Sunday, March 25, 2018

Allen Suffers Worst Home Loss in Two Years, Game Recap, Steve Martinson's Comments, Backing Into the Playoffs and More

You know it is a tough game when the first two fans that approach you after the final horn say the exact came thing, "The best part of that game is it is over." The Allen Americans embarrassed themselves and their fans losing last night to the Kansas City Mavericks 6-1 before a crowd of 4705 at the Allen Event Center (AEC). It was the worst defeat at home in two and a half years and happened as the Americans are fighting for their playoffs lives. Getting ready to play and putting in a strong effort should be easy at this time of year. After a good road trip to come home and play the way Allen has played in two of the last three games is inexcusable.

- There were seven skaters on the ice for Allen last night that were drafted by the NHL, Kansas City had just three. There is a difference between good players and a good team. Allen's inconsistent play at this critical time of the season is proving time and again how will beats skill.

- I won't bore you with all of the details but here is a "Cliff's Notes" version of the loss last night. Allen gave up the first goal of the game, was trailing after every period, did not win a single period, gave up two power play goals, got their only goal on a five-on-three power play in the third period, couldn't get the puck out of their defensive zone or into their offensive zone, gave up six goals on just 30 shots and took way too many penalties.

- Here is the game recap from the Allen Americans:

- Here is the game recap from the Kansas city Mavericks:

- Here are the video highlights from ECHL Rewind:

- Here is the Sporfie highlight of Allen's only goal which was a milestone. Eric Roy gets the puck to the net from the blue line and hits the cross bar. Casey Pierro-Zabotel is in perfect position to put the puck in the net for his 500th regular season point of his AHL/ECHL pro career. Congrats to Casey!


- Here is coach Martinson's pregame interview with Kayla McLain:

- Here is what Martinson had to say after the game:

"After a pretty good road trip to come home and play like this has to be as disappointing for the fans as it is to me."

"It was painful to watch right from the start of the game when the first two shifts were real bad and we gave up that early goal."

"Then they got that shorthanded goal which I thought was the backbreaker."

"I said to the players after the second period we weren't ready to play again. I think what happens when we get back home after the long road trip is with all of the nice things happening around here,  the guys are not thinking about hockey enough or at least as much as they should be at this point of the season."

"I tell players all the time I am not the coach to hold your hand. I am not going to make motivational speeches every game. Part of being a pro is getting yourself ready to play. We maybe have too many guys that aren't accustomed to do what you need to do to win. Some nights we are fabulous and play physical and some nights like Wednesday and tonight we are not."

"I said before the third period we need to go out and play the game right for a period to get ready for Wednesday which will be the biggest game of the year. You know the Mavericks aren't going to fight with a 5-0 lead so go out and play right and win the third period. Instead we have a player take a seven minute penalty and get tossed out of the game."

"If I was one of those players I would go right to my apartment. I would be embarrassed to be seen after that performance. It is painful for me to be even talking to you right now. I told the team after the game we have to get better by Monday. If you go out tonight and drown your sorrows or whatever  remember we have to have guys mentally and physically sharp because one way or another we have to get better by Wednesday night. Hopefully I can bring another couple of players in. I can tell you one thing, I am not giving up."


- Despite Allen losing two of three at home this week they are still very much in the hunt for the playoffs thanks to the Quad City Mallards. After Tulsa beat Allen on Wednesday they headed home for three games against the lowly Mallards who are running out the season and will fold after the season is completed. As Quad City started their three games in three days in Tulsa on Friday night the Mallards had lost eight straight games and 12 of their last 13. Quad City won 3-2 on Friday night and 2-1 last night. Last night was a particularly bitter loss for Tulsa as the Mallards scored the game winner with two seconds remaining in the game. It is probably too much to hope that Quad City wins again this afternoon when they square of with Tulsa again.

- Wichita has also helped out the Americans losing four in a row including a 5-4 overtime loss to Fort Wayne last night in a game where Wichita's first two goals came shorthanded.

- The only team contending for a playoff spot in the Mountain Division who won last night was Utah who defeated Colorado 3-2.

- The division standings now have Wichita in third place (74 points), Allen in fourth place (71 points), Tulsa in fifth place (69 points) and Utah in sixth place (67 points). Allen and Tulsa have six games remaining. Wichita and Utah have five games remaining.

