Saturday, November 25, 2023

Allen Erases 4-1 Deficit, Wins in OT, Game Recap, Video Highlights, Rematch Preview, Allen Rises in Standings, ECHL Top Scoring Defensemen and More


If you wrote a script that matched Allen Americans 5-4 overtime win in Tulsa last night it would be rejected as being unrealistic. A big third period comeback and quick overtime goal sent a crowd of 5432 of mostly Tulsa fans home in disbelief. Here is a partial list of the ups and downs and wacky stats from the game.

  • Allen scored the first goal of the game for the first time in five games.
  • Tulsa scored two goals on its first three shots of the game.
  • Tulsa totaled three unanswered goals to take a 3-1 lead into the first intermission.
  • Tulsa was undefeated when leading after the first period.
  • Tulsa had 18 second period shots but scored just one goal.
  • Allen had two second period shots, the fewest second period shots in the ECHL this season.
  • Tulsa had a 4-1 lead after the second period.
  • Allen was 0-7 when trailing after the second period.
  • Tulsa was 5-0 when leading after the second period.
  • Allen outscored Tulsa 3-0 in the third period and outshot the Oilers 18-9.
  • Allen's third period goal differential prior to last night was -11 (13 goals for, 25 against)
  • Allen tied the score 4-4 with 23.8 seconds remaining in the game.
  • Allen was 3-5 on the power play plus scored the OT game winner on a delayed penalty.
  • Allen took two penalties in the game, Tulsa took six. 

 - It is hard to imagine a bigger confidence booster for the Americans than the comeback victory last night, playing their first game without captain Colton Hargrove. The win was Allen's first back to back win of the season. The Americans improved their road record to 5-5-0-0.

- Goal scorers for Allen were Justin Allen (2), Colby McAuley (5,6), Johnny Walker (1) and Kris Myllari (4). William Provost, playing his first game for the Americans and Hank Crone both had three assists. Here are the video highlights:


- Here are the game recaps from both teams with goal by goals descriptions:


- Tulsa had two chances to win the game at the end of regulation. Mark Sinclair was leaving the ice for an extra attacker when Tulsa gained control of the puck and shot it down the ice. Sinclair had to change directions and dive to deflect the puck. He was completely outstretched and barely deflected the puck with the tip of his stick between the circles. Then Tulsa had a 2-on-1 and shot the puck over the empty net. Those two missed opportunities allowed Colby McAuley to tie the game with 23.8 seconds remaining.


- Plenty of odd stats out of this game. Allen's two shots in the second period followed by 18 in the third period has to top the list. Another is the fact Allen and Tulsa have been involved in just two overtime games this season, both against each other, both in Tulsa and the Americans won both, 6-5 and 5-4.


- Another win tonight would be huge for the Americans as they wrap up their six game road trip. Eight of the 17 skaters on the ice last night have played five or fewer games with the Americans including two playing their first last night. Allen totaled 15 points (5G, 10A) in the game. 67% of the points (2G, 8A) came from the new players. Some of these players haven't even practiced with the team. The team should be full of confidence after the comeback win last night. Can they build on that confidence tonight?


- Special teams were the difference maker last night with Allen scoring four of its five goals with an extra attacker. Allen was officially 3-5 on the power play goal and scored the overtime goal on a delayed penalty. Allen gave up just one power play opportunity to Tulsa which they killed. You couldn't ask for better special teams play but it is unlikely it can be repeated tonight. 


- Allen's road power play percentage rose to 26.2% while Tulsa's home power play percentage dropped to 12.5%. Allen's road penalty kill percentage rose to 84.1% while Tulsa's dropped to 64.5% (the worst in the league). Despite the big advantage the Americans have on special teams the game tonight will likely be decided by even strength goals. The Americans will have to do a better job when even strength than they did last night. Allen was outscored 4-1 on even strength goals. 


- Keys to the game tonight:

  • Consistency, play a full 60 minutes rather than 25 like last night.
  • Keep rolling on special teams.
  • Improve even strength play.
  • A good start. 
  • Hold Tulsa to less than 40 shots.


