Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shocker: CHL Not Sold To All Team Owners

I am sure everyone saw the CHL press release I put up earlier today and was widely publicized elsewhere, "Central Hockey League Sold To Team Owners."  When I read the press release it sounded like all owners were involved, however only a couple of the owners were named. I contacted, Bob Hoffman, in the CHL office for a clarification and asked if all teams were part of Central Partners, LLC. Bob was kind enough to provide me with the following statement/ clarification.

"A transaction of this magnitude has numerous steps to complete to finalize the entire partnership.  The ownership group is not static, but the continued goal and intent is to have ownership representation  consisting of every member CHL club.  The management team of Central Partners, LLC is Rodney Steven II (Chairman), Michael Carper, Cary Kaplan and Jordan Melville.  This structure is in place  to help achieve our goals to build a strong, unified league."  
If I am interpreting this correctly that means "sold to owners" at this time only includes Wichita (who also owns Tulsa), Missouri (who also owns St. Charles), Quad City and Brampton. While according to the statement this is a work in progress and the hope is to have all ownership involved that is not the case today. That means Allen, Arizona, Denver and Rapid City are not yet in the fold. Very interesting.

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