Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kevin Young, Wichita Defenseman, Diary Entry

Kevin Young of the Wichita Thunder has been doing a playoff diary this year. Here is his latest entry which he posted earlier today:

Wichita, KS (May 9th) - Kevin Young has decided to help us out this post-season to keep the fans informed and get them closer to the action. Here is his playoff diary for today:
Hey guys. Well, we all know what is at stake tomorrow night.  I have read and heard a few comments from our fans and I politely disagree with them.  Game 5 was the first game we got outplayed.  I can't explain why.  Sometimes that happens in hockey.  The good news is we have a game at home where we have been the best in the league all year long and then anything can happen in a Game 7.
I know for a fact nobody in our dressing room has thrown in the towel.  This is a tight team and everybody in that room wants to win it for the guy next to them.  We need to play with controlled aggression.  Play hard and in their face all night long between the whistles and not get caught up in their trash talking or with the referees.   There truly is nothing to save it for and I trust that everybody on our team will empty their tanks in Game 6.  We only have 120 minutes of hockey left in the season.  There is no reason we can't give it our all for that short amount of time.
There is very clearly a lot of pressure on us and that's when you will notice players rising up to meet that challenge.  Character will be called upon and I know our team has a lot of that.  The guys are chomping at the bit to get back into a game as we know we have a lot more to offer than we did in game 5.  If we play like we did in the first 4 games, we will give ourselves a great chance to win.  Hopefully we get a couple of bounces that go our way and we can ride the momentum we will create from the first shift right through to the last.
We will need our fans to be behind us so hopefully you guys can fill the rink and make it loud for us.

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  1. And our guys are ready to shut'em down. GO RED! ;)