- The referee scheduled tonight is #8 Tyler Hascall who was the referee last night and in Wichita on Wednesday. Allen rarely takes fewer penalties than its opponent. On the recent trip to Idaho, Allen was called for more penalties in all three game and the total was 22-15. In Wichita the penalties were 8-4 in favor of Allen and last night the penalties were 6-2 in favor of Allen. Penalties have a way of evening out (regressing to the mean) and over the last two games Hascall has called 14 on the opponents and just six on Allen. Odds are that trend will not continue tonight which is why the Americans must be better even strength.      




- With a win last night Allen climbed out of last place in the Mountain Division by points percentage which is the only way to compare teams since games played varies from 12 (Utah) to 17 (Wichita). Idaho and Kansas City both won last night and are threatening to run off and hide when you consider no other team in the division has a points percentage above .500. Here are the current standings: 

  • .867 - Idaho
  • .813 - Kansas City
  • .500 - Tulsa
  • .500 - Utah
  • .406 - Rapid City
  • .333 - Allen
  • .324 - Wichita


- Hank Crone has only played five games with the Americans but has already climbed up to fifth in points in the team. Hank has nine points (2G, 7A) and leads the team in points per game at 1.80. Last season he led the league in points (105) and points per game average (1.52).  

- After 197 of 1008 ECHL games this season, average attendance is 4607 ranging from 8354 (Jacksonville) to 1777 (Iowa). For all of last season the average attendance was 4629 ranging from 7749 (Jacksonville) to 1851 (Iowa). 

- There are 12 games on tap in the ECHL tonight. All seven Mountain Division teams are in action. Here is the ECHL Today with all of the previews:


- Congrats to former Allen Americans player Josh Brittain and his wife Rhiannon who just announced  they are expecting a baby.



DID YOU KNOW: Stick taps to the top four ECHL defensemen in points who are all averaging 1.00+ points per game. Here are the leaders with average points per game in parenthesis:
21 points - Jalen Smereck, Cincinnati(1.62)
16 points - Kris Myllari, Allen (1.07)
16 points - *Jonny Tychonick, Newfoundland (1.00)
15 points - Ole Julian Bjorgvik-Holm, Cincinnati (1.25)



  1. Any idea how long Hargrove will be out for? Will he be back in regular season

  2. Barry smoking crack again. We only won cause the refs. Kind of like we lost two games because of the refs in Allen against KC. Look at the penalties. We only score on the power play. 5v5 we are still losing. Take away power play points and our guys are way below average. Allen sucks.! Costello gets outcoached every game. Some of the new players look good and if the team can learn to play team defense, they might have a chance. They will get rolled by ID and KC, if they don’t start playing smart Physical. Top line plays way too many minutes and it showed at the end of games, wait till later in the season. You gotta have confidence in your other lines

    1. Pretty sure Barry stays away from the crack - maybe indulges in some good sipping bourbon - but only on special occasions. With that cleared up - yes, Allen has scored 33% of their goals on the PP - but they are on the PP more than any other team in the division other than Idaho. Of course they have many areas to improve - but a win is a win and I'll take it. Once these guys gel - most of this team are going to light it up.

  3. Look at the brave little keyboard warriors attacking Barry. This team played their hearts out last night. Stop hiding and ID yourself. Doing a great job Barry

    1. warriors - don't you mean warrior? Troy

    2. Stop feeding the troll.

    3. I wonder if people would be as forward if they had to sign in with their real name to comment. Being a troll or keyboard warrior may be correlated to posting anonymously. Signed, Anonymous (lol)

    4. I’ll use your preferred pronouns. She/her.
      Truth hurts. Can’t argue on hockey merit can you.
      Allen figured out how to score 5 on 5. Still playing poor team defense, and lack physicality. Playing their hearts out. That emotional bullshit talk. They still aren’t executing systems, and lacking d- zone accountability.

  4. ort Wayne:
    Add Alexis D’Aoust, F activated from reserve
    Delete Chad Butcher, F suspended by team, removed from roster