Thursday, June 9, 2016


While Barry is on vacation, the views contained in this blog do not represent Barry, or those of the Allen Americans Organization.

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This will be our last blog for this season. And, oh, what a season it has been! Barry will be back tonight and will finish it up! Thanking each and everyone of you for your continued support! 

There is very little to be said about a game preview that would not, at this point, be redundant.

The Americans know what they have to do:
  • stay out of the penalty box
  • provide traffic in front of the net
  • don't give up the puck in front of our net
  • don't allow odd man rushes

If they play their game and don't allow Wheeling to bait them into stupid penalties, this should be a good game.

We have heard about some bad behavior that occurred in Wheeling. For the most part though, feedback was that Nailer fans were very nice.  Please remember to thank any Nailer fans that have made the long trip to Allen. Let's show them what a class act we are.

Did you know: In previous championship series, the Americans beat Wichita on a Saturday night, Denver on a Friday night, and South Carolina on a Sunday. Can we please add Thursday night to these stats! Thanks to Paul Dolinar for this info.


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  2. Does anyone know the status of our injured players like Federico?

    I know they won't be in the game tonight but it would be good to know the extent of their injuries and how they're coming along

  3. Hi Jay, this is Mary. I will ask Barry to follow up on the status of our injured. I am quite sure that if they were able, they would be playing. Look for them around the arena tonight, they should be in attendance.

  4. I am freakin' pumped for the game tonight. #WhyNot4

    1. next season, Cinqo de Championship! or....Kelly a trois!