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Stats, Stats, Stats - Individual & Team Statistical Leaders, Allen on Pace for Penalty Minute Record & More

It has been a while so I thought today would be a good day to devote the blog to statistics. In addition to typical team and individual stats I will take a look at some stats in a little different way and talk about some stats that I don't cover so much.


- Below are the team leaders in various statistical categories with the league rank in parentheses:

39 - Casey Pierro-Zabotel (4th)
29 - David Makowski (34th)
25 - Bryan Moore (65th)

12 -  Bryan Moore (36th)
11 - Vincent Arseneau (48th)
10 - Casey Pierro-Zabotel (62nd)

29 - Casey Pierro-Zabotel (1st)
22 - David Makowski (13th)
18 -  Joel Chouinard (33rd)

Power Plays Goals:
4 - Eric Roy (22nd)
3 - Arseneau, Aubin, Guptill, Makowski, Chouinard (38th)

Power Play Assists:
10 - Joel Chouinard (6th)
10 - David Makowski (6th)
8   - Casey Pierro-Zabotel (19th) 

+16 - Joel Chouinard  (9th)
+16 -  David Makowski (9th)
+14 - Casey Pierro Zabotel (17th)

Penalty Minutes:
114 - Bryan Moore (4th)
91 - David Makowski (13th)
70 - Alex Guptill (29th)

Shots On Goal:
107 - David Makowski (21st) 
76 - Alex Guptill (106th)
74 - Eric Roy (117th)

Points by Defenseman:
29 - David Makowski (2nd)
22 - Joel Chouinard (13th)
16 - Eric Roy (32nd)

Goals by Defenseman:
8 - Eric Roy (3rd)
7 - David Makowski (10th)
4 - Joel Chouinard (27th)

Assists by Defenseman:
22 - David Makowski (3rd)
18 - Joel Chouinard (9th)
8 - Eric Roy (68th)

2.64 - Riley Gill  (25th)
2.93 - Jeremy Brodeur (36th)
3.15 - Stephon Williams (49th)

Save Percentage
.928 - Jeremy Brodeur (4th)
.915 - Riley Gill (12th) 
.905 - Stephon Williams (30th)


-  Here is how the Americans rank in the ECHL in some critical statistical categories:
Goals scored - 115 (10th)
Goals against - 105 (14th)
Goal differential - +8 (10th)
Penalty Minutes - 849 (1st)
Power play - 18.2% (10th)
Penalty kill - 82.1% (17th)
Shorthanded goals for - 5 (11th)
Shorthanded goals against - 6 (16th)
Ave. goals scored - 3.38 (9th)
Ave. goals against - 3.15 (12th)
Ave shots for per game - 32.12 (16th)
Ave shots against per game - 23rd (37.03)
Shooting percentage - 10.4% (8th)
Save percentage - .916
Attendance - 3884 (14th)


-  Goal differential (goals for minus goals against) is a key statistic when looking at  team success. The Americans are halfway through the season and their goal differential is +8. Last season the Americans finished with a goal differential of +91. The six teams at the top of the ECHL standings have goals differentials ranging from +20 to +35.

- Shot differential (shots for minus shots against) has been an issue for the Americans all season but it is not a very good predictor of team success. If you take the top five teams in the ECHL by winning/point percentage they don't have big positive shot differentials, as a matter of fact two of the top five (Colorado & Cincinnati) have negative shot differentials. What distinguishes the top five is not the number of shots they take but the shots they allow. Allen takes more shots per game than four of the five tops teams. The difference between Allen and the top five is shots allowed. Allen allows 37.03 shots per game which is ranked #23 in the league. Shots allowed by the top five teams range from 27.03 to 31.65.

- If there is a single key to the second half of the season it would be to reduce the shots allowed. Allen has the second best save percentage in the ECHL so if they can reduce the shots taken by their opponents to around 30 they will have a great second half. 

- It is important to look behind the numbers as it relates to penalty minutes. Allen has taken 849 penalty minutes this season which is 160 more than any other team in the league and 545 minutes more than the least penalized team in the ECHL (Quad City). However, when you look at power play opportunities allowed the Americans are fifth having been shorthanded 162 times. Orlando has given up the most power play opportunities (187).

