leads the league playoffs in points (19), power play goals (3), power play assists (10), and power play points (13).

For the rookies, Eric Roy leads the playoffs with points (15), assists (12), and power play points (7).

These above statistics show how well we are coming together as a playoff team.

Coach Martinson's post game comments:
  • I did not like the start but I certainly like the outcome!
  • We are back in the finals, pretty proud of the guys and how they played 
  • Veteran players made significant contributions
  • It is good to have goalies who can step in when the starting goalie goes down
  • Two things I hate about this game is travel, and having to sit players out
  • Balancing defensemen with left shots and right shots is something I have to consider when determining who plays and who sits
  • We had better goaltending and better special teams
  • Our goalie was screened on both first period goals
  • Killing the 5 on 3 was huge
  • It is my daughter's birthday today, and I have not seen her yet (Happy Belated Birthday from the Allen fans)

Lauren Lyssy, one of our very talented photographers, captures Allen's regular season into a video.  Thank you for compiling Lauren, so much fun to look back.

Some photos from last night's game:

Hey Coach, is this enough traffic in front of the net?
(courtesy of Dianne Webster)

Ouch, that hurt Jamie!  Danny Federico being high-sticked!
(courtesy of Dianne Webster)

Two former American's captains meet at mid ice;
(courtesy of Lauren Lyssy)

A special shout out to Ben Seagert and Mike Campos for traveling from Lafayette Louisiana.  It was great seeing you again.  Mike Campos is Sin Bin Icegators.

Mike Campos

The next blog will be finals pre-game when the winner of the South Carolina/Wheeling series is determined.

Did you know: The Bruce Taylor Trophy, is named in recognition of Bruce Taylor who was the founding father of the West Coast Hockey League in 1995.


  1. Great win! An over looked plus is Casey Pierro-Zabotel's faceoff wins. That guy does not a lose a faceoff! I don't recall seeing him lose one. I'm sure he does but I don't recall them. What a clutch faceoff player!

  2. Register made some great defensive plays stopping the puck numerous times when FW tried to move the puck into the zone and during the 5-3 power play.

  3. Any word on the status of Danny Federico after taking a nasty looking cross check to the mouth last night? He looked like he was concussed when they took him off the ice

  4. Initial report was that the injury was minor but that was shortly after the end of the game - nothing definitive as yet

  5. Fun starts Saturday in Allen, Go Red. See you there.