Monday, February 2, 2015

Stats, Stats, Stats - From the Obvious to the Obscure in the ECHL

As the Allen players enjoy the last day of their rescheduled All-Star break and get ready for the long trek to Brampton which starts tomorrow thought it might be interesting to go through the ECHL stats and see what stands out. You might have to be a stats geek to enjoy this post as it is merely a compilation of what stood out to me as I waded through the entire ECHL statistical information. Some of these will be familiar and some obscure but hopefully you will find them interesting. Here goes.

- The first stat may be the most familiar and amazing as one player leads the ECHL in scoring by 20 points and that would be Allen's own Chad Costello with 69 points (21 goals 48 assists) in 41 games.

- Fourteen of the twenty eight teams in the ECHL have as many or more road wins as home wins.

- As a rookie, defenseman Drew Daniels played 63 games for Allen in the 2012-2013 season and had 14 points and was -3 in plus/minus. This season Drew is playing for Fort Wayne and has 26 points in just 42 games and leads the ECHL in plus/minus at +30.

- It is impossible to tell how good a team is by the number of penalty minutes they take. Allen has the best winning percentage (.780) in the league but takes the most penalties. The team that is ranked #2 in most penalty minutes taken in Stockton and they have the worst winning percentage in the ECHL (.337). At the other end of the spectrum Toledo is the least penalized team in the league but is ranked #3 in points (61) and winning percentage (.762).

- Olivier Roy, who plays for the Idaho Steelheads is the workhorse of the ECHL goalies. He has played in 36 games (four more than any other goalie), and has logged 2017 minutes in goal this year. He also leads the ECHL in wins with 22.

- There have been 30 penalty shots awarded in the ECHL this year with eight resulting in a goal. Allen has had one penalty shot (Jack Combs) which was unsuccessful. There has been just one penalty shot awarded against Allen and that was successful as Jared Brown of Missouri beat Aaron Dell. If you remember that was a shorthanded penalty shot which is very unusual.

- The most impressive player streak in many years is Chad Costello's current assist streak which goes back 15 games to December 28. There hasn't been an assist streak of more than ten games in the ECHL in the last five years.

- The top two teams in the ECHL (Allen & Florida) have a combined 59 wins but are just 2-5 in shootouts. The bottom two teams in the ECHL (Stockton & Brampton) have a combined 27 wins but are 3-0 in shootouts.

- Watch out if the Colorado Eagles get a lead as they are a perfect 14-0 when leading after the first period and 22-0 when leading after the second period.

- Allen has scored 75 goals in the second period which is fifteen more than any other team in the league.

- When it comes to shorthanded goals don't look for any when you play Quad City. They are ranked dead last (#28) in short handed goals scored as they have only one all year. However, they are ranked #2 in shorthanded goals allowed as they have only given up one shorthanded goal all year. Elmira is the only team in the ECHL that has not given up a shorthanded goal.

- It is easy to see why Brampton has the fewest points in the ECHL standings. They are ranked #28 in goals scored (2.34) and also #28 in goals allowed (3.93).

- Allen is the only team in the ECHL that has not lost a game in regulation when being out shot by their opponent. They have been out shot twelve times and their record is 10-0-1-1.

- Brett Lyon leads the ECHL in penalty minutes (226) and is just 51 penalty minutes away from eclipsing the ECHL league leading total for all of last season which was 277.  He also has a league leading 38 minor penalties.

- Wheeling has not allowed a shootout goal as their opponents are 0-9 in shootout attempts. Evansville has the worst record in defending shootouts attempts as their opponents are 7-10.

- Jason Best of the Idaho Steelheads is making a strong case for ECHL rookie of the year. He has 24 goals which is four more than any other rookie, is second in rookie points (42) and leads the entire ECHL in game winning goals with seven. 

- The Toledo Walleye are one of the best teams in the ECHL and play in the beautiful new Huntington Center but play better on the road. At home they are 12-8 and on the road they are 16-4.

- There are two ECHL teams averaging more than 7000 in attendance (Ontario - 7467 & Fort Wayne - 7378) and two teams averaging less than 2500 (Elmira - 2404 & Brampton 2468). 

- The highest winning percentage in the ECHL last season was .683 by the Alaska Aces. This season there are four teams exceeding that win percentage:
.780 - Allen
.775 - Florida
.762 - Toledo
.726 - Fort Wayne

DID YOU KNOW: Gary Steffes leads the ECHL in goals (29) and is having an amazing year. By the time the season is finished he will own several all time records for the Allen Americans. One that isn't talked about a lot is shooting percentage. Here are the team leaders in shooting percentage by year (minimum of 100 shots).

2014-2015: Gary Steffes - 19.2%
2013-2014: Alex Lavoie - 14.9%
2012-2013: Anthony Maiani - 15.0%
2011-2012: Bruce Graham - 12.9%
2010-2011: Bruce Graham - 16.5%
2009-2010: Tobias Whelan - 15.8%

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