Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Hockey Player's Meow Video Revisited & How Good Is This Start By Allen?

It is a slow day on the blog front so thought I would post this video that you might find amusing if you have not already viewed it. It has been all over the place so most of you may have already seen it. There is a connection to the Allen Americans as the player in the video, Ray Kaunisto is a cousin of Steve Kaunisto who now plays for Rapid City but was with Allen briefly in 2011-2012. Ray Kaunisto played three years of college hockey with Phil Fox and Greger Hanson at Northern Michigan University.

Ray Kaunisto is a forward for the Kalamazoo Wings (Darryl Bootland's brother, Nick is his coach) and recently did a between periods interview that went viral around the world when he said "meow" seven times.

For those unfamiliar with the "cat game" it was popularized in the 2001 cop comedy "Super Troopers" and entails trying to slip the word "meow" into a conversation as many times as possible. This was first demonstrated in a scene in Super Troopers when one bored highway patrol officer challenges his partner to meow at least ten times while speaking to a driver during a traffic stop (see clip below).

When asked about the stunt Kaunisto had this to say, "I almost chickened out but I kind of just went with it. To be honest, I wasn't playing that well right before the interview happened... I think that really helped me out and kept me composed. I am always one of the guys that tries to keep things light in the locker room and in a lot of interviews with hockey players they pretty much say the same thing over and over. I kind of wanted to mix it up a little bit."

Kaunisto admitted he has watched Super Troopers at least ten times. He clearly enjoyed the film but did not think the cat game would work for him. "I really didn't think it would be that funny and thought I would get chirped by everyone but it has been all good stuff so far," he said. "The craziest thing I have seen online is everyone's positivity about the video and getting a laugh from most people who have seen it.

So whether you have already seen this and want to view it again or are viewing it for the first time you can enjoy it meow.

- I plan on attending practice today to get any updates on roster changes (on reserve, off reserve, trades, suspensions etc.) and see what the team is working on in preparation for the game on Wednesday with Quad City.

DID YOU KNOW:  The Allen Americans are off to a great start this season with fourteen wins in their first nineteen games but that is not the best start in team history. Here are the number of wins by season after nineteen games and how the team finished in the playoffs:
2014-2015 - 14 (????)
2013-2014 - 12 (won championship)
2012-2013 - 13 (won championship)
2011-2012 - 12 (lost in round 1)
2010-2011 - 15 (lost in round 3)
2009-2010 - 14 (lost in Finals)

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