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Evansville Game Preview - Meet Our New Defenseman

*Please note: While Barry is on vacation, the views below do not reflect those of Barry or the Allen Americans Organization.

Costello Update:  In case you have not yet heard. Chad and Ashley have named their baby girl Avery.

Team Update ; Greger Hanson is back! Greger came directly from the airport to Top Golf where the season ticket holder event was held.  Greger said to tell all Allen fans "It is exciting to be back and there's no better place to be at playoff time". Welcome home, Greger.

Well folks, this is it, the final three games of regular season hockey in Allen. We think, that for most of us, it is bittersweet knowing this season is "almost" over, but we are some of the lucky ones as we have "playoff hockey" to look forward to. It will be bittersweet for the Evansville IceMen as they will go dark at the completion of the game on April 9th until the 2017-2018 season when they will emerge as a new ECHL franchise in Owensboro, Kentucky. It is likely that the IceMen will want to go out in a blaze of glory and beat the current Kelly Cup Champions. Little do they realize that Allen is playing to win and if we play them as we did Missouri last weekend, we will definitely dampen their spirits.

If Evansville's owner, Ron Geary, is an indication of their mood, it may also be a very feisty night! This picture is of him "flipping out a fan" after their final home game. (Local news blurred the obsenity out, and we found this more family friendly, the unobstructed photo is floating around social media)

(photo courtesy of social media)

Game Preview -
  • Evansville is tied for 22nd  in the league and tied for 10th in the Western Conference, while Allen is tied for 6th in the league and 4th in the Western Conference
  • In the last 10 games Evansville is 4-5-1-0, Allen is 5-3-0-2
  • Points leaders for Evansville are #12 - Nathan Moon(49) and #21 Jordan Sims (45)
  • Leading Evansville goal scorer is #9 - Daultan Leveille (21)
  • Penalty minute leaders are Vincent Dunn #25 (154 ) and Moon (106), penalty minute leaders for Allen are #26 -Dyson Stevenson (108) and #10 - David Makowski (99)
  • Allen's Chad Costello leads the team and league in points (97).  Chad also leads the team in goals (24), followed by Gary Steffes (20)
  • Allen forward Nikita Jevpalovs has been recalled to the AHL affiliate in San Jose
  • The major statistical difference between the IceMen and the Americans is special teams where Allen enjoys the advantage on the power play (21.7% vs 12.2%) and penalty kill (85.9% vs 79.0%)
  • Referee for tonight's match-up is the local favorite Tudor Floru. Linesmen will be Alex Black and Brian Bull 
  • Allen has lost only 9 games in regulation at home all year and has a league leading win percentage of 87.1 when scoring first.  This stat continues to be significant.

Meet Thomas Carr -

Thomas Carr- I think we need to buy him an Allen Americans hat!

Thomas was born and raised in North Edmonton, lived there his whole life and has 2 younger brothers (2 yrs.and 5 yrs. younger).  His father works for a refinery and is head of safety and security, and his mom works for the city of Edmonton and runs sports and youth programs.  His dad played hockey at the midget level and rec hockey, and both brothers have played.  Thomas started playing hockey when he was 4-5 years old. Thomas played youth and junior hockey as well as in the WHL with Medicine Hat, which was his first time away from home. He then decided to go to the University of Alberta which he claims is the best decision he ever made. At the University he met and played with some of his best teammates to date, and they won 2 national championships.  For the first championship in Saskatoon, his parents, grandparents, and girlfriend were there to share his experience. The second was in Halifax, his grandparents were only about 30 minutes away and were able to join in this experience.  This year, however, it did not work out well for the national tournament, they lost their first game.  Thomas was given the opportunity to come to Allen which he thinks is a pretty special experience for him. Playing in the CIS gave him a lot of experience as it is high caliber hockey at a fast pace and where he received really good coaching. He currently needs 3 classes to complete to graduate from U of A, but will be able to accomplish this on-line.