- The San Jose Barracuda lost to Ontario 7-3 last night and continue to occupy last place in the Pacific Division. The Barracuda have eight games remaining and will not make the playoffs. David Makowski did not play in the game last night and was also a healthy scratch on Friday night. It has to be frustrating for coach Martinson to have Makowski, who is the third highest scorer on the Americans and the second leading scorer in the ECHL among defensmen recalled to San Jose and sit in the stands. Allen is fighting for their playoff life and the Barracuda aren't making the playoffs.

- The number of teams that have qualified for the Kelly Cup playoffs is up to eight. Manchester from the North Division, Florida, South Carolina and Orlando from the South Division, Toledo and Fort Wayne from the Central Division and Colorado and Idaho from the Mountain Division. The odds heavily favor one of these eight teams winning the Kelly Cup. 

DID YOU KNOW: The battle for the playoffs between Wichita, Allen, Tulsa and Utah has developed into who is going to back into the playoffs. If you combine the record of the four teams over their last five games they have won five and lost 15.   


  1. Last night, I sat next to a man who was in DFW from England with his parents for their annual hockey trip. He commented that in the past, even when the Stars were no good, the Americans were. This time, he observed, they're both disappointing.

    By the third period, he was making comments like, "Are you *sure* that's Martin Brodeur's son?" Now, you and I know that Jeremy's carrying the load with Paterson out, and he's been playing well for much of the season, but all our visitor saw was soft goals and lackluster play from the team in general.

    They're going to be in town for the games on Wednesday and Friday. Let's hope they see a couple games to make their trip more worthwhile.

  2. Any updates on if we will have Riley Gill back at anytime? Was the goalie last night hurt he sure didn't seem 100% based on seeing him in goal many times before??

  3. Let us face facts: the San Jose affiliation is not doing us any favors. To call our guys up and not play them while we are fighting (and I say that with a grain of salt) for a playoff spot is just ridiculous. Especially since San Jose is in last place in their division. I hope we get back to an affiliation with Dallas.
    What happened to the guys we were supposed to have by the weekend?
    Unfortunately, our guys don't seem to have that playoff mentality necessary to get into the playoffs.

  4. What a disappointing group of players. There is enough talent on this team to have a better showing then they have had. They lack character. Plenty of selfish play with the penalties they take and the lack of protecting the defensive zone allowing continuous odd man breaks. Seems like the only check they know about is they one spend. This team will wear out goalies over the course of a season. Brodeur makes solid saves but is a rebound waiting to happen... and has been all season....he has no puck control skills IMHO.

    If a team can't get up for these games while fighting for their playoff life then we have the wrong group of players here. We can all guarantee that its not our coach...he has plenty of proven heart, guts and know-how.

    Its time we all stop making excuses for this bunch of players...when the tough gets ... they disappear. During this playoff push they allow a visiting team embarrass them in their own building...shame on them! These episodes are no longer an case of "an off night" but are habitual. Too bad Marty has to watch them as well as us...he'll clean house before putting up with this stuff. College kids will play with a lot more heart.

  5. Power forwards cannot be expected to score when they are continually in our defensive zone backing up a porous defense. A goalie cannot make 30-50 saves a night and not become frustrated with his defense. Looked like Brodeur was tired and lost his focus. We need defensive help and have all season.

  6. I'm kind of wondering, with the way this group is playing, why do we want in the play offs? Just to be embarrassed by Colorado?

    The inability of this team to control the puck is just plain terrible. What do you think the time of possession is for Allen per game, maybe 15 mins max? It's a break out or it's a PP where they pass from North to South for a entire minute before they lose control of the puck.

    I know Coach said he isn't going to hold their hands, so on and so forth. If he won't do that with the group he's brought here, then who will? Who will step up and be a leader? Obviously it's not the individuals here now. What's that song by David Bowe?


  7. Normally when players quit on their coaches, the fans and their team mates, they get booed off the ice. These guys are lucky to have such adoring fans.

  8. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. It is great to have so many share their comments and have a dialogue. I also know the comments are read far and wide so I am sure your various messages have been heard. Thanks as always for your continued support. Barry

  9. I get in trouble when I call out players or question the coach so I'll just STFU and say carry on.....