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It will take a long time for the large crowd (5540) to forget what they witnessed in the third period of the Allen vs Wheeling 2nd playoff game.  The down and almost out Americans did not quit the game that they were barely playing in. After the second intermission, Allen came back to the ice with a "will give it our best effort" attitude, one which they should have had in the first two periods. Their efforts began and as it started raining outside, it was raining goals inside the arena. Allen fought their way back into the game from a 7-1 deficit and with 9:57 left to play in the third, the score was now 7-6.  The arena was alive and most were sitting on pins and needles in anticipation to see if their team would even up the score and force overtime, or, even better, score 2 more and make a great come from behind victory.   Neither of those two options came to fruition as RED lost by the score of 7-6.  We can all hope that they will take this momentum onto the bus and on the ice in Wheeling. And, yes, we will not soon forget this valiant effort.

And he scores!
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The Nailers wasted no time getting on the scoreboard scoring the first 5 goals of the game. They came out fast, physical, and outplayed the Americans in 2 periods.  They dominated special teams play, scoring on 3 power plays and a short handed empty net goal, which proved to be the game winner. Allen was able to narrow the gap in third scoring 5 unanswered goals, narrowing the gap to 7-6.
Game highlights can be viewed in the rewind section of the ECHL website:

Oh no, not again!
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It is noteworthy that in 2 consecutive games, the Nailers scored on what appears to be more than just coincidence.  They scored a goal in each game by making a 1 man line change away from the action in the Allen end.  In both instances the substituted Nailer player tallied a goal immediately after the change.

Fun facts about last night game (if there could be anything fun about last night's game):

  • last night's 13 combined goals, tied the record for the Riley/Kelly Cup finals
  • a total of 22 players scored points: 11 for Wheeling, 11 for Allen
  • total of 12 players scored goals, 7-Wheeling, 5-Allen
  • game winning goal came on a second period empty netter
  • each team had a stretch of 5 unanswered goals, Wheeling the first 5, followed by Allen with next 5
  • Greger Hanson extended his playoff leading goals with his 12th goal
  • Gary Steffes also extended his points streak to 7 games

Going to Kelly's after the game?

Coach Martinson's post game comments:
  • did not see third period coming, the first two periods were the worst I can remember
  • third period is all on our players, they decided to play, only thing I said was "go win a period"
  • we surrendered too many 1 timers
  • we failed to block passing lanes 
  • the ending was great, but not quite great enough
  • you can't dig yourself out of that big of a hole
  • came out in third period and didn't fold, did everything we could to win the game
  • Riley Gill will be back on Wednesday, getting Gill back will be a big plus
  • there will be some painful video and some fun stuff to watch
  • will be leaving for Wheeling, by bus, tomorrow afternoon
  • this is going to be a tough series

It was great seeing one of Allen's all time favorites, Daniel Tetrault, in the house for these first two playoff games.

Come home Tetsy!
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Wednesday night game Preview:

  • Special teams again will probably determine the outcome of the next game.
  • Wheeling's home power play percentage is 19.6 (22.6 overall)
  • Allen's road power play percentage is 25.6 (27.6 overall).
  • On the other side, Wheeling penalty kill percentage is 81.3 at home (85.7% overall) while Allen is 79.5 on the road and overall.
  • Allen is #1 and Wheeling #2 in overall power play records of the playoffs.
  • When being outshot by opponents, Allen is 4-1-0-0 on the road, and 8-2-0-0 overall.

Did you know:Wheeling's name and logo are a tribute to the city's heritage.  The city is nicknamed the "Nail City" and had a cut nail plant located south of the arena. Their logo mask is not a hockey mask but a mask worn by employees in the cut nail factory.


  1. Game 1 was great, I was at the AEC, fun time.

    Game 2, I listened to and what a dud. It sounded like the players and goalies were asleep. Every now and then this team comes out looking dead tired. Since I did not see it I really don't know what was bad except we kept going to the penalty box. I don't care if they call you the worst thing in the book or hit you in the crotch, stay out of the box!
    Losing on home ice hurts (Captain Obvious), now we need to go take at least 1 in Wheeling. Glad Riley will be back.
    Go Red.

  2. Glad you are back Kevin. Yes, we played horribly for the first two periods on Sunday, but what an exciting third period you misses. We almost thought they were gonna at least tie it up and go to OT. The first period officiating was very one sided, thought Wheeling literally got away with everything, but the refs evened it out better in the 2nd and 3rd. Wheeling came out a lot more physical on Sunday, but did not get called on anything questionable. Not making excuses, but some of our penalties were more retaliation than instigation. Here's hoping for a better 3rd, 4th, and 5th games. I will be having surgery on Thursday, so Ted will be keeping everyone up to speed. -Mary

    1. Hey Mary, I hope the surgery is minor and the recovery quick.

    2. thanks Kevin, they are burning nerves in my neck, trying to avoid fusion surgery. Hopefully, I am good as new for Friday's game!

  3. Well game 3 sounded like a good game with the Nailers just being a better team that day. Did anyone see the game?

  4. Anyway we can get a status update on Stevenson and King?

  5. Allen's Protected list for next year.
    Riley Gill, Jake Hildebrand, Jamie Murray, Eric Roy, Aaron Gens, Thomas Carr, David Makowski, Matt Register, Jordan Rowley, Ayrton Nikkel, Spencer Asuchak, Justin Courtnall, Gary Steffes, Chad Costello, Greger Hanson, Tristan King, Casey Pierro-Zabotel, Dyson Stevenson, J.P. LaFontaine, Kyle Neuber, Chance Braid, Ian Schultz