Along with his bio, we asked Thomas the following:

Did you have a pet growing up, and now - yes, we had 2 dalmations, they have since passed, (Noodle and Alley), had a messy pet turtle as well.  Now my parents recently adopted a weimaraner whose name is Lola.  My girlfriend and I have our own house and since I love animals, we will probably get a dog in the future.

Do you know where you'll be and what you'll be doing this summer - the job market in Alberta is sparse so you will find me on the golf course or in the gym. I will have to try and find a job to get me through to next hockey season

Describe your training regimen - has had a strength and conditioning coach from U of A, and the campus has a high performance facility that he was able use. Current regimen involves lots of mobility and small core exercises and stuff like that.

Favorite # - been #5 since I was 16 yrs old, but that is Gensy, so I am wearing  #6 (this is my Dad's favorite number)

What is your nickname - Carrsy

Do you have a hockey hero - Nick Lidstrom as overall defenseman, grew up as an Oiler's fan watching Jason Smith, hard working guys that I model myself after

What is your earliest hockey memory - playing with Dad when he was an assistant coach, learning how to raise the puck, get it off the boards.  Also remember my Mom getting 3 boys to hockey, getting dropped off and the hustle of 3 different hockey practices.  I can't give my parents enough credit for all they've done.

What age did you start playing organized hockey - 9 or 10

Describe your style of play - strong, smart, efficient, good passer, I like to be structurely sound, be in the right position, be a good teammate, make good reads, play good defensively, and help out offensively when I can,  I understand that I do not have to be the #1 guy or #2 guy, but to help out my team the best way possible.   Winning is everything.

Favorite type of Music - classic rock, 80's 90's

Current favorite singer or group - recently been to a Mumford and Sons concert but would have to say Kings of Leon would be my favorite of the groups out now

What song or artist you hope your teammates don't catch you listening to - probably some Katie Perry song, my girlfriend has also bought us tickets to see Justin Bieber this summer

If you could have lunch with anyone living, who would you pick (not family) - that's easy, Tiger Woods, I am a big fan

One thing people would be surprised to learn about you - I played lacrosse for 12 years (8 yrs old to 20 yrs old)

What chore do you hate to do - dishes

What do you have that is of great value to you but little value to anyone else - I have 2 national title rings, mean a lot to me also some jewelry my girlfriend gave me

Who do you admire as a leader (hockey or non hockey) - the captain I had in the last two years Kruise Reddick who is currently playing for the Idaho Steelheads. He is the embodiment of what a captain should be.  In his first year as captain, he got a tendon cut, had surgery and was back after 4 weeks of recovery to help us in the tournament.  Hard working guy, was an inspiration to me.

Where is the most interesting place you have ever visited - Hawaii, went on vacation when I was about 15.  Another awesome trip to Jamaica, really friendly people there

If you could live in another country where would you pick (other than US or Canada) - I would have to say someplace in Europe, I've heard many good things, about Paris, England, and maybe Australia.

If you could be anything besides a pro hockey player what would it be - pro golfer

Any pre-game routines, rituals, superstitions - nothing, I feel that if I did anything special it would get into my head, so I do nothing

Who is your number one fan - my Mom

What do you do to kill time on the bus - going to MO I mostly laid in the top bunk, holding my laptop for dear life and watched a movie. On the way back it was more standing up and chatting

Favorite childhood toy - stuffed hippo (that my parents hoped I would lose)

Favorite motto or saying - there was a sign in U of A that read "It is amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit".

Favorite TV show - Game of Thrones

Prior to coming did you know anyone from Allen - yes, Tristan King, played with him while in Medicine Hat

How did you wind up in Allen - I got a call from Coach Martinson, then Tristan called for follow up, not sure if Tristan had anything to do with Steve calling me. My agent advised that Allen was a good team, good coaching, opportunity to win, good place to get noticed

What have you been told or know about the Allen fans - that they are very passionate, when I showed up there were 5 or 6 fans watching practice, I have never had anyone watch practice. At games they get loud and energetic, this building gets rocking!

Did you know - Allen was the only team this season to hand Missouri two consecutive home losses.  WTG Allen!

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