- Allen doesn't have the most minor penalties or major penalties but have far and away the most 10 minute misconduct penalties and game misconduct penalties. The Americans have 15 misconduct penalties (10 minute) and the next closest is Indy and Florida with eight. Allen has 10 game misconduct penalties. Only Indy (7) and Wochester (8) have more than five. Coach Martinson talks about penalty discipline all of the time and the stats show it is an area in need of improvement in the second half of the season.

- Special teams have certainly been perplexing for much of the season. Allen has given up the most road power play goals (18) in the league but has scored the second most power play goals (17) in the league at home.

- One thing of note in the individual stats above is the offensive contribution of the defensemen. Allen is one of only two ECHL teams (Kalamazoo the other) that have two defensemen in the top four in scoring. Allen's defensemen are either first or second or both in every individual stat category above with the exception of goals.

- Allen is in the bottom five in the ECHL when it comes to overtime and shootout success. They have had seven games go past regulation with one overtime win, four overtime losses, one shootout win and one shootout loss.  

- The Allen Americans "IronMen" remain at three. Eric Roy, Casey Pierro-Zabotel and Joel Chouinard are the only players that have played in all 34 games this season.

- Allen has 38 games remaining in the regular season and currently has a winning percent of .603. They have 21 games remaining against teams with winning percentages below .600 and 17 games remaining against teams above .600. Of the Americans 38 remaining games they have 13 against the teams ahead of them in the Mountain Division. They play Colorado six times (4 at home), Wichita four times (3 at home) and Idaho three times (2 at home).


- A year ago Allen was in the midst of winning almost every game they played. Here is the blog post about individual stats leaders from one a year ago. You can see many of them are dramatically  different from this season.

January 11, 2017 blog post:
- It has been a while since the statistical leaders have been included in the blog. There has been a dramatic change in the numbers recently. In the last 10 games Allen's record is 9-0-0-1 and they have outscored their opponents 57-18.  Below are the team leaders in various statistical categories with the league rank in parentheses:

62 - Chad Costello (1st)
45 - Greger Hanson (4th)
35 - Spencer Asuchak (20th)

20 - Chad Costello (6th)
20 - Greger Hanson (6th)
15 - Spencer Asuchak (17th)

42 - Chad Costello (1st)
25 - Greger Hanson (10th)
20 - Spencer Asuchak (31st)

+26 - Joel Chouinard (1st)
+17 - David Makowski (6th)
+13 - Dyson Stevenson (18th)

Penalty Minutes:
156 - Derek Mathers (1st)
81 - Mike Gunn (13th)
66 - Dyson Stevenson (25th)

Shots On Goal:
156 - Greger Hanson (1st)
118 - Chad Costello (13th)
96 - Spencer Asuchak (34th)

Points By Defensemen:
22 - Joel Chouinard (8th)
16 - Eric Roy (25th)
16 - David Makowski (25th)

- Riley Gill is ranked #1 in GAA (2.12), #1 in save percentage (.938), #4 in wins (15), #1 in shutouts (5), #7 in minutes (1246) and #3 in saves (710).

- In addition to leading the ECHL in overall points and assists Chad Costello is #1 in power play points (21) and #2 in power play assists (17).

- Derek Mathers leads the league in penalty minutes with 156 which is 22 more than second place. Derek has 18 major penalties, second place has 10. According to the website dropyourgloves.com Derek has 17 fights this season which is six more than anyone else in the league. He has not lost a fight all year but four have been rated a draw 

- Greger Hanson is on pace for a career year. He has 20 goals and 25 assists in half a season. The most points, goals and assists Greger has ever had was in 2014-15 when he had 67 points, 31 goals and 36 assists. Hanson is on pace to finish this season with 88 points, 39 goals and 49 assists. 

- Spencer Asuchak has never scored more than 21 goals in a season going all the way back to his junior career. He already has 15 goals and is on pace to finish the season with 30 goals.

DID YOU KNOW: The Allen Americans are on pace to have the most penalty minutes in team history. Here are the penalty minutes for each year in franchise history. The 2017-18 number is a projection based on average penalty minutes per game in the Americans 34 games this season.

2017-18:   1798
2016-17:   1432
2015-16:   1189
2014-15:   1644
2013-14:   1498
2012-13:   1571
2011-12:   1336
2010-11:   1184
2009-10:   1243

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