Thursday, March 17, 2016

Allen Loses to Missouri 6-3, Martinson's Post Game Comments, NHL Slew-footing Video & More

The Allen Americans played one of their worst games of the year against Missouri last night in a 6-3 defeat. It was exactly one week after the Americans played their best game of the year against Missouri in a 4-2 win. Here are the facts about the game lat night:

- The six goals allowed were the most allowed to Missouri all season (seven games)
- Missouri out shot Allen (35-32) for only the second time in seven games
- Allen allowed two power play goals to Missouri for the first time all season
- Missouri scored four goals in the second period, the most allowed by Allen all season
- Allen took a 2-0 lead and lost the game for the first time all season

- Allen is now 2-5 against the Mavericks with four games left to play. In the critical six games against Missouri at the end of the season they are 1-1 so still  time to show they can keep up with the best team in the league. Allen will play Missouri four straight games with two at home (March 26 & 27) and two on the road (April 1 & 2). It will be critical to get at least a split in these four games.

- The goal scorers for Allen were Matt Register with his first in Allen, Gary Steffes (18), and Eric Roy (12).

- Allen will practice today to get ready for Alaska at home on Friday, a road trip to Tulsa on Saturday and then Tulsa at home on Sunday.


- I would probably call and ask for a refund on that game. I don't think we beat them at anything. We started out good by getting shots from the point but we didn't skate, we weren't finishing checks and we weren't skilled.

- It was a painful game to watch. I told the guys we play the Mavericks five times, they are the first place team, they come into our rink and we play them like that. It is embarrassing to sit behind the bench and watch it.

- It makes me wonder about some of our players who are doing nothing. Not generating anything, not forechecking, not hitting, not carrying the puck, not winning battles for puck and not making plays.

- The bottom line is they came into our rink and outworked us. That is why they are in first place.

- Jamie Murray was good in goal again in the third period. He has signed for next season with San Jose but will return to school next week. He has completed his collegiate eligibility.

- Tulsa should be desperate this weekend as they are fighting to make the playoffs. But we should have some players playing desperate to stay here and make the playoff roster.

- I signed a guy today that is 6' 3" and 250 pounds and can hit like a truck.  He is big and mean and he led his college team in scoring in their recently completed playoffs. He will be here Sunday but not sure yet if he will play.

- Chris Crane is having surgery and will be out three or four weeks.


It is always great to see the photos from all of the Allen photographers. Here is a sample from the game last night:

 These are courtesy of Kimberly Sauer:

Thanks to Dianne Webster for the following photos:

The following photos are courtesy of Lauren Lyssy:


- With their win over Allen the Mavericks have now clinched the Central Division title. Missouri needs 18 points in their remaining 12 games to break the ECHL all time record for most points in a season.

- Even with the loss to Missouri the Americans retain a six point lead in the battle for the fourth seed in the Western Conference. Here are the current standings with games remaining.

77 points - Allen (10 games remaining)
71 points - Utah (10 games)
70 points - Cincinnati (12 games)
67 points - Colorado (11 games)
64 points - Quad City (12 games

- Came across this video about Josh Hepditch who played in Allen in 2011-12. Josh made a decision when he was still playing junior hockey that he wanted to be a coach. This video talks about that journey. Make sure to notice the coach standing next to Josh on the bench as that is his assistant coach and Allen Americans all time leading scorer, Bruce Graham.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Still lots of questions about the Spencer Asuchak six game suspension for slew-footing and exactly what that means. Here is a video produced by the NHL which helps explain the difference between tripping and slew-footing.

DID YOU KNOW: The Missouri Mavericks have 99 points with 12 games remaining in the season with a good chance of entering the ECHL record for most points in the season. Here are the top five from the record book:
116 points - Louisiana IceGators (2001-02)
115 points - Cincinnati Cyclones (2007-08)
115 points - Texas Wildcaters (2007-08)
113 points - Alaska Aces (2005-06)
112 points - Las Vegas Wranglers (2005-06)


  1. Is there any video available of the Asuchak incident involving the alleged slew-footing?

  2. Best quotes of the year from coach!