Thursday, May 28, 2015


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                                               Photo courtesy of scenebyKimberly

Oh what a night!  The Allen Americans won the Presidents' Cup the previous two seasons in the CHL and have advanced to the Kelly Cup finals.  Thus the term "threepeat". Now it's time to add the "Kelly Cup" to our vast collection.

                                                  Photo courtesy of ScenebyKimberly                                        

                                                   Photo courtesy of ScenebyKimberly

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                                                   Photo courtesy of Lauren Lyssy

The game started with an Americans flair as Tyler Ludwig scored the first goal  just over a minute into the first period.  Then Ontario's Tristan King evened the match in the second period. The tie would be broken less than 3 minutes later by Gary Steffes.  The 1 goal lead prevailed until the games' final minute when Chris Crane buried an empty netter.  Once again we had outstanding game performances  by Justin Baker and Riley Gill. Baker assisted on the scores by Steffes and Crane and Gill again stopped 29 of 30, shots many worthy of a highlight reel.

On behalf of the Allen American fans, we believe we speak for most, thank you to the Ontario Reign for the most entertaining hockey we have seen this season.  Wishing them continued success in the AHL next year.

The 3 stars of the game were:

  1. Gary Steffes
  2. Riley Gill
  3. Ontario's goalie Joe Cannata, who had an outstanding series
The boisterous,rowdy Allen crowd, which numbered 3248, witnessed an exciting game 7.  

Coach Martinson's post game comments:
  • Good comeback, Allen never gave up and never quit in spite of being down 3-1 in the series
  • Defense improved which contributed to Gill's SV%, goalies care about their statistics too, with this victory it is back to over .900
  • Baker continues to be a phenomenal rookie, he plays with a lot of poise
  • Waiting for the results of the Toledo/South Carolina series, currently in overtime, hoping they get tired
  • It is nice to be smiling, nice to be here (Allen), working well together Matt Canavan
  • Have had prior experience with the Bruce Taylor cup, believes it's my fifth
  • Did not like the way we played at times as we were tentative, were afraid of making mistakes, need to improve forechecking
  • We had a great crowd tonight
  • I think we have a team that can win this (Kelly Cup)
  • Hoping for a South Carolina match up only because of home ice advantage
  • Have not seen South Carolina play, will start watching S.C, video to prepare for series
  • Shultz will be back at some point
  • Trevor left game, needed stitches
  • We have been much better, not giving up odd man rushes

A belated thank you goes out to Erik Adams and Aaron Gens for their input after the morning skate this past Tuesday.

We would like to apologize to Lauren Lyssy as we have been informed of some pictures not appearing on some devices.  We believe this may be due to different media platforms.  We are working to get this corrected and will re-post the photos in a future blog.

Did you know: Where's the beef?  Utah has the heaviest team in the ECHL averaging 199.36lbs.. Bakersfield is the lightest averaging 187 lbs.. Ontario and Allen both weigh in at an average of 198.09 lbs.

FYI:  there will be no blog on Friday, May 29, 2015 but we will be back Saturday, May 30th.



  1. That schedule is a bummer. Only way to win series on home ice is to go to a 7th game.

    1. Yes, Kevin, we were surprised to hear the 3-3-1 series. But we are really good with 7th game!

  2. Not sure why the format is this way - might have something to do with the venues. I almost wish Toledo had won the series - not sure my heart can take another Game 7

    1. I know, I was kind of thinking the same thing about Toledo now that I know the 3-3-1 format.
      Go Red

  3. You guys are doing a great job here in Barry's absence. Thank you so much for taking this on as it is always informative. So glad Schultz will get to play. I saw his sad tweet about not playing in game 7!